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AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD Green (Package: Rifle)

111 Customer Reviews

by Jefferson R. on 09/18/2015
"Love this gun so far! Very nice FPS, good accuracy, and very user friendly. A good weapon to get started sniping. This is definitely a gun I can recommend to anyone!

1. High FPS (Good Range)
2. Amazing scope (add-on)
3. Perfect starter sniper!
4. Easy sling attachment points
5. Easy to access Hop-up

1. Heavy (could be pro)
2. Jams a bit (Not a big issue so far)
3. Scope sits a bit low (Need a riser, or a low-profile mask)
by landon l. on 07/15/2015
"I bought this gun and didn't expect it to be that great for 90$ but after I sighted it in it is so accurate and it is consistant on how accurate it is but I give this a 15 out of 10 buy this if u want a quality sniper
by Justin M. on 05/29/2013
"I received this gun in the mail today the box was freakin huge and pretty heavy! My first impression of this gun was "holy crap, its really nice!" When you put it together it may take a minute. Be gentle and dont rush it orelse it would probably break. As i was screwing in the screws that hold the gun together i tightened it too much and something snapped. (I know. Im stupid). But the other screw held the whole gun together so thats good. When i first cocked it back it was pretty tight. A few hours later my gun jammed so i took it apart and i cocked it again and it shockingly worked better than it did out of the box. Weird. But, overall this gun is very good and i would recommend it to anyone. Oh and you should also spend the extra $30 for a scope. Trust me its totally worth it.

Pros: strong fps, heavy weight, looks awesome

Cons: nothing as of for right now(:

by seth t. on 05/10/2013
"I got this gun and i was very happy with shipping the gun shoots awesome the hop up is easy to get to

i shot a guy at like 175 ft easily the clip holds 25 rounds im not shure if thats good or bad it

is my first sniper and i love it but i recommend this gun to any one but

you will want scope and at least .20 bbs

pros:good range,easy to pull bolt,clip holds 25 rounds

cons:hard to get clip out first time you use the gun
by Karen K. on 02/09/2013
"This sniper rifle is amazing. That could sum up my whole review.

Good weight
great fps
great accuracy
Easy to pull bolt action
metal barrel

by ken f. on 01/05/2013
"AWSOME gun. I dont have any airsoft fields close to me so me and my friends go into the woods and play but its a small area so i didnt bother getting a scope so i used a red dot sight from my old m14. the FPS is very good and its GODS FIST for the price.

comes with a basic sniper setup
VERY good fps and range
very good for snipers in training

need to tighten lever
by Braedan H. on 11/04/2012
"I have this gun and for one thing it is amazing!!!!!! Acurate and reliable. Just want to know what spring i should get to upgrade it?
by David W. on 03/19/2012
"This is a great sniper rifle for first timers and the weekend players.
by Tyler K. on 03/02/2012
"This gun is great from out of the back to the wars.

Accuracy (with .25 shots)
Power of shots

The sling
Weight (little more than a regular gun but not really)

Recommend to beginner snipers
by Mateo L. on 02/07/2012
"best sniper rifle ever.
range of like 100yards
by jared h. on 12/10/2011
"This gun is great. i found out that the jamming issue only occurs if you cock it twice. i got the upgrade spring a few days later with a scope and it is without a doubt the best sniper you can get regardless of price. i highly recommend this for every one. its durable and easy to monouver with. easy to take care of as well.


will make you bleed
you probably dont have it yet if your looking at this review!
by Brooks D. on 11/15/2011
"I have this gun, and it is absolutely amazing for the price. I have experienced quite a lot of jams with it, but that is ONLY because I don't lube it that often. Lube your magazine, your barrel, and the mag well I'd say once a month depending on how much you use it. I'd recommend .25g BB's for best performance. You may want to buy one extra mag, seeing that it holds 25 rounds.

I am taking up a sniper position on my new team, and I'm making a ghillie suit. I plan on fielding my L96 every game that I snipe, if it brakes or jams, I'll probably put my scope on my M4 and use it. From my experience so far, I don't see it braking ANY time soon. No problems with it so far besides a few jams, and I've had it since April this year.

Definitely get it if:
1) You're on a budget, and need a sniper rifle.
2) You plan on sniping in the field, but don't plan on spending over $120 for a UTG L96.
3) You love L96's!!!
by Tung H. on 11/10/2011
"OMG I got this gun on tuesday. ITS A GOOD GUN WELL WoRTH THE PRICE!!!!! ITs VERY powerful with .23s. I shot the box (Which has styrofoam and cardboard) and the .23's went straight through at 30. It probably can to that up till like 60-70. At 90 feet, It can go through the foam (OBVIOUSLY) and dent the cardboard. IT WILL STILL HURT, though. I've almost got the scope zeroed in at 30 ft. Then i'll just adjust it to 100.

TO EVIKE: THANK'S FOR THE FAST SHIPPING!!! I got it on the SECOND business day, (I live in Socal), and thats really fast!

Comes with a speedloader
Shoots fast
scope in options is good- full metal
ABS plastic feels REALLY DURABLE
It's an l96

Scope comes with low-profile mounts, so if u have a full face mask, u will need to get high profile or a new low profile mask
sling may break if you are holding the gun by the sling, (Which u shouldn't do in the first place)

by Kyle H. on 09/23/2011
"this gun rocks i just got it and it shoots good who ever gets a sniper get this one i love it i would give it an a+++++++++++++++++ and it have good fps.
by Kim K. on 07/14/2011
"Very very nice gun. I added the scope and bipod and the gun is perfect. Strong plastic and heavy gun. Very realistic feeling too. 5***** for sure.