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AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle)

132 Customer Reviews

by Nick S. on 09/27/2008
"HI, I am thinking about getting a sniper as my first gun and I was wondering fo get this one with the scope and BiPod package or the UTG one from the following website
Or if you suggest any other beginner snipers with good accuracy. Thank You
by Jason B. on 09/14/2008
"Michael... the rifle is heavy... about ten pounds. If you have some muscles, you should be fine. I don't use a strap, and the one it comes with is garbage. This is louder than a standard spring pistol or rifle. It sounds like a .177 pellet rifle to me.
by CJ E. on 09/13/2008
"It gets more like 450 FPS with .20g and 390 with .25g's. Use .2's - more accuracy and speed. For the casual sniper, I recommend this rifle highly. For someone who wants a sniper rifle with a ton of potential, get the JG or Matrix VSR10.
by Jeffery J. on 08/31/2008
"I got this got in about 2 weeks ago and I love it. The sope and bi-pod are excellent additions to this sniper rifle and for an excellent price. The gun is really accurate, but not as cosistent as I would have liked. But, then again, that could be because of a number of things (quality of bbs, wind, etc). I personally think the bolt action is just plain fun. The gun is pretty hefty too; gives it that realistic feel. Once I upgrade this, this, I feel, is going to be a beast. Excellent sniper rifle. I recommend!!!
by hendrix K. on 07/24/2008
"For those that really want to know the difference between this and the shadow op here it is:

The AGM is a Tokyo Marui system. (VSR-10)
The WELL (shadow op) is using a Maruzen system.

So it really depends on what type of upgrade work you are planning on doing. Marui parts might be a bit easier to find than maruzen.

Other than that, they both fit bipod, scope for that complete sniper look and they both shoot around 500 fps out of the box for a really really low price. You will only understand what i mean if you spent $1000 on a custom sniper that shoots 500 fps from Marui or Maruzen.
by Dimitri T. on 07/21/2008
"this is a gun to buy. You want power? It has it. You want accuracy with the scope? It has it! (you just have to zero it in =0). It comes with everything you need for a nice starter sniper at only a coast of 80 bucks =). You don't even have to upgrade it, its perfect the way it is. I recommend this sniper to any person who wants to start out for sniping.
by scotty d. on 07/17/2008
"great gun for a great price i like this one beter than the wells version because its cheaper and parts on the one are more convenient
by Johnny S. on 07/13/2008
"It is a pretty durable gun. And from the reviews of the others it seems consistent so its not like I got a golden sample. There is really nothing to complain about this. Was envy of my friend's marushin APS but now I laugh at him for spending over 500 to upgrade it to shoot like mine and he doesn't even have a bipod and scope. This price is ridiculous for this great gun!
by joshua b. on 07/12/2008
"you see i have been shooting airsoft guns for 5 years now and i just want to know if this gun durable because i dont want to spend a 133 dollars on this gun with the scope and bipod if its going to break easily
by Matthew C. on 07/02/2008
"Wow, this gun is amazing! Cheap, powerful, and very efective. Get this gun!!!
by mike g. on 07/01/2008
"could this be used in woods because iv alwaysed used portable sniper rifels like semi auto type cuz i want to get this for a kid and hes more of the stay put type so i just need to no if we ever get stuck in the woods if this would be a good gun so if a pro or somone could rite back that would be nice thanx!
by jim d. on 06/28/2008
"this is the best rifle on here. no doubt. if you can get a sniper with a speed of 500 fps that is amazing! this is a mus buy gun. i totally recomend it.
by Shelly R. on 06/21/2008
"AMAZING GUN!!!!!!! Most accurate, powerful sniper Iíve ever used! A Must have gun. My only complaints are: The bolt-action is very hard to pull. The bolt-action often comes loose but you just have to screw it back in (easy). Also the hooks on the sling that came with it bent and broke because of the gun's weight but that wasn't a surprise. Overall great gun. Good for wars and target shooting. Great for intermediate players.
by Steve F. on 05/30/2008
"I got this gun for my birthday, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The strap that was included had one of the hooks bend out of place from the weight, but I didn't really expect much of it, I usually use my own straps (right now I'm using a guitar strap with some zip-ties). The accuracy is spot on at 50ft, and doesn't change much until about 100ft I would say. I got quite a few head shots from at least 75ft away, something I could NEVER do with my other guns. My one complaint is that the bolt sometimes comes loose. I'm not sure what causes it, because when I was sitting down and shooting at targets, it came loose, but when I started to play a couple games (put at least 100 rounds through it), the bolt didn't loosen at all. Its not a big deal though, its a rather easy fix. Great buy!
by Jason V. on 01/19/2017
"Great gun but these reviews hardly touch on the cons.

Gun can be widely inaccurate if certain factors are ignored.

Only load .25g rounds or higher, .28 is perfect.

Gun jams a lot. A LOT.

Tighten the bolts on assembly. Make sure all parts are aligned and tightened. Do not load magazines to full capacity. I recommend buying 3 and loading them each 3 quarters of the way.

Putting in new magazines sucks as they won't always go right in. You have to insert them at a certain angle and if done incorrectly the magazine can unload during this process.

Buy the gun. Work with it on the feild often and fix problems as they come. This gun is an investment, treat it as such.