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JG M4 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Hurricane Type Crane Stock (Package: Black - Gun Only)

41 Customer Reviews

by spencer h. on 11/27/2008
"there is also basicly the same gun but made by echo1 and is a bit higher quality but dose not have a hurricane stock
by Danci M. on 11/12/2008
"My friend got this and for about three months then it "just broke" Anyway now its not shooting and makes a high pitched whirring/grinding noise when you pull the rigger it is not a Jam.

It would help if someone knew how to fix this.

Just a heads up for people buying this but it is probably a fluke.

Good strong gun though
by sandra s. on 11/10/2008
"im getting this a madbull gemtech blackslide a hfc eotech clone and a echo m203 long what performance upgrades can i get for this
by Paolo M. on 10/19/2008
"Just to let you guys know that when you put the battery inside the crane stock, be sure to find away to get the crane style battery WITHOUT ripping one of the wires attached to the battery! It is the only problem with this gun! No other problem but that! Putting the battery in is easier done than said, but getting it out is like getting a dog to let go of your foot and sometimes getting some skin shreded out of it if you know what I mean!

All in all here are the statistics


+Good size ( can fit through many doors of any size )
+Great rate of fire
+High FPS
+Pretty much anything you can ask for and it is very easy to upgrade
+Really easy to rewire


-Really difficult to get the battery out without ripping the wires off


It has everything you can ask for! It can be a sniper if upgraded or a cqb sniper, good assault weapon both indoors and outdoors, fits through doors of any size, high fps for a cqb weapon, easy to upgrade, very durable like cyma's ak series, lighter than normal m4 aegs, and you can't go wrong with it!
by rosemead999 9. on 10/14/2008
"By the way, this gun doesnt shoot at 400. That is NOT true. I chronoed it at Evike and at playground and both came out to be bout 380-390. Not good for playground becuase the limits 350. And for the people that dont know this, Echo1 and JG guns have unreliable springs. If youre planning on going to playground, you have to like maybe a week earlier shoot your gun through maybe atleast a full mag a day to warm up your spring. The Echo1 and JG springs shoot high when the springs all cold and shoot lower when its warmed up. So it kinda sucks. I bought a new spring. Works nice.
by rosemead999 9. on 10/14/2008
"I dont know what the other people were saying but this gun actually has a really long barrel to it. And one guy rated it a two beucase of Evike's fault which is dumb. But i put a couple upgrades on this gun becuase it was my first "real" airsoft gun I guess. I put in metal bushings, new spring, and 9.6 battery. It was working perfectly fine before I just accidentally broke the battery(which was one thing that was really bad about the gun), had to change the spring to a lower fps and on the proccess of doing that, had to change the bushings. I had this gun for a little over than a year and it works perfectly fine. Never had a problem with it. By that I mean never broke down on me. ONE complaint though. The ris is a little wobbly. But i hold it by the body where the mag is at so no problem for me.
I'll say JG is the best starting guns but also can be really good when upgraded. I know a lot of people that jsut by a JG or an Echo1 and just upgrade the insides. THe outsides of these guns are prety nice. And by the way CA sucks. just really expensive.
by Paolo M. on 10/10/2008
"I like this gun much better with a shorter barrel because its like an mp5 with m4 components and a big punch! Buy it! Good for outdoors too!!!
by mike g. on 10/04/2008
"This is to Bruce Dagel the gun has a short barrel because its a cqb gun there for it has a short barrel. They put a barrel extension on the gun in the picture.
by Nicholas P. on 09/20/2008
"no the body is abys plastic but the RIS system is metal so is the gear box and the crane stock isalso abys plastics
by Pierre M. on 09/20/2008
"Battery goes into the crane stock on this gun. .............................
by Nicholas P. on 09/14/2008
"it shoots realy well i was use my friends gun i used this gun i won evry round i think it has a awsome fire rate i recomned this gun

im john mchain and i approve this message
by Sniper A. on 07/17/2008
"This rifle works best with the G&P bungee sling. No sling is included with the AEG. I bought the intellect 3600mah 9.6V crane stock battery for it and it is shooting amazing!
by hendrix K. on 07/07/2008
"The crane stock on it is better than the echo1 type because its the copy of the Hurricane type.... (easier to install battery and more unique looking, why spend the extra money if you already have a crane stock?)

To install any metal body on any m4 type rifle, a metal one piece hopup is required....get the G&P one piece hopup
by Red D. on 06/30/2008
"my bother has had this gun for a long time it is a great gun and all he has troubles with clip once a while has fps out of the box and great rate of fire the battery MAH is i think 1500 it lasts a long time
by Matthew E. on 06/25/2008
"I have this gun coming in the mail im very happy but whats the mah and voltage on the battery i heard good things about this M4.