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Avengers Full Metal M4 CQB-SD RIS Airsoft AEG w/ Crane Stock (Model: Black)

64 Customer Reviews

by Peter C. on 12/29/2017
"I purchased this rifle at the very last minute for my son for Christmas. I honestly had my fingers crossed when I ordered cause I never purchased from this rifle manufacturer. I have to say my son and I were extremely pleased with the rifle. I have more then a few gbb rifles and hand guns that are almost 3x more then what I paid for this rifle. I can honestly say this rifle holds its own with any from my collection. Its well made with great weight and realism. Fires super smooth,fast and hard. I would recommend this rifle hands down for the money you spend you canít beat it. The only thing negative I could say is that it doesnít come with front/rear sights. No biggie though for the price you could order sights and still be getting a great deal for your money.
by Jack K. on 08/05/2017
"Used this rifle once so far in a war. Extremely happy with the way it performed. Very accurate, I'd say more so than the listed 120 feet. After a bit of fine tuning the sight, it was superb. Shoots a good cluster from pretty far out. Feels really nice. After shooting an AR-15, this gun feels almost exactly like a real gun, legit weight, sturdy build. I dropped it once on a street and was pleased to find no distinguishable marks. Definitely fully metal exterior, I'm pretty sure the butt stock and hand guard are the only polymer parts. The slide lock though on mine doesn't do anything except flop around, a little bit annoying, but it doesn't affect the way the gun shoots. Mine came with an 8.4 v, 1100 mAh battery and charger even though evike says it doesn't. I had already bought a 9.4 v, didn't even have to use the 8.4. Would recommend buying a 9.4 v 1600 mAh battery though. Mine lasted all day. In summery, very great gun, best AEG I've ever owned, well worth the $150.

Pretty good rate of fire
Very sturdy build, sturdy upper, lower, barrel and stock
Very realistic weight,
Amazing accuracy
Very nice fps
Decently loud when the trigger is pulled
Decent iron sights
Comes with 2 350 round magazines, metal as well, no issues

Ineffective slide lock, would be really cool if it did something
You're still reading this review, and not pressing "Submit Order"
by Will C. on 07/26/2017
"First off from what i can tell right out of box this gun is absolutely amazing.
It has a super high quality durable metal body and the parts that are polymer (hand guard stock and grip) are also super solid. This gun feels really nice and realistic in the hands and looks sexy.
Now time for more specifics:
Great quality
Looks amazing
Reliable internals
Amazing ROF
Great fps
Looks sleek and sexy
Automatic spring detention
Orange tip threads off by hand
Great range and accuracy
Sometimes trigger can be a tiny bit stiff but not when you have a battery in so it doesn't really matter
Heavy(I find it realistic and nice but I m planning on buying a sling because it is kind of heavy)

So as you can see there are very few cons and they aren't really even cons at all.
All in all this gun easily feels performs and looks like a $300+ gun, and I dont know why its such a great price(but Im not complaining!)

by Jeffrey C. on 07/19/2017
"Just an update on my previous review. I shot the panther today and it is very satisfying.
It has a nice rate of fire and the fps is pretty impressive. I used .20 ammo.
I would say it's fps is around 420ish with .20 grams. Never use those cheap .12 bbs.
This impresses me as a very sturdy and well-built piece. I love it!
Squirrels, be ware!!
by Jeffrey C. on 07/18/2017
"I just received this gun today (7-18-17). It seems very sturdy. A beautiful piece to look at and hold......therapy!! There is an 8.4 battery and cheap charger included. I went ahead and got the recommended 9.6 small type and smart charger. (a nice gun needs nice accessories)
It comes with two hi-cap magazines. I haven't shot it yet, but I like it already.
All the reviews that I've seen online give it a very good rating. For the price, what are you waiting for?!? Why are you still reading this?
Quit wasting time and add this baby to your shopping cart!!!!
by Ace G. on 01/07/2017
"This is a great gun straight out the box and it's very comfortable except the trigger guard will irate your finger if your not wearing gloves but oth that that it's amazing!
by John L. on 12/03/2016
"I got this gun about a month ago and I have had no problems with it. It has never jammed and runs very smoothly. I would highly recommend this gun to any player. This was my first gun and I can see me using it for many more years in the future.
by Angel C. on 11/03/2016
"I am just starting out in the sport and I saw this when it was on sale for 139 and couldn't pass on it. Well all I can say is this rifle was the best introduction to the sport because it's BA, so BA I bought another one for my son for Xmas. Glad I did because it came in today and I noticed the price has jumped up to 195 which is still a great price.
by Barrett L. on 08/09/2016
"This is the first AEG I ever bought, and let me tell you, it's one of the best. I've never had a missfire, not once of all the 30,000 rounds shot through this. This thing shoots beautifully at around 340 fps with .25's. The hop-up is pretty good and easy to adjust, though it's not metal. The upper and lower receivers are fully metal and have amazing build quality.

