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AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: OD Green)

112 Customer Reviews

by Zachary B. on 10/10/2008
"omg i friggin love this gun its like if god just decided to have sex with himself and concieved a child but he wasnt into commitment so he left himself with the kid and that bastard child turned out to be this gun .... for those of you that can understand what i have just written i applaud you!
by Johnny L. on 10/05/2008
"The scope and bipod are sold as "options" guys. Please read or simply "look" at the description. You can add it easily on the drop down box to have scope and/or bipod.

The gun use a Marui VSR-10 system, the UTG APS2 use a Maruzen APS system. Other than that, since they are both around $100, and already shooting hard, where you probably won't want to spend another $300 upgrading, they are pretty much the same and both good buys.
by Erik M. on 10/01/2008
"Is there a difference in quatlity over the UTG APS2 Type 96 sniper rifle at the bottom of the sniper rifles page for $109.99? I know that the UTG one comes with a sling and extra mags and different colors, but in the review they say this one's better. Someone please help me
by michael g. on 09/30/2008
"does this gun come with a scope and a bipod? are scope rings lens caps?
by Ryan Y. on 09/30/2008
"besides here (which I recommend) you can find the same exact silicon spray evike sells at gun shops...but at 5 times the price....
by Brad G. on 09/27/2008
"again this is a amazing sniper and the scope is a must have. Where can you get sclicone spray outher then off the internet?
by Pierre M. on 09/27/2008
"This is a great sniper rifle for a super low price compare the the $300 Maruzen APS. (Not to mention it has pre-upgraded springs inside already shooting around 500 fps.).

Since the bipod is only a few bucks more, it is a must have for snipers.

To lubricate it, use the side of unjamming rod with a ring, with a piece of napkin thru it, twist it so it won't come loose, spray silicon on the napkin and clean down the barrel. I also recommend some in the magazine and that pretty much all you need to lub unless your bolt assembly gets dry later which I havn't had the need to do it on mine.
by Brad G. on 09/27/2008
"This gun just arrived today and it is amazing. The scope is definately a must have. The bipod however is horriable. I would definately not buy the bipod. My only question about this gun is what should I use to lubricate it.
by michael g. on 09/25/2008
"does this gun come with a scope and a bipod? how far it is accurate?
by ward w. on 09/22/2008
"so i went to a friends house on saturday to play some airsoft. my mp5 is currently not working, so my friend let me use this gun. my review can basically be summed up like this...BUY THIS GUN!!! this gun is absolutley amazing given the price. and all i can say to the people who bash this gun is that you probably have way too high of expectations for an airsoft gun. you have to consider that it is a ROUND, PLASTIC bb that your shooting, so its nowhere close to perfect, but the way i play, it is for me. i hit my friends inbetween the eyes fairly easily from over 100+ feet. now granted, the conditions were perfect, no wind, and fairly open woods, but it was still amazing.

now i have some questions...what is the inner barrel length on this gun, because i am planning to upgrade pretty soon, more than likely to a Matrix or a Mad Bull? What would you (experienced players) use? and maybe even a new spring...the PDI AEG 260% spring is what i have in mind. your advice is definatley appreciated!!!
by Arthur K. on 09/11/2008
"The upper / barrel assembly wtih the bolt should work on a MP001. Or Marui VSR-10. But this gun nicer than a MP001. Not sure why you would want to do that.
by Nate R. on 08/30/2008
"great gun. i've cronoed it at a constant 460 with .2's. wrote a reveiw earlier and after a few games i can only say wow. for the price this gun has served me very well. you can run through pretty dense forest and be pretty rough and it works great. the weight is nice for realism but difficult to handle close quarter. great gun, but know its a sniper rifle. dont advise it for someone brand new to the sport.
by Dave L. on 08/16/2008
"The range is about 100~120 feet on this sniper rifle. Very accurate! Get the scope and bipod with it! You will want them!
by Juliet R. on 08/07/2008
"The sniper rifle gave you the option to spend $30 extra for a scope. The attribute upgrade is at the bottom of the gun's description.

The scope it come with is a very nice 3-9x40 full metal scope that has the range perfectly setup for Airsoft use.

For a few more dollar you can get the bipod too.

The sniper rifle is scope ready so you can pretty much buy any red dot or scope here on and they will be easy fit.
by sir r. on 08/07/2008
"You have to buy the scope seperate, BUT there is an option at the bottom of the screen above the comments to upgrade it.