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AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD Green (Package: Rifle)

112 Customer Reviews

by Mark L. on 08/03/2008
"For all you who keep complaining about not coming with an extra mag, under package includes it say a mag which is one, and then it says additional mags available, as in to buy. Just thought I'd point that out to you.
by nicholas p. on 07/23/2008
"this gun is amazing for its price and its acriuarcy you will love it the fist day you open the box
by jim d. on 07/16/2008
"OH MY HECK THIS GUN IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!! this gun has a great feel and reliability. i love its pistol-stock-grip. its pin point accuracy allowes you to acctually shoot and hit someone lol. this gun is also a skin ripper. its power+ speed+ looks+ reliability= the perfect purchase.
by Nate R. on 07/14/2008
"Great gun for the moeny. I got the scope and bipod for it. Although the exterior is plastic, its still very durable.the one peice metal barrel is very nice and the weight is good. I have droped it and been pretty careless with it a few times and its still shooting and operating well. The scope and bipod are metal and serve there purposes. The cons to the gun that i find are that the magazine holds to few rounds and that the bipods weight somewhat offsets the balance. All around good gun if you want to snipe or just shoot cans.
by greyson s. on 07/02/2008
"Awesome gun!!!! 5 stars for its looks,power and accuracy!
I would totaly reccomend this gun for true snipers.

I was extremely impressed by its performance the first time I used it. Totaly worth the money.(didn't cost much either.) =)
by isaac z. on 06/30/2008
"I got this gun and loved it u may have read that this gun has lots of problems from other people and every 1 I have read it is because they didnt put the gun properly together if u have any problems with the gun u can reach me at If the gun dose not come with everything i can not help u srry:(
by alex g. on 06/03/2008
"you have to love it... the box tells you it has an 80 to 100m range. we pushed it a good deal passed it and still we were hiting the traget. the scope and bipod are great tools that come with it as well.
by Walter W. on 05/30/2008
"The free accessories that come with this rifle (ie. sling) is a crappy sling. But since its free and I have my own guarder M700 sling to use it is not a big deal. Not sure what nick meant on the gun being plastic because all the internal, bolt, barrel, scope, bipod, rails are all metal. I was looking at a tanaka in Evike's store and this one have even more metal parts for 1/3 the price. I don't believe there is a need for the stock and hand guard to be metal as such thing don't exist even on a real APS and it will make this rifle 50lbs.

This sniper rifle looks great, is super accurate and its super cheap for it's high fps. Had it for over a year now, it never failed me. I lubricate it about once every month.
by Steve F. on 05/25/2008
"I got this gun for my birthday, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The strap that was included had one of the hooks bend out of place from the weight, but I didn't really expect much of it, I usually use my own straps (right now I'm using a guitar strap with some zip-ties). The accuracy is spot on at 50ft, and doesn't change much until about 100ft I would say. I got quite a few head shots from at least 75ft away, something I could NEVER do with my other guns. My one complaint is that the bolt sometimes comes loose. I'm not sure what causes it, because when I was sitting down and shooting at targets, it came loose, but when I started to play a couple games (put at least 100 rounds through it), the bolt didn't loosen at all. Its not a big deal though, its a rather easy fix. Great buy!
by Airsoft A. on 05/06/2008
"This sniper rifle is already shooting almost 500 FPS. Don't really need any more upgrades internally. The stock is intentionally designed to be this shape for stability. It is not meant to be used in a CQB game where you run around. Sit it down with a bipod and the balance is perfect.

I'll give it a five for it's accuracy, power and price. The BAR-10 is a good choice too because it is more compact and smaller in frame.
by John C. on 03/31/2014
"Had this for sometime now overall a great gun shoots hard and has a great price. The only thing is that this gun is a proprietary and parts are hard to find. I would recommend this to someone just getting in to sniping.
by elliott B. on 12/06/2013
"This gun has great FPS and accuracy. The mag is plastic, would have been better if it was metal. The body of the gun feels very sturdy, and the barrel is all metal. the only thing I don't like is the mag. sometimes the gun jams, but it might be my fault. If you order the scope upgrade (which I did) Evike might ship the scope separately, which is why i rated it 4 stars. if you're looking for a good, sturdy sniper that has good fps, get this one.
by Brooks D. on 03/20/2013
"I bought this gun in March/April 2011 and there is only one problem. It jams very easily, and the mag is hard to get in sometimes. I bought a new mag, didn't fix it. Oiled mag and bolt and cleaned the barrel, nothing worked. Someone told me it could be the hop-up bucking. The only logical reason I can think of is that I dropped it like the next month after I got it. I don't snipe all that much and I'm in the market for a new sniper rifle anyway, so I'm not that interested in fixing it. I also don't work internally on guns, and I don't know anyone who does within 3.5 hours from where I live.

Very Accurate
Pretty good FPS.
Good range

Jams easily (which is probably my fault)
Mag is hard to fit in sometimes
by nick b. on 04/08/2012
"This is an overall good gun but on mine the bolt keeps coming loose so i constantly have to tighten it back in. I would definitely recommend this gun to any beginner snipers. I shoot the most accurately with 0.25g bb's. I would give this gun about a 4.5 out of 5
by Shannon M. on 02/12/2012
"it is very accurate and shoots hard the plastic doesn't seem very high quality at the seem points but is good other wise i wish the cheek pad was adjustable if i were you go ahead and buy the $150 l96 on the first page withe the adjustable cheek and folding stock over all goodish

pros cons
shots hard body isnt very good
fits in stock nice