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Model: AEG-BI-M4-3981

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by Jon F. on 2008-11-07 05:08:47
"this gun is great.......... for the 2 days of just shooting around its awsome
....hurts like hell
by Jason Z. on 2008-10-27 14:58:10
"Please use the review systems for reviews only. Nothing more annoying that being bombarded with questions when you just want to know how something performs. Questions can be answered in the forums. With that said... I can't recommend a SAW or m4 over the other because I don't know what kind of intentions you have while using either of these items. If you want to provide support fire then you probably want to go with the SAW since it has a box mag. Keep in mind that it gets tiring to haul around a monster of a gun so it would be a little difficult to manuever (good exercise though ^^) If you want to be mobile and somewhat in the action then you probably won't to go with the m4.
by Jon F. on 2008-10-27 05:12:16
"please recomend one a SAW or this gun with a gas pistol..........please comment back
by ERICK G. on 2008-10-26 15:01:35
"I got this gun a little more than a month ago and i used it 3 times and it works great!!! Its durable i droped it several times on the field and it stills shoots great. Everything except the stock and the rail covers are metal. After playing with the hopup mine is shooting at about 415 FPS with 20g bbs. I really recommend this gun.
by refraef a. on 2008-10-23 23:22:06
"What is the barrel length
anf what are the size of the bushings, are they metal?
by Zach M. on 2008-10-11 22:04:02
"I got this gun in about a week ago and I'm definitely impressed. I'm in the military and carry a real M4 myself so finding something that felt and weighed the same as my real one was a must and this gun is about as realistic as you can get without firing real 5.56 rounds. It's a great price that really can't be beat. Well worth the money (and then some).
by Thomas P. on 2008-10-03 18:25:28
"Just got this gun yesterday. I do have to say, that for the price, I was quite impressed. The hop up bucking definately needs to be replaced, but over all this is a good value for the money.

@ Daniel Yori:

YES, this gun comes with a barrel extention. It's nothing special, but it will make the barrel look like a regular length M4 barrel.
by Raymond O. on 2008-09-05 16:01:39
"This gun is amazing! I just used it in an airsoft tournament, and it was absolutley outstanding. I would rccomend this gun for anyone who like's a small assult rifle that packs a punch.
by Andy H. on 2008-08-27 03:02:41
"The AEG itself does not have battery life. The free battery that come with it is a 1500mah i believe so its around 1500 rounds. I would get a 3000 that will last you forever.

This is a great gun. Buy it if you want a full metal M4 under $200, Boyi are the only full metal M4 under $200 and it shoots just like a classic army!

Or, save up a bit more and get a G&G! Those are nice! Try firing them and you can see the difference in performance.
by Adam L. on 2008-07-29 12:52:54
"i own this gun myself and i have no complaints. never jams, shoots fast. i empty high cap mags in no time. Anyone who has been shot by my gun was either bruised or bleeding (: Im not to sure on range sorry but no one will dare come near you. Just a fact for anyone the compensator on the front has an anti-clockwise threading i found out the bad way.
by clay c. on 2008-07-23 18:04:51
"hey jw im a spotter for my friend who is a sniper and i was wondering what te range and accuracy this thing could hit at is
by Sniper A. on 2008-07-17 03:04:45
"The sight is very accurate on this gun. Buy a red dot if you will be wearing a full face mask or doing some CQB, the sight might be too low profile for most people to use with a goggle on. Generally speaking, a red dot sights in your target quicker and looks cool on your AEG.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 28 reviews)

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