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King Arms 60 round Airsoft Gas Grenade Cartridge M433. (Set of 3)

6 Customer Reviews

by zach h. on 10/22/2008
"i just got these and they are very good and powerful. also, i really do not recommend at all twisting the grenade the tinyest bit, the bearings will fall in to the grenade and its a huge pain in the ass to put them all back in. i had to use tape to keep them in, took me an hour or so to make it usable again. also, i you do open it and lose a bearing or two, its okay, it only needs 6 to work (has 8 to begin with), but besides my painfull afternoon, they are awsome, i will soon review them on youtube, my name is rabidairsofter if ur interested on my other gun reviews
by Andy H. on 09/18/2008
"You are not suppose to twist it open ever. And resetting is pushing the button down all the way then release.

If you twist it open and loose some bearings inside, they sell replacemetns for a bag for like $5 only. Its a easy fix, but unless they are ran over by a car and or you drop it 1000 feet, you can fix it easy (or, just putting it back together)
by James M. on 07/24/2008
"The king arms round and pointy ones are different in:

1) Color
2) Shape

Got the answer from emailing King arms.
by Eddy F. on 12/24/2009
"these are pretty good grenades. i got 2 that worked perfectly and one that was a dud. the bearings were out and about the shell like no other. the other two were pretty good. just bbs they have a range of maybe 60-70 feet with just green gas. with the foam balls evike sells here i shoved them down the barrel of the m203 and that has capabilities of going over 100+ feet. i havent found any problems in terms of gas leakage either. these are great the only problem is that the shells could be messed up by the time you get them. overall these shells could be a gamble and evike should check before shipping them out whether or not they work properly. if the shells are recieved in working order then youre in great luck because these things really put hurt down range. they dont make a really really loud bang either when you fire them, which is nice. with the foam ball down the barrell it actually makes that "bloop" sound that the m203 is famous for. gives a nice kick too.
by Jean-Paul C. on 11/01/2008
"I purchased two sets. Each was test fired twice and worked. On the field, however, 5 shells leaked gas every game before they could be fired.
by Joe L. on 09/27/2008
"Grenades are cheap. Man up and get a real airsoft gun instead of just pulling the trigger and hoping you hit something.