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New Gen. Dboy Full Metal M4 CQB-R Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock

28 Customer Reviews

by Andy H. on 08/27/2008
"The AEG itself does not have battery life. The free battery that come with it is a 1500mah i believe so its around 1500 rounds. I would get a 3000 that will last you forever.

This is a great gun. Buy it if you want a full metal M4 under $200, Boyi are the only full metal M4 under $200 and it shoots just like a classic army!

Or, save up a bit more and get a G&G! Those are nice! Try firing them and you can see the difference in performance.
by Adam L. on 07/29/2008
"i own this gun myself and i have no complaints. never jams, shoots fast. i empty high cap mags in no time. Anyone who has been shot by my gun was either bruised or bleeding (: Im not to sure on range sorry but no one will dare come near you. Just a fact for anyone the compensator on the front has an anti-clockwise threading i found out the bad way.
by clay c. on 07/23/2008
"hey jw im a spotter for my friend who is a sniper and i was wondering what te range and accuracy this thing could hit at is
by Sniper A. on 07/17/2008
"The sight is very accurate on this gun. Buy a red dot if you will be wearing a full face mask or doing some CQB, the sight might be too low profile for most people to use with a goggle on. Generally speaking, a red dot sights in your target quicker and looks cool on your AEG.
by justin d. on 07/06/2008
"Great gun. First of all, the gun is full metal, external and internal parts including the metal gearbox. This means little chance of your weapon being damaged due to carelessness or whatever. Second, the FPS and accuracy are amazing straight out of the box. I had it chrono'd a few weeks ago, and it was shooting between 350-370 fps. The only problem that I have had is that the ejection port cover snaped off, but that was most likely due to mishandleing of the weapon. I would reccomend buying a few high cap mags for this beast, and you wont be dissapointed.
by sharon d. on 05/28/2008
"ABSOLUTELY GREAT! i purchased this gun and now use it as my heavy assault weapon, their is nothing wrong about this rifle, it is fast, extremely reliable, and veryaccurate
by joshua s. on 03/11/2009
"Ok this was my first pro aeg and heres what i have to say. its a great deal for the gun and will keep people who like full metals happy when you first get it. has a oh yeah feel when you first pick it up and a good gun

Pros: full metal, large crane stock, longer barrel attachment

Cons: crane stock wiring looked like a hamster went though them but still work, hop up, barrel and gearbox looked liked they came fromthe scrap yard (didnt look new), not accurate out of the box

Overall: great gun for people who want a full metal with a low budget but, longer barrel needed, bigger battery needed and a red dot too couldnt aim for shit with the iron sights and hop up all the way up. mine has a GL red dot and longer barrel but i am upgrading to a AGM 614 worth $10 more dollars but i think it will be better.
by Colton M. on 07/09/2008
"Well i bought it a few years back. EXCELENT! Just DO NOT TAKE IT APART UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!! My lil bro took it apart and broke the charging handle. Dust cover broke on its own, but easy fix.
by david i. on 06/13/2008
"I just got the gun last week it shoot great the only problem I had with it was my battery came with a wire detached and I had fix it back on.....but in all the gun was great :)
by billy s. on 02/18/2009
"This gun is a good gun, I personally use it as my primary. But I dont play inside I play field, so if you play out doors like I do you are going to want to put a new spring in it since it is only 320 fps with .20 bbs stock, I put a m110 madbull spring in it and now it is getting around 365 fps with .20 bbs.
But over all it is a good gun
by Bill C. on 11/21/2008
"Great gun. I wish I would have gotten mine from Evike. Instead I went through airsoft megastore on ebay. There service is horrible, plus I was sold a broken used gun, as new. They should change there store name to airsoft megacrap.
As far as the gun is concerned, the extrerior is great. The fake bolt release is more of a cow bell, so it needs something to make it quit moving and making so much noise. Some locktight, or a small amount of JB weld will work. The battery that came with mine, while plugged into the gun, would get seriously hot. Hot enough that it finally got to the exploding point. I didn't overcharge it either, just a crappy battery. Other then that, it shoots great, very accurate to about 140ft. The high caps that come with it suck. They barely feed. At least they wont in mine, but then again my gun came in poor condition from the start. Lesson learned here, don't deal with anyone else but EVIKE, and EVIKE only!!!! Clifford at Evike is awesome to deal with. I would also recommend having a tech at Evike clean out the gear box, mine was full of metal shards and grease, some chunks of metal, one of which got stuck in the gears. With a little TLC, it's a great weapon.
For anyone wanting a versatile weapon, compact, hard hitting, accurate, well priced for the quality and is fully upgradeable, you wont be disappointed in this AEG. Have a good one everyone, I hope this helped.
by Tyler G. on 11/08/2008
"I am probably going to buy this gun, but i dont know which size battery to get. ???
by Jon F. on 10/27/2008
"please recomend one a SAW or this gun with a gas pistol..........please comment back