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by Robert M. on 2010-06-12 08:45:48
"This is a great gun, I got this close to a year ago and it still works great. I also got the scope and bipod upgrade which is really worth it. This is a very accurate gun and once you figure out how to sight it it won't let you down. If your thinking about buying your first sniper rifle I would definitley reccomend this one. This was my first sniper rifle and I'm very pleased with it. This gun is very powerful and it hurts if you get shot by it. The quality of this gun for such a low price is amazing. If this is your first sniper rifle i would HIGLY recomend getting the upgrade, it's not too much more expensive but it really adds to this gun
by andrew m. on 2010-06-01 15:10:20
"this gun is amazing
it comes close to some of the more expensive guns
for the price and quality its outstanding
by Justin k. on 2010-05-31 14:14:53
"This is a great gun. If you don't have the money for a UTG L96 than get this one.
It is easy to cock and has good accuracy with .25 and .28. DON'T GET .20 OR .23, .25 IS THE LIGHTEST YOU WANT OT GO.
1. great power
2. great range
3. good accuracy

1. After awhile gets heavy but i took out 1 weight out in the rubber but
2. The mag sometimes loads all BB's in gun but stops after once you use it alot (took 3 games, 7 hours each)

by kc c. on 2010-05-30 12:13:00
"this gun shoots up to 500 fps with a .20 gram bb. if you dont speak airsoft that means its really fast. i use .20 because .28 are hard to come by unless you order them off the internet, but thats ok because even with .20's if you dial in your scope you wont see much more then a 2 inch difference with your shots, unless its really windy. i dont however reccomend .12's. not only are they not the least bit accurate, but when fired from such a powerful gun they have a tendency to shatter on impact. so unless your friends like having shards of plastic in them, steer away from anything less then .20's.

pro's: very powerful, this thing packs a punch. once it it sighted in, it is accurate within a 1 inch radius usually. long range, this thing shot all the way down my lawn with pin point accuracy(thats over 100 yards).

cons: heavy, dont try running with this thing its about 15 pounds with its bipod and scope attached, you need to sit down and snipe with this thing. if your closer then 50 feet it can pierce skin, so have a secondary weapon for close encounters, your friends will thank you.
by Andrew S. on 2010-04-08 17:13:39
"Great gun! i have had this sniper and the add-on scope that comes with it for over a year and it has worked great for me. i am more of the sniper type and so i made a real working silencer for this and with a ghillie suit you have a deadly combo. i use .28s for this and with the hop up just right it shoots amazingly!!! the scope sits nice and high up so it is easy to get a crosshair fast. but if you are wearing a paintball mask that sticks out from your head it is difficult to see through the scope right. i had this gun on my back once and ran through a doorway and the barrel caught the doorframe, gun fell off my back, i picked it up and it was perfectly alright.
GOOD: accurate, relatively consistent, realistic weight, great scope (3-9x, can see well at dusk or even in the dark, amazing), durable
by Dimitri T. on 2010-02-03 12:46:54
"this sniper is one of the best buys i have ever done. Shoots amazing for an 80$ rifle. Very good for beginners and for those who are seasoned players, i would recommend this gun if you like to run up abit. Light enough to run fast with and accurate as can be.

Accurate at Short and Long Ranges
Long Barrel
In between light and heavy
Shoots nicely with .28s

After 50-60 shots you may need tighten the bolt up
Gets a bit heavy with a bipod
by Alec M. on 2010-01-31 10:07:21
"This is a very good gun I would recommend it. You shoud use .25g bbs in this gun because it tends to curve when using lighter. The scope with this gun is also very good and easy to use.

Easy to use
Looks nice
Awesome Scope

Hard to get clip in sometimes
Only holds 24 bb's (I bought extra clips)
Heavy (about 9 pounds)

Overall this is a very good cheap gun thats you should buy.
by nick b. on 2010-01-11 12:39:49
"I bought this gun a few days ago, and after setting the scope just right, this thing is so very accurate. I was expecting to be shooting post-it notes as a challenge, but with a railing for support, I can easily shoot lego mini-figs. As many other reviews said, sighting the scope in takes a while. the pellets seem to shoot upwards, so I would say focus on the upper knob first. Along with its amazing accuracy, it has power. I find it putting holes in highlighters and denting the hard plastic on legos. So,

Amazing power
Amazing accuracy
Not too bad price

A little rubber head on the normal/hop-up switch could have been nice
by Rich B. on 2010-01-06 17:16:10
"hi, i just bought this sniper and i love it! I just have one question, can i put in 500+ F.P.S. Power Upgrade Spring for AGM APS2 / Type96 TM / JG BAR-10 VSR-10 Series Sniper Rifle with out making any other upgrades on the wepon?
by 13 years of annoyance 9. on 2010-01-06 13:04:23
"This gun is as bad as it gets. For a gun that is only $78.99 this gun is awsome. i've only had it for 2 day and i like it a lot .What i like about it is the weight, feel, and the looks.I have only used this gun in 1 war and the thing i dislike is having a long war with it.
by Lancer A. on 2009-12-28 21:26:19
"So, About two months ago, i purchased this rifle. My first impression was, Very heavy. I was used to an extremely light little springer from Walmart. When i picked up this rifle, after assembling it, i said to myself "Wow, A very nice weight, Close to the real steel!" I loaded it with some .20's and gave it a try.

After a few shots, i knew that .20's were not for this gun. They curve up and around too much, there's just too much power. After loading it with .25's, i was in Airsoft Heaven. This gun shoots so straight, i could peg one of my friends in the Cpl. patch on his left arm from damn near 150 feet away. It still had enough power to make him yelp like a little girl.

I purchased a separate scope than the one suggestion as an option. in my opinion, i like my scopes to be down closer to the rifle bore for that sleek look and for sake of accuracy. Even with a scope a mile high up, this rifle could out-perform any other rifle on the field. It shoots a good solid FPS, and a deady accurate shot.

there were a few problems. After about a week of use, i needed to give it a tune up. (Lube, cleaning, The basic stuff) But after that, it was back to amazing quality and shooting like a champ. Another notable problem was the bolt. It feels perfect on the pull, and clicks into place nicely, but the end of it comes loose every few weeks or so, or with heavy use. This, however, is a very easy fix. Just take one of the hex nuts provided and tighten it back up!!

-Very good FPS
-Very rugged, a good solid build
-Accuracy is AMAZING with .25's
-It just looks intimidating, especially when looking down the business end.

-Needs regular maintenance, but what gun doesn't?
-Weight: Can be a little heavy for smaller players or those not used to it yet
-bolt comes loose every few weeks. _easy fix_
-Your friends may want to steal ir for a few rounds _:(
by Austin A. on 2009-11-25 16:11:41
"This is my first sniper and i have to say i couldnt be more pleased.

Visual appearence
great feel
pin point accuracy
awsome loading action
good weight/material
easy assembly
i could go on and on and on but lets keep it short.

well if you can find one i sure would like to know what it is.

I was lucky enough to have a scope sitting around that fit perfect but if you dont definetly get the upgrades for the money.

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