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Model: AEG-BI-M4-3981

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by Brandon R. on 2015-04-09 04:38:24
"Alright, so I bought this gun basically as a throw away when all my primary guns were down and I had an event to go to. I really didn't expect much out of it, but needed something cheap and fast. I purchased it with a 400mm 6.03 Evike custom barrel, a mock suppressor and a Maple Leaf 70 degree bucking.

To my surprise, after some slight modifications, the gun actually shoots pretty good. It has been more reliable than my primary guns which cost in excess of 2x the price. When I received the gun, two things caught my attention as "not so good." First, the rail was backwards and a little wobbly. Second, the hopup adjuster was terribly loose. It was near impossible to adjust and keep it there.

Out of the box, the range was maybe 80-100' with the stock barrel/bucking. I threw on the 400mm tbb, put in the Maple Leaf and had my tech throw a rubber o ring under the adjuster to tighten it a bit. The range definitely improved to well over 130'+. The FPS is a little bit low when using .25's - .28's. The bb gets out there, but it takes it a bit.

I took out the gear box just to inspect it and it definitely has a weak spring and a crappy nozzle. So far though, the gear box hasn't failed a single time. Not even a jam. It does sound pretty rough though. a re-shim and re-grease would definitely be recommended pretty quick.

I used the gun at a small op at DV8 in Florida and it performed pretty good. I didn't really have massive range and with the low FPS, the bbs wouldn't punch too well through light brush, but it held it's own. The only issue I ran into was the lower piece of the rail actually fell off. I easily fixed this by zip tying the rail. Problem solved. Also, the rear butt plate fell off somewhere, never to be found.

All in all, I have been pleasantly surprised by this gun. The quality of the externals and feel of the metal body is great. So much so that I honestly may upgrade the hell out of it and make it my primary over my BO LT595.


Solid metal body
So far it's been pretty darn reliable
With some slight upgrades (barrel, bucking) it actually performs decent

Hop up may need a little modifications to stay true
wobbly rail (I just put zip ties around it)
by Christian C. on 2015-01-03 23:37:52
"*This is a review for both the new gen d-boys and the clot licensed gun due to the fact that I ordered the D-Boys version and got the Colt version.*

I am in no way affiliated with Evike.

I have had this gun for quite a while and haven't written a review on it yet so I figured why not give it a go. First of all I'll go over the assembly. Everything on this gun other than the transitioning part of the stock, the grip, and the front sight is completely metal, including the internals. The only thing I noticed that bothered me when holding the gun is that the outer barrel slightly wobbles (about 1/16th of an inch). Although this DOES NOT effect the shot of the gun at all, it took me some getting used to. Upon firing the gun I found it to be a very smooth feeling shot. However I found another slight flaw with my gun while shooting it. The gun shot slightly to the left. Although this had almost zero effect on the accuracy of the gun, and may just be a problem with my model, it made it almost impossible to use sights for the gun. However, sights are somewhat impractical for airsoft anyway unless you are buying a sniper. The only other thing that I can think of while airsofting that you may need to consider if you are a younger or smaller player is that this gun is heavy. Before you buy this gun make sure that you are okay running around with something as heavy as a real firearm. I play out in the cold weather with this gun (I bought a 9.6 volt battery for it as well and have played in games down to 15 degrees. I have never had a problem in the cold weather. Even when other airsofters guns are going dead, this still shoots like a freshly charged weapon. I'm not sure if its the battery listed above, or that this consumes so little power without effecting the shot. I feel like in this review I have bashed this gun a lot but these are the only flaws in it and I cannot stress enough how much I love this gun. It has great range, an incredible fire rate, and just the smoothest feeling shot out of any airsoft gun I have ever fired. My brother has a $170 D-Boys gun from evike ( and although it shoots just as far and as accurate as mine, it dosen't have the same smooth feeling that this gun has. I don't think there is a better gun on the market for this price.

