Reviews: JG CM032A Socom 16 M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG (IM Wood)

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Model: AEG-CM032A-S16-W
Location: L4-050

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by Lucas L. on 2012-01-25 14:19:20
"This rifle is superbly accurate provided you have .20 bbs and not .12. It's A great gun for a great price.

It's extremely accurate with .20 bbs, shoots very straight
High accuracy
good range, easily out competes most AEGs
respectable rate of fire
fake wood looks realistic
a lot of metal parts
feels durable
a good weight to it
very good looking gun

.12 are inaccurate and curve.
Ni-Cd Battery, I guess it brings down the price. Definitely suggest getting another battery.
The clip that comes with it misfeeds a lot. I did the Holy Cow special and got two high cap mags that are much better than what came with it.
Fake wood feels fake
Some plastic parts, only cosmetic pieces though.

Overall, great Designated Marksman Rifle for a pretty good price. It's basically a Sniper rifle that you can use Full auto for when your in a tight spot.
by Jacob M. on 2012-01-10 15:25:22
"I got this gun for christmas in 2011, and have been playing around and testing it for about 2 weeks.

Looks awesome
Solid build
A lot of metal parts
The top and bottom receiver can be separated with little effort
Great sights (optics are nice but not necessary)
Comes with hi-cap mag (feeds great)
Decent sized battery compartment
Very heavy (could be a con for smaller people)
With a 9.6v battery ROF is pretty good, and FPS is around 360 (.20s)
Extremely accurate with .25s (a bit less with .2s but still accurate)
Cheap when compared to other guns that preform the same

You will need a good battery and charger to get the most out of this gun.

So overall i give it a 5/5.
Would recommend to anyone
by Daniel B. on 2011-12-22 22:56:52
"This is a great gun! It is great for outdoors (where I play) because it is very long. It shoots very straight and powerful. Another great thing is that it is only 135$! The one problem i had with this gun is that the bolt always stayed back and the bolt release fell off. This issue does not effect the performance at all.

~Great accuracy/power
~ Excellent for the price
~Bolt sounds cool

~Bolt release button fell off
~Mag wobbles a little
~Pretty heavy and long
~Iron sights are pretty hard to see through at night
by Anders n. on 2011-05-15 07:04:55
"i got this gun a couple months ago and it is absolutely amazing i can easily compete with my friends who have 500 dollar guns definetely get this gun
by Ryan H. on 2010-10-09 16:34:07
"I purchased this rifle just getting into the game with some friends who all have very nice AEG's. Some of them were a little skeptical about the CYMA brand but previous reviews and the price mad this something I was interested in. After taking it out for the first time, with an upgraded battery, this gun is absolutely amazing. The versatility of it is remarkable, and it's very accurate even with .2g bb's. It gave me the range and the ability to hit the targets that were just out of range of my friend's P90, and when I would be solo, the full auto capability proved to be very very helpful. In general, if you're just starting the game, looking for something that is good on range and accurate but also can get you out of a tight jam, this is a gun that I would highly recommend.
by Ryan D. on 2010-05-11 17:19:17
"I bought this gun around a year ago from a different supplier, for around the same price.
This gun is a great, hard-shooting, accurate gun
Sometimes I use it with a red dot scope and it is extremely accurate.
bbs dont really curve, stay straight
pretty high fps, i approximate around 340-360
not too heavy, although for smaller players it may be too much
barely jams
very nice appearance
low rof
top rail wiggles too much, but tightening the screws helps this

Overall: Great quality gun for a great price.
by kevin s. on 2010-04-16 16:09:16
"Definately a good buy. This was my first airsoft gun i have used. although it is a little heavy, it really adds the realism. The gun shoots at an average rate of fire, but with extreme accuracy even at full. It leaves a good welt on the victim hit. It has the metal parts necessary and is very durable. The finish is very realistic
by Dustin R. on 2010-02-04 18:49:37
"The M14 is my favorite gun. Since this is my first electric aeg I'm very critical.I would be very thankful if anyone could help me.I received my order on
Full metal except for 2 or 3 cosmetic pieces including the stock
High fps
Great accuracy
Great range

When I got the gun it had alot of fingerprints on it. I've tried to remove them numerous times but they just won't come off.
I guess the rof should be pretty good but my mags must not have enough spring tension because they misfeed alot,even on single shot sometimes.Could someone give me a link for a better mag?

And for any new airsofters like me, don't make the mistake of reading the badly translated instruction manual given by AGM. I followed their instructions for charging the battery instead of reading the back of the pink sheet Evike gave me, and instead of charging the battery the Evike recomended 5 hours, I charged it 12 and the battery only lasted 10 minutes :( (I need a new battery and charger) MAN THAT WAS STUPID!!!!!!

Oh and the gun is kinda hard to take apart, but if you follow evikes guide it won't stear ya wrong

Over all, this is a great buy for airsoft pros but not that great for beginners.Although I do not regret my purchase
by Roger M. on 2009-04-07 02:39:02
"I purchased this gun and then the 9.6v 4500 ma battery for it. This is a really good gun regardless of the stock color.With the stock battery it's a good gun...with the bigger battery it's a great gun.Be aware you will have to take a wood chisel to the supports inside of the stock and remove the butt-plate to install this IS worth it.Scary piece after this easy mod.Better than a sniper rifle with the full auto availability.
by Roger M. on 2009-03-31 01:34:21
"Just got this last week and it is unbelieveablely good.Really packs a whallop with an excellent ROF.I can 'almost' do away with the spring sniper...almost.The bolt is cool to play with snapping it.This thing is definately heavy so get a good strap and toss the one that comes with it.Great sights and the front rail mounts a dot sight handily for quick access.The Socom version is way wicked looking and a lot easier to handle than a full size version.The magazine has a winding wheel as well as a winding key that really seems to work even better.Would I buy this again?Won't have to it's built like a brick...5 stars all around from me.The wood looks great and makes it look a bit more 'traditional'. When/if it ever starts looking ratty I'll just get out the air brush.
by Che-Wei H. on 2009-03-24 02:31:58
"This is a good rifle. I use it to snipe and mine is upgraded to m140. I use .25s because m140 with .20s will not have the great accurate.
by Alex Z. on 2009-02-24 19:23:05
"For the price this is the most amazing airsoft gun on the market. What it lacks in some power it makes up in it's ridiculously high rate of fire and it supurb accuracy. My m14 was shooting farther and straiter then my friends KWA and coming close in the amount of bbs fired per second. I do recomend getting a new battery (I got a 7.2 3300 mah because it was cheaper even though it reduced the rof) and getting a replacement spring. This is also one of the most durable guns I have ever seen because my friend was angry at me, picked up the gun and hit a tree with it, and survived with only some scratches to the body. For only 100 something dollars this is a great buy.

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