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Colt Licensed M1911A1 GI Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback by KJW

14 Customer Reviews

by Nathan C. on 01/19/2017
"I've owned my kjw 1911 government for about a year and it has worked beautifully. My favorite part is that I can put real attachments on it like the world war 2 style shoulder stock/gun case, hogue rosewood hand grips with fingergrooves, a couple of airsoft kjw extended mags, and a old compensator. All of that together basically turns it in to a carbine. But to sum it all up I adore this gun and it's a perfect sidearm for my King arms chrome thompson or to use alone with the fps it has. I also recommend this over any of the other 1911s for a world war 2 load out.
by Wyatt K. on 09/28/2016
"While this gun was in my possession, I loved every second of it. I used it in one game before it fell out of my holster and was stolen right from under me.

Well built
Great kick
Super realistic

Green gas mag it came with had little to no power and could only get out maybe half a mag
So good that people want to snatch it from you.

I plan on getting a replacement soon, however I'm holding out hope that it goes back on sale ;) (hint hint evike pls)
by David S. on 03/18/2016
"Wonderful Gun, i payed 90$ for this a while ago and it is amazing, i have not used it in a game yet but my friend put an entire box (15 count) of Co2 through this in one night and no problems afterwards, i can put around 6-12 sets of 14 rounds through one Co2 cartridge .20g's are the best. great gun looks great with any american WW2/vietnam/Korea themed loadout. AND it does not wimp out near the end of a cartridge like my bb gun.
by Dulah T. on 12/26/2011
"Terrific pistol, I've had it for EXACTLY year now, got it for the Christmas of 2010, I've found that it is perfect with .25g BB's and some good ol' green gas. Mine has some nice blemishes on it from the past drops on concrete and other scratchy surfaces, but hey that gives it character. This is an amazing pistol, you can't go wrong with getting this pistol honestly, I've had it for a year and it has yet to fail me in any circumstance.

EXTREMELY realistic weight
EXTREMELY accurate
EXTREMELY cool looking
EXTREMELY comfortable
EXTREMELY easy to disassemble/reassemble to lubricate and manage.

None, this is the ideal Airsoft GBB pistol.
by Shane M. on 11/24/2011
"This is a great pistol! I have been looking for a classic 1911 for a long time, and this is what I was looking for. It shoots very accurately, and with all of the upgrades already set in, there are no downsides to this gun. It comes with one green gas/propane magazine with it. It is full metal, minus the pistol grip and a few internals.

Also, you can check out my full video review at youtube.
by Nanayo B. on 09/30/2010
"Does this take co2 mags? It says on the site that it does but some dude here says it doesn't. Also can someone tell me everything that comes with this purchase?
by Daniel C. on 09/19/2009
"This is a great pistol.

very accurate
You hit what you aim at
Green Gas
Non adjustable sights
All metal
Adjustable hop up/spinup
25 round mag
Fullly Trademarked
Sapmle bbs (enough for about 5 mags)

If you want to fire it right away make sure you already have green gas because it doesn't come with any.

If your order is over $100 I suggest getting the $00.99 pistol (spring) and the Galaxy pistol(spring)
by Chris M. on 12/14/2008
"I've had this pistol since summer 2008 and it is my most trusted airsoft gun (even more so than my Echo 1 M4RIS!). First of, NO THIS WILL NOT TAKE YOUR DUMB CO2 MAGS!!!! Ughhhh I hate Co2 GBBs so repulsive, just get this one over the Co2 and get green gas. Its a mans gun. I have made 9 year olds beg for mercy. The trades are nice if you are into that, Thats why this pistol is &50 bucks more. These trademarks are actually done by Colt FireArms Mfg. Group in Hartford Conneticut. The writing has the Birthdate of the 1911 .45 on it too. I mean if you have children and they're acting up....well Im not going to say anything that can get me into trouble!!!! ;-)

Hard Hitting- around 340-330 FPS
Beautiful NON-CO2!!!!! Magazine
great blow back action
All metal
Solid construction
Its a man's gun- the 1911
Double action
everything about this pistol I love
Range- actually around 60 to +90Ft depending on how good the shot is

Some different versions have single barrels, meaning no removable orange tip (I sawed mine off VERY carefully, but if your going to use this to rob a bank get a life and dont use our sport for your own nefarious purposes punk!)
Because of its beautiful all metal design, its a true american machine=aka it uses more gas than the other plastic foriegn guns ex: M9, Overated Glocks, and crappy Desert Eagles.

If you like realism, sexiness, and are above the CO2 guns, get this one with the trades, It will no let you down, I guarantee it.
by Sean D. on 11/30/2008
"What is the fps (feet per second) on this gun. If you could tell me by saturday that would be nice. with the other reviews I will rate this gun a 5.
by Joe C. on 11/30/2008
"Wow this pistol looks awesome! I just need to know if the KJW M1911 co2 magazines will work with this gun. Please help, thanks.
by Wallace W. on 11/10/2008
"Yes, this takes propane. You can power it with green gas or propane adapter.
by spencer s. on 11/07/2008
Does this take propane?
it looks awsome though and if it takes propane im gonna buy it
by Melissa B. on 02/06/2017
"Just got this gun it works great!! Comes with green gas mag but if you want c02 mag enter this code 30150. mag works great but at last shot with c02, the c02 hisses. Great bang for the buck. Plus I'd give the gun a 4
by Javio P. on 05/19/2008
"This pistol is a beast. This thing is so crazy It may hold small amount of bbs from the magazine but the finish is just super sleek. It has laser engraved colt licensed full metal gas. The fps is amazing and the rate of fire is my favorite just balanced!