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AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: OD Green)

249 Customer Reviews

by Alex M. on 09/01/2009
"I have a question should i get the scope and bipod that are on the webpage that has the gun on it or should i get a different 1?
by Jerry D. on 06/27/2009
"THIS gun is a dream to use, definitely by the scope and bipod

Awesome accuracy with scope
Good FPS
pretty quiet

It takes some work to get the scope perfect
bit on the heavy side, but that's why you buy the bipod

Overall, one of the best guns ive shot.
by Eli W. on 04/27/2009
"I was blown away. It took like 5 minutes to set up, and right off the bat, the scope was pretty much in sync!

Mostly Metal
Great FPS (about 500)
Shoots Accurately
Decently Large Mag (for a sniper)
Scope & Bipod Kit, Great! Get them for sure! If you buy the same scope and bipod not in this deal, it will be about 100 bucks.

Absolutely NONE!!
by Chris S. on 03/30/2009
"This thing runs circles around the UTG, as far as performance goes.
I bought both to test and the UTG has an easier pump action, and more aftermarket parts avaiable but otherswise has no advantages over this AGM model.
On the JG/agm APS2 I simply added a custom cut Upgrade spring and achieve 650 fps, and the stock cylinder and all other internals and trigger box seem to be holding up just fine even after at least 1000 shots. Accuracy is good considering I still have a stock barrel, the hop up isnt the greatest But I modified mine, the modification was simple you can cut the hop up lever that is normally flat into a rounded shape with a sanding bar so it cups the ball for a more enhanced hop somewhat like a V hop up, seems to have improved accuracy and consistency alot. Edgi, makes custom barrel for this model I plan to get soon after I decide I want to continue pursuing a serious sniper role, But even without the barrel my range is insain after spring upgrade, and USING .40 MADBULL is recommended for upgraded spring like mine, or .36 madbull if you are keeping the FPS stock. .30 high quality bbs are fine also.
DO NOT USE .12 .20 .25 they are too light for even the stock FPS setup, and will not shoot too well.

Highly recommend this sniper, its TOUGH and with a little tinkering can hang with the the best of them.
can handle heavy upgrade spring with no further reinforcement mods.
all metal trigger box

Barely any aftermarket parts available, but all you really need is a barrel and hop up bucking anyway.
hop up chamber isnt great but can me modified and improved by far.
by Amer A. on 03/21/2009
Amazing velocity and range
Great accuracy
Realistic feel and weight
Mag has a good capcitity
Scope is amazing

The only thing i can put is sometimes the mag is tough to fit in but besides that is gun is awsome!

Now the review:
This is probably one of the best guns i have ever used in my life. It has an amazing velocity, shot my neighbor swingset from about 150ft away right where i had the scope on. So very accurate. I shot my friend form 75ft away and he yelled so loud. If your in a war everyone will want to be on your team and everyone on the other team will be so afraid! The scope that you can upgrade it with is so nice. This gun is perfect for wars. Make sure that you dont use the sling that it comes with because it cant support the weight of the gun. Do not second guess yourself. GET THIS GUN!! Also if you would like to know more check out my review of it on youtube. My account name is Airxsoftxkid.
by andrew h. on 03/15/2009

This gun is the best ever with .30bbs. it shoots far and hard
by hamilton w. on 03/15/2009
"if you have the money, and you are looking for a sniper rifle...BUY THIS ONE! this gonna is simply sweet. dont worry about this one. this is the 4th airsoft gun i have bought and its right at the top on the list(jg m4a1, jg ms-6, hfc special forces all metal M9 gbb). i bought it with a "better" spring and .40g matrix bbs. this thing worked better than you could expect any AIRSOFT sniper to work...i picked off my brother from higher ground while he was running(east to west) from about 75-90 ft. can easily reach out at targets in the 150' range, as long as its not movin. i plan on finishing the upgrades to it(piston, piston head, spring guide, pdi 300% spring, and possibly new hop unit and tight-bore barrel) which will make those 200'+ shots possible im sure.