I did actually end up getting Marine Core markings on my gun rather than Navy Seal markings, though I actually like them better.

Fast ROF with 9.6v
Great Build Quality
Great Iron Sights
Crane Stock
Excellent Range
Insanely Accurate
Functioning Bolt Catch
Never Missfeeds
Spring Resets whenever you put the gun on saftey

No Rails on hanguard
The mag that comes with the gun isn't all that great
Can be a bit heavy without sling (can be a pro)

All in all an amazing gun and worth the investment.
by Adam M. on 03/17/2016
"I got this gun about a year ago when it first came out so i only paid $150 and this is by far the best gun I've ever had for under $300. its outperformed any m4 I've had and is a beast on the field. it has a great rate of fire and is I love the weight and balance. it can start to feel heavy on my shoulders after a couple hours but that's nothing serious. My only problem was the spread of the bb's. the gun is accurate but I play mostly outdoors so the accuracy was a little less consistent. I was very easily able to change the inner barrel for the gun in 10 minutes and it now shoots harder farther and more accurately. I would very highly recommend this gun to anyone.
by CJ k. on 08/29/2015
"This is the best airsoft aeg I have ever owned...EVER...

very solid; sturdy
insane rpm with 11.1 lipo battery
shoot amazingly straight
feels very comfortable in the hand
full metal


this gun sells for a great price and every m4 lover should have one.
WE-Tech is starting to do really well with their M4s Thanks for this great buy
by Jeffrey W. on 09/29/2014
"I highly recommend this gun to a beginner all the way to a tournament player . We typically airsoft in canyons or on hills with 16+ and this gun kept up with all the G&G weapons that were being used that day. great range and also close quarters weapon ( depending on your strength )

nice FPS
Fast rate of fire
solid feel in hand
very durable
the mag it comes with is terrible ( just order a high quality mag ) the mag it comes with is cheap and has a hard time with circulation of bbs.
finish comes off when used hard ( could careless on outer look)
all and all a great gun
by matthew w. on 09/28/2014
"This was my first AEG in 3 years and I'm impressed, WE has made a good impression on me.

I've put a few parts internally and externally:
AIM "Real Steel RIS Free Float Mid Length
M4 Type Red Dot Sight ( G&P )
Matrix 155mm silencer
Prometheus 430mm inner barrel
Swiss cheese piston
Re shimmed
corrected AOE
Magpul Angled fore grip
Gate MERF Mosfet
RE wired to deans
stock this thing shot great Solid performance at 150ft,
After upgrades 250ft shots were very possible on full auto
Crane stock
working bolt release
spring de tension system
comes with sling attachment points
Great RPS out of the box
Great quality metal
My G&P mid caps fit and feed great

The sling point on the buffer tube wobbles if not tightened securely
Paint was coming off on places of heavy usage ( expected )
Tamiya connector

Overall this gun is a complete STEAL for the price, I'd recommend this over a combat machine if you want a full metal gun in the same price range with a great RPS. I would recommend this for any beginner as well as a project gun for a tech such as myself.

P.s. I've owned this gun for a good 5 months and have put 20K rounds through it.
by Nick A. on 09/27/2014
"So I got this gun only a few days ago and I'll be honest when I saw I was expecting something that I'd be heavily upgrading over the course of a few months.

After taking it out and putting several magazines downrange, I think it's safe to say that this rifle will actually require far less than I originally thought.

