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Model: SR-MP002B
Location: L5-044 V5-M6

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by RYAN m. on 2010-09-24 18:32:12
"overall a decent gun but the bipod was a pain, a hammer, a nail, and a sore hand later and it finally came off, then u gotta put it back iiinnn, u gotta adjust the scope alot, those were the cons but in a game i got my hog tooth, shot an enemy sniper at 200 feet and asked to empty the chamber and got my hog tooth (i think that is what u call it). overall decent gun buy it now and 1 more con, my mag was broke because both things that stop bbs from gusshing out pushed out the mag
by jacob w. on 2010-09-22 14:13:32
"looks and sounds like it will preform well, but how's the range? Rather, what is the effective range??
by Bonnie G. on 2010-09-22 13:38:37
"Yes this gun can take .12 gram bbs. They work great with my gun.
by dj s. on 2010-09-21 16:52:17
"this gun is 1 of the best snipers i had ever seen be4 it fuking cool...+ it shoots hard as fuk...cant wait 2 shoot somone...hahahahahahahahahahahaha
by Logan B. on 2010-09-19 15:24:41
"macaroni and cheese is good EAT IT Atually i dont own this gun i just want u to go eat some mac and cheese
by Connor L. on 2010-09-18 15:30:27
"This gun is AWSOME!!!!! Got it a couple of days and owned the crap out of the box it came in :D. Get the Bipod and scope, because the gun is sorta heavy, so you wont have good accuracy with out the bipod, and I assure you the scope on the gun in very accurate, reliable, and easy to put on the gun. I have one question though, (for the webmaster or anyone else who can answer this) can this gun take .12 gram bb's because i have a lot of them for my pistol that I also got off of evike, and I just ran out of .20 gram bb's. Excellent gun and it's VERY realistic to the real L96 sniper rifle in which it was modled after. Thanks evike for the wonderful guns, they ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
by Ryan A. on 2010-09-17 12:23:14
"were can i get a nice but cheap scope for this gun?????
by Justin U. on 2010-08-18 19:31:25
"I recently got the rifle I am have been searching for a sniper for a while now I am a huge fan of the L-96 series. First I have to complement Evike on the rapid delivery, I ordered it after noon on Tuesday the next morning I am woken up by the UPS truck with my rifle and this is 9:00 am I was fairly surprised. naturally I assembled the thing and began to shoot at random objects over my wall several houses down it was fairly accurate could be better though. Add a tight bore and heavier bb's and you should be shooting flies off of walls from about 75 feet and hitting man sized targets from 150 feet without trouble.

As for the internals of the gun, they are extremely simple and to the point anyone should be able to take it apart for any purpose they need. The hop up unit can be modified to accommodate a AEG barrel if you know what you are doing which is a huge advantage because you can get AEG 6.01 barrels for cheaper and they are much easier to find cant spring upgrades. The rifle is shooting fairly hot I personally don't see the 500+ FPS upgrade being needed at all (except for being plain cruel to the opposing team) I look forward to modifying it because after I am done I foresee it becoming just as good as any Systema or Maruzen. The can be put up to any name brand and hold its own AGM and JG did a fantastic job creating this clone.

High FPS
Good accuracy(especially for being stock)
Easy to modify
Simple to assemble and disassemble for repairs or cleaning
Unlike the UTG you don't need to disassemble it for the purpose of removing the excess grease
Heavy (I don't care what you say it is a pro not a con unless you are under age thirteen) real guns are not only three pounds, some air soft players seem to whine unless it is under five pounds, no offense I can understand if you are a younger player.

Double to triple feeding if you cock and tilt the gun the wrong way (but you shouldnt be doing it in the way that this happens anyway, I was being stupid lol)
Mags are not metal (I think I will get over it)
It seems empty when you don't have a bi pod

When assembling the gun make sure the two bolts that hold the barrel assembly to the body are tight if not this can cause miss feeding as well but as can be seen is easily solved.
by Robert M. on 2010-06-12 08:45:48
"This is a great gun, I got this close to a year ago and it still works great. I also got the scope and bipod upgrade which is really worth it. This is a very accurate gun and once you figure out how to sight it it won't let you down. If your thinking about buying your first sniper rifle I would definitley reccomend this one. This was my first sniper rifle and I'm very pleased with it. This gun is very powerful and it hurts if you get shot by it. The quality of this gun for such a low price is amazing. If this is your first sniper rifle i would HIGLY recomend getting the upgrade, it's not too much more expensive but it really adds to this gun
by andrew m. on 2010-06-01 15:10:20
"this gun is amazing
it comes close to some of the more expensive guns
for the price and quality its outstanding
by Justin k. on 2010-05-31 14:14:53
"This is a great gun. If you don't have the money for a UTG L96 than get this one.
It is easy to cock and has good accuracy with .25 and .28. DON'T GET .20 OR .23, .25 IS THE LIGHTEST YOU WANT OT GO.
1. great power
2. great range
3. good accuracy

1. After awhile gets heavy but i took out 1 weight out in the rubber but
2. The mag sometimes loads all BB's in gun but stops after once you use it alot (took 3 games, 7 hours each)

by kc c. on 2010-05-30 12:13:00
"this gun shoots up to 500 fps with a .20 gram bb. if you dont speak airsoft that means its really fast. i use .20 because .28 are hard to come by unless you order them off the internet, but thats ok because even with .20's if you dial in your scope you wont see much more then a 2 inch difference with your shots, unless its really windy. i dont however reccomend .12's. not only are they not the least bit accurate, but when fired from such a powerful gun they have a tendency to shatter on impact. so unless your friends like having shards of plastic in them, steer away from anything less then .20's.

pro's: very powerful, this thing packs a punch. once it it sighted in, it is accurate within a 1 inch radius usually. long range, this thing shot all the way down my lawn with pin point accuracy(thats over 100 yards).

cons: heavy, dont try running with this thing its about 15 pounds with its bipod and scope attached, you need to sit down and snipe with this thing. if your closer then 50 feet it can pierce skin, so have a secondary weapon for close encounters, your friends will thank you.

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 125 reviews)

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