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King Arms 120 round Airsoft Grenade Cartridge M433. (Set of 3)

3 Customer Reviews

by Jason D. on 05/27/2013
"I have had these for a while now and used them in several matches and I have to say they are very good grenades. The overall look and material used in the construction seems to be very high quality. The writing on the sides just adds to the realism which is not needed but a nice touch. In terms of function they are just as good. Great for clearing an area or just to put a little fear in the opposition by slamming 120 rounds into the wall their hiding behind all at once. I use propane for mine and there doesn't seem to be any problem with that. The only issues I've had is that they don't do well in colder weather but that is just the nature of gas weapons. The other thing is that the button on the bottom which triggers the grenade is slightly recessed. This meant that the trigger on my launcher couldn't push the button far enough to fire the grenade. But I found a rubber washer that fits perfectly and fills the gap.

Looks great
Works great
Solid material

Doesn't work in colder weather (not really the grenades fault)
Triggering button is recessed, possible laucher compatibility issues
by Chase W. on 04/27/2009
"Just letting you know that HFC22 is green gas...... Yeah just throwing that out there. Also these are awsome Nads, most nads cant compare to mad bull but these come close if your on a budget these are the ones to get.
by Will B. on 09/14/2008
"Can you use propane for these shells?????????????????????????????????????????????