My first impressions from opening the rifle were very positive. The box was very well packed and the rifle came in a plastic sleeve. Inside is the user manual and an Evike booklet. When I first picked it up, it hit me how heavy this rifle is. I'm switching over from a G36C which is almost all polymer and that may very well be the reason, but this is heavier than most M4's I've picked up and looked at. Another thing to note is that if you are super interested in the SEAL trademark, don't be upset if you get SFOD-D instead. That's what I got and for me that's no big deal at all. In fact, I think it's a bit cooler.

As for the actual construction it is very solid. The receiver is full metal and has a forward assist you can push in, but doesn't do anything and a charging handle you can pull back to open the dust cover and reveal the gearbox. One thing that caught me off guard is that under the dust cover, there is a second cover for the gearbox which is pulled back by the charging handle. When you push the dust cover back up and set it down, you may here a click. Don't worry, it's just that cover sliding back up into place. If you want to keep dust out of the gearbox or whatever and still want the dust cover down, give the left side of the receiver a tap and that cover will slide forward. With sling mounts, you've got the points to put a two point sling or a one point sling. With the carrying handle, it is removable with rails underneath, it is full metal and has adjustable sights. If you want to know what is metal and what is not, check the Evike video, but in summary most of it is metal and the few bits that are polymer are very sturdy.

For shooting, I was getting decent range. I could shoot out maybe 150 feet and still be on target. It's also quite a bit louder than my old G36, so that is something to keep in mind. I haven't chrono'd it so I can't be sure what the FPS is, but I'm sure another reviewer has.

In summary, it's a great rifle with excellent construction, nice markings on the receiver (keep in mind they may not be SEAL markings), good distance for a carbine sized rifle, and makes a nice noise when you pull the trigger. Don't get this if you're expecting it to be a light rifle, this is fairly hefty the first time you pick it up and will take some getting used to. I would absolutely recommend this for someone in the market for a new rifle and was willing to put on the extra money for rails, or was happy without a rail system like me.

- Solid Construction
- Nice markings on the side (Mine had SFOD-D markings)
- Good range for a Carbine
- Weight (This could be a con for some)
- Noise

- Weight (If you don't like a lot of weight this is a problem)
by TAMER A. on 06/26/2014
"I purchased this for my buddy of mine who is new to airsoft. This was the most appealing deal around for an M4 platform, for the money. It's full metal, has great power, and is very sturdy. However, I had higher expectations when the package came in. The thing was a mess, so bad, that any entry level airsofter most likely would have left 1 or two stars if they were to review it, and they'd probably return it as well. Thankfully, I am skilled in airsoft tech and was able to get things all back on track. The issues: The actual outer barrel was misaligned, if you know a thing or two about the basics of your airsoft gun, you'd know that your hop up stays aligned in the chamber using the slots of the outer barrel.... So long story short, if your outer barrel isn't aligned then your hopup isn't aligned , and this also leads to your mag not sitting in the mag well. I was able to fix all of this. But that wasn't the only issue. The hopup never came with a nub, I have spare parts and was able to replace this. The silencer is glued very tightly so you need a heat gun to melt it before twisting it CCW. The mag needed some modification, I took an exacto knife and starting taking away from the bb retaining tab that prevents bbs from expelling from the magazine, this also resolved misfeeds and also helped fix the mag not sitting issue. And lastly, the rail covers were TERRIBLE. Don't waste your time putting them on right away, before you do, grab a pair of pliers and take off the little metal tabs that act as a button. The tolerances are still very right and the rail covers will not go anywhere without the metal tabs.

Overall, once I got this baby up and shooting, I was blown away at it's quality. Shoots far and hard. The only reason why I give this product 5 stars, is because the circumstances in which I received the gun were definitely rare, many people have had great things to say about this gun, so for that, I give Dboys the benefit of the doubt, especially when considering the price. I will say, however, that one must understand the risk when ordering entry level guns. They are great deals, so great, that they simply can't afford to take their time making everything perfect. Even if you aren't skilled in tech, learn! It's easy and fun, there are plenty of YouTube videos to aid you.

Full metal
Great weight
Shoots hard and far
Fully upgradeable

Silencer very tightly glued on (use heat gun to outter barrel to remove it CCW)
Hopup was missing nub
annoying to disassemble (Allen key not push pin)
Rail covers made at very low quality
Mag didn't sit well
Outter barrel was misaligned
Rails were misaligned
Mag needed some modding

Regardless, very great gun, definitely worth the money once things are all in check.