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JG Custom Polymer M4A1 RIS Carbine with Side Folding Stock and PEQ Battery Box

17 Customer Reviews

by Tristan f. on 03/03/2010
"i bought this gun in the past and have it working perfectly now just use lube every so often and it works like a charm great rof and fps other than that a really good gun thumbs up..
by Casey M. on 07/31/2009
"i just got this gun yesterday from ups and i have only shot it a few times but so far it is amazing.

This gun is a perfect DMR it shoots extremely fast and is super accurate -
I put my Leapers 4x32 scope on it and i can easily hit a man sized target from 100 feet with the hop-up adjusted properly -
Great rate of fire with a 9.6v(get extra mags) -
Nice sturdy feel and very heavy -

The mag it comes with wobbles a little but its not bad -
The stock is REALLY hard to fold in and out -

OVERALL: 10/10

This gun is amazing and i love it

and to the guy who said that it cant shoot while pointing down there must be something wrong with your gun because mine fires perfectly fine pointing down, pointing up, flipped upside down, and on its side.
by joe h. on 03/08/2009
"hi i got more good news about the gun, i made my own 9.6v battery and it shoots as if it had a lipoly battery and the gun shoots down so its very good


durable mecabox
good motor
decent rate of fire(with 8.4v)
realistic feel
good for its price

one realy depends wat type of gun u get
by Nick T. on 02/02/2009
"BEST GUN! Preforms amazingly well. High rate of fire, very accurate. With the Lipoly battery you get a very fast response from the gun giving you a seamless firing rate. Overall 10/10 stars!!
by Red U. on 01/25/2009
"can this gun fit a nunchuck battery in the fore grip?

Webmaster: Yes.
by lee M. on 01/13/2009
"This gun is great, it's fast(should buy a 9.6), its Fps is great-close to what they say it is(able to crack shoot through some medal items). The medal stock is awsome, i droped it on a rock and only a little dent and paint came off, but it does wobble. The barrel wobbles a tiny bit but you can fix it by turing the part where you pull back to open the handguard to the left.

great speed/feed with 9.6
great Fps
smooth sound-no grinding sound
feels and looks like the real m4

cant shoot while pointing down
mag wobbles a bit
sling mounts are opposite of eachother

over all this gun is good both cqb and middle range, but only great if you get a 9.6. recommand getting a red dot sight. If you get a foregrip it will be alot easier to aim and hold since the back is heavier than the front.
by Georgette H. on 12/29/2008
"one of the best guns ive owned yet it has a tightbore installed in it already and an m120 spring, im very suprised by the guns performance THANX Evike
by joe h. on 12/03/2008
"this gun is great but the motor is caching fire but i fixed it and now its shooting faster than when it was burning
by Gerald J. on 10/22/2008
"it moves but the spring is not strong enough to hurt the gun
by matt b. on 10/07/2008
"does this have working charging handle and if not what does it do is it bad for the gun
by Jeff C. on 07/07/2008
"Due to the high power out of the box, make sure you use 0.20g or 0.25g matrix bb for best performance. Don't ever put a 0.12g bb in this rifle.
by hendrix K. on 07/07/2008
"Installing a M203 launcher on this JG M4 TSF 101:

Installing a military type: The upper handguard compartment is still free, so you can put the battery there unless its a nun-chuck. The bottom handguard compartment will be occupied by the military type M203 (Barrel mount).

Installing a RIS type: Put a rail on the handguard for $10 and you can still do what you want to do with the battery compartments.
by Gina H. on 06/29/2008
"This gun was a very good and reliable choice for an AEG. i wanted a good CQB gun and the folding stock seemed effective for that but when i got the gun and fired it, it fired way to slow to use for close quarters. The range was amazing though, .25 BBs hitting targets at 120 feet easily. the other thing is that the gun is very heavy. The folding stock seems like it would make it lighter, but instead, it makes it far heavier. this is because it is completely made from steel. i have a full metal acog scope, dual mags and an ICS grenade launcher on mine and it weights in at at least 18-20 pounds. great gun all around though.
by David H. on 09/29/2009
"I got this gun roughly two months ago, and have used it in 5 or 6 battles, so it's fairly well worn-in, not brand-spanking new out of the box. First thing I noticed when I got it was that it's deceptively heavy. Not unmanageable by any means, but quite a bit heavier than my friend's G&G M4, even with a skeleton stock. But it's a sturdy heavy, and doesn't feel like it's going to break any time soon. Shooting... ROF is woefully slow with the come-with-the-gun 8.4, I'm estimating about 700 RPM (but that's just a guess). It also sounds like it's putting a lot of strain on the gearbox (Which, again, may be attributed to me still using the bad battery). Shooting-wise, I haven't had a chance to chrono it yet, but it's not bad... I don't think it's in the 400 range Evike says, but I'd say upper 300s (Maybe 360ish?). Accuracy, however, leaves much to be desired, even after lubing it and adjusting the hop-up, but, who knows, maybe my hop-up's just a lemon. Accurate to ~70', maybe a bit more, under normal weather conditions

Very sturdy gun
Stock is comfortable
Pretty good muzzle velocity
Heavy, with lots of metal parts
Nifty charging handle hop-up revealer

Magazine sometimes falls out (May be because of the mag, not the gun)
Poor accuracy (Maybe I got a lemon hop-up?)
Low ROF (because of stock battery)
Heavy, as above (A con for smaller players/extended play games)

Overall, not a bad buy for $145, though you could probably get something better, unless you're dead-set on the folding stock (Which is convenient for tight quarters)
by Nick A. on 09/20/2009
"Just got my gun last night. Got it in time for a night skirmish. Made a couple people bleed.

Great rate of fire
Nice weight

My motor slipped once (but was easily fixed with a allen wrench)

overall nice gun