Great smooth feeling to the shot
Fast firing rate
Battery efficient
Decent Range
Full Metal (has survived more than a few drops)
Lots of Rail Space

Outer barrel slightly wobbly
Shoots slightly to the left

In Conclusion, I would more than recommend this gun. you are definitely getting your moneys worth.
by Jack D. on 2010-05-01 08:26:25
"This was my first AEG and i am extremlly impressed. Its all metal except for the Stock, Pistol Grip, and rail guards. I think Mine is shooting low average Fps but im planning on changing that. I got it from airsoft megastore who gave me a battry that didnt work. So i emailed them and 2 weeks later i got a reply that said "OK". So i had to buy a new battery. Im gonna stick wih evike from now on. So this is an amazing gun.
by joshua s. on 2009-03-11 21:39:06
"Ok this was my first pro aeg and heres what i have to say. its a great deal for the gun and will keep people who like full metals happy when you first get it. has a oh yeah feel when you first pick it up and a good gun

Pros: full metal, large crane stock, longer barrel attachment

Cons: crane stock wiring looked like a hamster went though them but still work, hop up, barrel and gearbox looked liked they came fromthe scrap yard (didnt look new), not accurate out of the box

Overall: great gun for people who want a full metal with a low budget but, longer barrel needed, bigger battery needed and a red dot too couldnt aim for shit with the iron sights and hop up all the way up. mine has a GL red dot and longer barrel but i am upgrading to a AGM 614 worth $10 more dollars but i think it will be better.
by billy s. on 2009-02-18 10:07:17
"This gun is a good gun, I personally use it as my primary. But I dont play inside I play field, so if you play out doors like I do you are going to want to put a new spring in it since it is only 320 fps with .20 bbs stock, I put a m110 madbull spring in it and now it is getting around 365 fps with .20 bbs.
But over all it is a good gun
by Joey P. on 2009-02-13 01:57:43
"I have the Bi-3681 model.
M4a1 Full Metal.
Both of the rifles are solid and hard shooting. I chronoed mine at local paintball field at consistent 380

the reason the dboys mags dont feed well is the fact that they wobble. if you tape along the inside of the magwell, it'll reduce the play and feed efficiently. G&P, STAR, MAG, and Dboys all work fine.

ive tried JG and A&K mags - they dont work well.
Dboys produces OEM
75 rd Mid caps, 190rds short mags, Waffle Type Hi-caps, etc.
that will work flawlessly with the BIM series M4's.
by Brian J. on 2009-02-03 17:23:20
"Great gun, did not buy from here, got it from a Hong Kong dealer (regreting that now).
To answer Tom P. No the UMG gear box is a version 3 gear box, not compatible with the M4 which is a version 2 gear box.
by tom p. on 2008-12-05 14:47:03
"Great Gun. Looks as good at it preforms (if you think it looks good). I have had many guns, Like a G&G UMG and i like how it is compact. Still, after being through a lot of experience with airsoft, i still don't know how to take my gun apart...... Does anyone know if i could take the gearbox out of my G&G and put it in this M4. Please Help.......................
by Bill C. on 2008-11-21 18:15:12
"Great gun. I wish I would have gotten mine from Evike. Instead I went through airsoft megastore on ebay. There service is horrible, plus I was sold a broken used gun, as new. They should change there store name to airsoft megacrap.
As far as the gun is concerned, the extrerior is great. The fake bolt release is more of a cow bell, so it needs something to make it quit moving and making so much noise. Some locktight, or a small amount of JB weld will work. The battery that came with mine, while plugged into the gun, would get seriously hot. Hot enough that it finally got to the exploding point. I didn't overcharge it either, just a crappy battery. Other then that, it shoots great, very accurate to about 140ft. The high caps that come with it suck. They barely feed. At least they wont in mine, but then again my gun came in poor condition from the start. Lesson learned here, don't deal with anyone else but EVIKE, and EVIKE only!!!! Clifford at Evike is awesome to deal with. I would also recommend having a tech at Evike clean out the gear box, mine was full of metal shards and grease, some chunks of metal, one of which got stuck in the gears. With a little TLC, it's a great weapon.
For anyone wanting a versatile weapon, compact, hard hitting, accurate, well priced for the quality and is fully upgradeable, you wont be disappointed in this AEG. Have a good one everyone, I hope this helped.
by kyle s. on 2008-11-17 15:48:20
"Dude your smart if you at least read the information about the gun you will read "comes with sling and battery"
by Kris O. on 2008-11-10 01:30:59
"The gun come with a battery. It use a crane stock type battery. Since it is the DBOY type crane stock, it will fit pretty much all the crane stock batteries.
by Tyler G. on 2008-11-08 19:39:26
"I am probably going to buy this gun, but i dont know which size battery to get. ???

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