overall a great feeling "cheap" gun! make sure to use .28, .30 or higher bbs with this gun. HAPPY AIRSOFTING!
by Marc P. on 03/13/2009
"good solid sniper rifle for the price u have to shoot .2 grams or higher or its even pointless to use it as a sniper rifle. heavy weight heavy duty plastic body thick walls shouldnt break if u bump a tree or any thing.
by Logan S. on 03/06/2009
"Like the other reviews, I highly recommend this rifle. It doesn't miss, is the first thing you should know. to get good range out of it, you should play around with the hop-up to get best results as each gun is different. I would say use .28's in this because you'll get a more consistent grouping, but .2's work as well. The velocity with .2's is consistent at 470-475fps.
It's moderately comfortable to shoot, has a great weight, and is very nicely finished.
I have not yet had any serious problems with the gun. As for the back of the bolt coming loose, just put some teflon tape on the threads of that screw. Its an easy fix.
The mag is a bit hard to load at first, but with practice you can change them quite quickly... And spare mags are cheap.
Overall, This gun is a great buy because its performance is unmatched, and it is much cheaper than its competitors.
by joseph b. on 02/27/2009
"Beast mode.. just beast mode.. the only thing is the cheap strap but everything else is BEAST
by enrique l. on 02/24/2009
"This rifle is one of the best rifles i have ever shot it is extremely powerful and accurate if your into sniping i would highly recommend this gun i ordered this gun from here and got it the very next day
i would also recommend upgrading to the scope and steel bipod its worth the money it is a very good scope and a sturdy bipod don't hesitate to buy it just get it you won't be dissapointed its worth every penny i guarantee it will exceed your expectations
by chris a. on 02/24/2009
"This rifle is alsome wen I bought it it shot perfect then bout 2 it fell on the floor and I got scared but wen I shot it, it shot the same as wen I first got it
by Deniece F. on 02/20/2009
"i got this gun a week ago .................AMAZING . ten minutes ago my freind shot a kid at 50+ yards in the lip he wouldnt show us his lip .............................he was wineing . this gun is accurate. and by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar the best no doubt . i recomend it its at a low price I ♥ this gun............

Webmaster: Please do not shoot people without face/eye protection on as this could cause serious injury. Safety first!
by Jan D. on 02/18/2009
"I just got my APS2 Type96 today and I have to say, it's really amazing! I was shooting a target in my backyard and dented the file drawer that was holding my target up. On the inside of the drawer you can see how hard the BB's hit. Also, out of the possible 30 BB's I shot, at least 22 were broken in half! The gun is easy to put together and is very well constructed. Barrel is made of metal and the body is consisted of high grade plastic possibly ABS. The only bad qualities are the sling, which was already broken when I received the package and the magazine jams sometimes. The magazine problem should be fixed if you use the gun a lot. I think the reason why it doesn't feed sometimes is the magazine and gun being new. All in all, this gun is awesome! I recommend buying the gun with the scope when you add the gun to your cart because although any scope will work, most sport stores that carry scopes carry real rifle scopes with real rifle scope rings that may not fit your gun.
by Chris S. on 02/14/2009
"BEST 80$ ive spent on airsoft PERIOD. I got this gun and had it for one week and love it, got it sighted in with a high quality optic scope and can shoot man sized targets consistently past 250+ feet. (this is measured feet not approximate like alot of people who exagerate)

When I first got the gun it shot 440-450 fps, I added a vsr-10 m150 spring and 3 inches of cut stock spring and now shoot 620 fps, super accurate, I also modified the hop up activation arm to have a V shape instead of flat so it has better bb control when applying backspin. I plan on adding an aftermarket barrel and then this gun will be a super accurate sniper for under 200$.

If you need info on the hop up mod or spring mod shoot me a PM on
my asf screen name is: cqbsr47