Reviews: AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Black


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Model: SR-MP002B
Location: L5-044 V5-M6

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by Kevin X. on 2008-11-29 15:37:11
"I'm having trouble deciding between this gun and the Matrix TSD M700 Long Barrel Airsoft Sniper Rifle. A friend of mine bought this and I'm very impressed with it but the reviews on the other seems good too.
by Nick H. on 2008-11-25 13:39:08
"My friend has this sniper and I've used it, and it rocks, and I will be buying it as soon as I get the money, which will be soon, and I was wondering what spring this uses and where I can get it, I heard it was a laylax PSS96 spring, but I cant find it anywhere, please respond
by Robbie W. on 2008-11-20 01:10:51
"i have had this gun scince febuary and have not had one problem with it besides the bi-pod and the bolt handle being a little loose. the bolt handle can just be tightend with the allen keys that come with the gun though. as for the bi-pod i cannot figure out how to tighten it but its really not that much of a problem for me. but other then that this gun is great. amazing accuracy, durrability, FPS, and if you like the weight this has plenty of it. i would recommend carring a sidearm with it though because you dont want to be cought in CQB with it (trust me.) personaly i use .30's with this gun because even the .25's can go off target at around 150 ft. but with the .30's i hit my target at around 190-200 ft. i would deffinetly say this gun is worth buying but make sure you pay the extra $55 for the scope and bi-pod.
by Fang C. on 2008-11-17 12:54:17
"this gun is great but i need help getting the bi-pod tight because it is loose and get annoying sniping!

Pro:fps(about 450) .20 gram
scope is awesome
bolt action is smooth
awesome gun!
easy to put together

Con:the bi-pod moves
other than that its great
by Christopher Y. on 2008-11-17 11:09:31
"I got this sniper it is a amazing gun for its price and it shows pretty far. I suggest you get this gun. this also uses .12 gram bbs. Sometimes u have to screw with an al wrench. [the 2 al wrenchs comes with the gun.]
by Bradford M. on 2008-11-14 14:16:01
"can sumone do a pros and cons on dis gun??? thanks!
by Billy H. on 2008-11-12 13:56:52
"What bipods will work with this gun??????????????????????????????????????????????
by Laura W. on 2008-11-06 21:46:08
"Of course it didn't come with bipod or scope idiots. You have to get it customized right above the message thing. It says Upgrade: (Stock) and you can change stock to add scope; add scope and bipod; or just add bipod
by Dallin W. on 2008-11-06 11:46:21
"Scratch that, This AGM Type96 or the JG Bar-10, i had a lost train of thought
by Dallin W. on 2008-11-06 11:44:30
"Im trying to get a good sniper this christmas to use instead of a 40$ spring m14. But another choice im pounded with is the JG Bar-10. I need some advice on which one and fast. Send to
by Michael C. on 2008-11-02 20:01:38
"This is a great gun. It's only marked down because it did not come with a scope or a bi-pod.

It hits quite hard, at 500 fps with .20's. It's very accurate, as you would guess for a sniper rifle. It's comfortable, and feels right in your hands. Although it's a bit heavy, it's still a great gun.

It also comes with a rubber butt-pad, and a 30 round magazine.
by Finley O. on 2008-10-25 16:35:55
"To Josh,

no. just no man. you cannot use ANYTHING below .20g or else it shoots at about 600fps in the most inaccurate flight pattern known to man.
BUT it is one of my favorite guns, and i kick major @ss with it and use my galaxy as a sidearm (uber combo)
the only problem is that even .20 has to be used at short range because at 500fps things go off target and wind is a big factor
if you want good results you will buy high grade .28 and toy with your hop-up until you can easily nail a target at 200ft
it also is an amazing choice to use a red dot scope instead of a x4 because it is a pain to re-zero the scope every game.
definitely a must have

(i had a misorder so i received two guns and one of my favorite things to do is to load .20, cock each gun 3 times, scream like a mofo, and charge your enemy like a crack addict while nailing em with 6 400fps shots. do it.)

Displaying 85 to 96 (of 125 reviews)

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