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Model: SR-MP002B

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by Logan S. on 2009-03-06 21:05:27
"Like the other reviews, I highly recommend this rifle. It doesn't miss, is the first thing you should know. to get good range out of it, you should play around with the hop-up to get best results as each gun is different. I would say use .28's in this because you'll get a more consistent grouping, but .2's work as well. The velocity with .2's is consistent at 470-475fps.
It's moderately comfortable to shoot, has a great weight, and is very nicely finished.
I have not yet had any serious problems with the gun. As for the back of the bolt coming loose, just put some teflon tape on the threads of that screw. Its an easy fix.
The mag is a bit hard to load at first, but with practice you can change them quite quickly... And spare mags are cheap.
Overall, This gun is a great buy because its performance is unmatched, and it is much cheaper than its competitors.
by linda h. on 2009-02-27 15:48:12
"this is a great gun i got it for my b-day and am very pleased with it the bipod and scope are worth it (the bypod was ment to wobble a little) the olny bad parts are you sometimes have to mess with the clip a little to get it all the way in and the pin in the bypod is small and wants to fall out when you take it off but there is no way for it to fall off when you using it over it s a good gun if your thinking about getting it i would
by enrique l. on 2009-02-24 19:37:00
"This rifle is one of the best rifles i have ever shot it is extremely powerful and accurate if your into sniping i would highly recommend this gun i ordered this gun from here and got it the very next day
i would also recommend upgrading to the scope and steel bipod its worth the money it is a very good scope and a sturdy bipod don't hesitate to buy it just get it you won't be dissapointed its worth every penny i guarantee it will exceed your expectations
by chris a. on 2009-02-24 17:46:07
"This rifle is alsome wen I bought it it shot perfect then bout 2 it fell on the floor and I got scared but wen I shot it, it shot the same as wen I first got it
by Jan D. on 2009-02-18 22:47:42
"I just got my APS2 Type96 today and I have to say, it's really amazing! I was shooting a target in my backyard and dented the file drawer that was holding my target up. On the inside of the drawer you can see how hard the BB's hit. Also, out of the possible 30 BB's I shot, at least 22 were broken in half! The gun is easy to put together and is very well constructed. Barrel is made of metal and the body is consisted of high grade plastic possibly ABS. The only bad qualities are the sling, which was already broken when I received the package and the magazine jams sometimes. The magazine problem should be fixed if you use the gun a lot. I think the reason why it doesn't feed sometimes is the magazine and gun being new. All in all, this gun is awesome! I recommend buying the gun with the scope when you add the gun to your cart because although any scope will work, most sport stores that carry scopes carry real rifle scopes with real rifle scope rings that may not fit your gun.
by Chris S. on 2009-02-14 02:42:17
"BEST 80$ ive spent on airsoft PERIOD. I got this gun and had it for one week and love it, got it sighted in with a high quality optic scope and can shoot man sized targets consistently past 250+ feet. (this is measured feet not approximate like alot of people who exagerate)

When I first got the gun it shot 440-450 fps, I added a vsr-10 m150 spring and 3 inches of cut stock spring and now shoot 620 fps, super accurate, I also modified the hop up activation arm to have a V shape instead of flat so it has better bb control when applying backspin. I plan on adding an aftermarket barrel and then this gun will be a super accurate sniper for under 200$.

If you need info on the hop up mod or spring mod shoot me a PM on
my asf screen name is: cqbsr47
by Glen S. on 2009-02-05 22:48:59
"I love this gun but it was a pain in the ass 2 sight it
Once sighted I was able to his a target the size of a BB
by dudley t. on 2009-02-03 21:19:32
"this gun is sooo soo sweet i was sniping from my garage nd i sniped my friend right in the thigh when he was runnin nd he hit the ground soo hard, its soo quiet though nobody knew where i was until i took out like 3 ppl this gun is amazing
by Bryan B. on 2009-01-28 07:09:38
"I bought this rifle here at evike and bought some ammo with it to up the carge to just over $100 for free shipping. The gun is great, but I think I may have messed mine up. At first, the bbs were curving off to the left as if the hop up was in sideways. But I think that was because I tried to clean it with a tissue before I used it... DUH. Anyway, it shoots amaizingly fast, and it really makes you feel cool to pull the bolt. I stuck a PVC pipe in the end of mine to have a mock silencer. It also extended the gun another foot and a half. ;) It has threading for a silencer, although the threads are on the INSIDE of the berrle. My friend told me there were 14mm clockwize.
by kelly f. on 2009-01-26 21:37:55
"this gun is the greatest gun ever best for a starter sniper like meh lol....i shoot with .12 bbs and it shoots about 480 maybe a lil more im guessing...but it has had a few probs the back of the bolt where u screw it in comes undone alot so u have to retightn it and the mag somtimes has fits getting in but it shoots great feeds great dont know what all the guys saying it dosnt feed good r saying cuz ive never had a prob with feeding and the scope dosnt always fit on right i had to take it off and put it back on like 3 times to get it to aligned right but it was woth it in the end ive never missed on a non moveing target but other than the few probs with the gun that arent really that major i highly recommend it

Webmaster: Its recommended to use 0.20g, 0.25g or even 0.28g bb for this rifle.
by dustin n. on 2009-01-26 12:18:34
"ive shot many versions of this rifle and the agm is by far the better....out of the box this gun is far more reliable than the others....and quite honestly i think the price is insanely low but im not complaining what so ever.....using a .36 to a .40 g round is perfect for outdoor scenarios due to wind effect. these rounds fight off the windforce far batter than just a .30 but in large indoor fields a .30 is definately good for speed and quick one shot kills.......but for smart guy below me im surprised you didnt mention that after shootin a .12 g bb (why?) that it could break in the barrel causing to scratch the inner wall.....take my advice people .30g rounds are perfect ...dont second guess yourself this rifle is "beast"......g.c.a. t.h.a.707
by Elbee C. on 2009-01-18 17:22:07
"Finally after waiting for a long time for it to arrive in the mail it did and even after opening it, it blew me away of just how awesum it looks!. after putting it all together and firing the first shots it did not fail to impress me. the scope that you can add to your order is such a nice scope nailed a penny from 55 ft away it was amazing but i wasn't using the appropriate bbs so it flew off a couple of times but it is still a amazing gun for the price and of how good the gun is and its quality its worth every stinkin penny XD

Displaying 61 to 72 (of 129 reviews)

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