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AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: Black)

132 Customer Reviews

by noah s. on 01/12/2016
"Its an alright beginning sniper. It gets the job done but it does have its down sides.
Easy to assemble
Easy to carry
Accurate for the most part
Easy to use

cheek rest is uncomfortable and cheap
hop up isn't the best but it does the job
shots can be very sporadic meaning that most of the time it will go straight and some times it curves rapidly.
Plastic body (very durable though so could be a Pro)
Tends to jam A LOT. This could be due to loading too many BB's into the mag.

Id give it a 3.8/5
If the hop up was better and those very few sporadic shots didn't exist then it would be an easy 4.5/5
by Demetri M. on 12/08/2015
"I just got this gun in the mail today, the packaging did not look good quality, but the gun came in fine. It took 5 minutes to assemble, and was pretty straight forward. The gun is accurate with .28 gram bbs-.3 gram bbs. If you use less, it would probably be useless.
Good fps
Good range
Full metal barel

Cons- body is made out of plastic
Does not have a bibod rail, it has a part to attach special bipod a only.
by Jacob M. on 08/15/2015
"This is a very good option if you are a beginning airsoft sniper and want a reliable weapon right out-of the box and not hurt your wallet, I got this gun almost two years ago and it still works, but I did have to get two new mags due to them breaking and a new trigger box (vsr-10) but everything else is stock.

-Not too heavy
-About 430 FPS for me
-metal internals
-easy to disassemble
-Nice Hop up
-rubber butt plate
-Accurate with .28'S

-Cheek rest feels cheap
-don't like the bolt handle (preference and upgradable)
by Thomas L. on 09/18/2013
"fit and finish is good, and it seems to be made of durable materials. accurate enough to get the job done. if you are doing any work past about 200 feet (around 75 yards) you will need to start performing accuracy upgrades.

it does NOT like low weight bbs. thought .25 would be heavy enough, its not. get .30 or heavier for this rifle.

only complaint is with the scope add on package, the rings included are way too low, the cheek rest at its lowest position still isn't comfortable for looking through the scope, i have to press hard into my cheekbone. a new set of rings for about ten bucks will fix this, but i really shouldn't have to, considering its an "add on"

other than that, its an accurate target rifle.
by Dustin S. on 05/25/2013
"Probably the Best l96 for the price. Its of course a starter sniper rifle, and should be only used for outdoor scrimmages if its bone stock. But it has an amazing fps for the price. Mine shot around 460 brand new. after 2 years of usage, shoots around 420 so it actually has an amazing life. Will last a WHILE.

-Very comfortable.
-Not heavy, perfectly balanced weight.
-450 stock fps. ___SWEET for 85$
-Really really good range
-Accuracy is pretty nice for the price. USE HEAVIER THAN .25!! .25s are still not heavy enough. Use .30
-Long lasting rifle.
-Even though it is a starter rifle, this thing competes very very well against medium line AEGS and is probably the BEST starter bolt action on the market.

-In comparison to other starter Snipers, this gun doesn't really have any cons. The only problem I can think of is this things is GREASSSSY. The bolt is just a little too greasy. every now and then i find grease in the barrel. So clean this with a cleaning rod fairly often. Not much of a con but still should mention it.
by Michael R. on 04/13/2013
"I've had this rifle for about two years now. Just a few days ago its having a few problems. BBs started rolling out of the barrel. I can probably fix it easily enough, but just a bit of warning to anyone wanting to buy it. Also, you're going to need heavier BBs. .25s are still too light so you'll have to get something heavier still. With those heavier BBs, the accuracy and range is amazing. If you're looking for a lower budget starter rifle then this one is great.
by juan G. on 12/09/2010
"When i first got this gun, it was so cool. i ordered the scope and bipod, but the bipod didnt come. they ran out of stock on it. the scope was good and everything, but i couldent get it sighted in.
lets get to the gun

1. had good fps
2. was even cooler when i painted it cammo
3. i like the feel of holding it. it is very solid

1. its gets tireing carrying and holding it
2. it sometimes over feeds but i think that is my mag.
other then that its all good.


1. nice quality
2. good zoom

1. cold not sight it in
by Jay G. on 10/17/2010
"I give this sniper a 4 out of 5 beacause its a good gun but after a while things start 2 go wrong like the bolt and inside of stock.
But still a good buy who wants a starter sniper:)
by RYAN m. on 09/24/2010
"overall a decent gun but the bipod was a pain, a hammer, a nail, and a sore hand later and it finally came off, then u gotta put it back iiinnn, u gotta adjust the scope alot, those were the cons but in a game i got my hog tooth, shot an enemy sniper at 200 feet and asked to empty the chamber and got my hog tooth (i think that is what u call it). overall decent gun buy it now and 1 more con, my mag was broke because both things that stop bbs from gusshing out pushed out the mag
by jacob w. on 09/22/2010
"looks and sounds like it will preform well, but how's the range? Rather, what is the effective range??
by Jeremy A. on 03/08/2009
"Pretty awesome gun, my friend's brother got it and it's very powerful. My friend was pointing the gun at me between matches (with the safety off, idiot), and when I pushed the barrel away from me, the over-sensitive trigger was pulled, and the BB was shot out at high enough speed to kill the nerves in my finger with a glancing shot. :/

Great if you are careful with it, but it gets annoying if you don't push the bolt back all the way in, because it can turn the safety on. This is VERY unfortunate during VIP matches when you are in PERFECT view, and then miss your chance.

Overall, pretty good gun for the price.
by linda h. on 02/27/2009
"this is a great gun i got it for my b-day and am very pleased with it the bipod and scope are worth it (the bypod was ment to wobble a little) the olny bad parts are you sometimes have to mess with the clip a little to get it all the way in and the pin in the bypod is small and wants to fall out when you take it off but there is no way for it to fall off when you using it over it s a good gun if your thinking about getting it i would
by Bryan B. on 01/28/2009
"I bought this rifle here at evike and bought some ammo with it to up the carge to just over $100 for free shipping. The gun is great, but I think I may have messed mine up. At first, the bbs were curving off to the left as if the hop up was in sideways. But I think that was because I tried to clean it with a tissue before I used it... DUH. Anyway, it shoots amaizingly fast, and it really makes you feel cool to pull the bolt. I stuck a PVC pipe in the end of mine to have a mock silencer. It also extended the gun another foot and a half. ;) It has threading for a silencer, although the threads are on the INSIDE of the berrle. My friend told me there were 14mm clockwize.
by Jacob Y. on 01/01/2009
"Ok so ive had this gun for about 7 months. it is pretty nice. mine always seems to curve but it doesnt really matter cus i never really snipe from that far away. if you want to hit things from like 180 feet you really need to adjust the hopup and scope. Another this is that the little bolt on mine right on the blot comes loose and then i cannot shoot untill i tighten it. Ohh yah and geta better sling if ur like me and are gonna be climbing on roofs because the one that comes with this WILL BREAK.
by brady k. on 10/11/2008
"i got this gun and it has good range and good accuracy up close. moves a little when you move farther than 120 feet