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Avengers Full Metal M4 CQB-SD RIS Airsoft AEG w/ Crane Stock (Model: Black)

24 Customer Reviews

by Kara T. on 11/02/2008
"This was the first gun i ever owned. Great gun ROF and FPS out of control stock. I own the I AM LEGEND G&G gr16 and a tm m14 and a tm p90 i still pull this gum out and get down and dirty. great in CQB and woodland. I would recomend putting metal bushings or bearings in it the plastic ones blew out after six months of use at 3 or 4 a times a week. I put the bearings in and it ours like a kitten super clean.
by connor e. on 10/14/2008
"dont listen to jeff, the things has good accuracy, It surprised me how quiet it is for a boyi.. great gun
by Rafael R. on 07/30/2008
"its a very good gun. but the mock suppressor does not remove or atleast i dont know how to. but the way it looks it doesnt simply screw off so no TM tracer kit for this gun. get the tracer mags they work great.
by Matthew E. on 07/23/2008
"If you put in a tightbor that will give this gun the same range as a Jing Gong M4/M16.
by Eric B. on 07/03/2008
"I bought this gun because of the way it looks and i am still impressed by the way it fires. Fast, accurate and well balanced. this is a must if you are into urban combat.
by Francis w. on 03/12/2011
"I just received this gun in the mail yesterday and I've owned a lot of AEGs, I've been collecting for about 6 years and I have to say that for the price this is own of the best airsoft guns I've owned. 7mm reinforced gearbox, steel ball bearings(great for li-po), ported piston head, ball bearing spring guide, and a rps to die for when you install a crane stock li-po. this is by far one of the best guns for the money. Completely metal exterior besides crane stock and pistol grip obviously, the rail has no wobble, it's just a great gun definitely recommend to ANYONE playing close quarters battle(CQB). My one and only problem with this gun is that the hop-up doesn't sit right at first, this messed with the seal and wasn't shooting bb's. opened it up pulled it out a little bit, sat perfectly after that. I put and EGLM and an aimpoint scope on mine great platform for it too.
by Andre V. on 04/06/2009
"This gun is a good gun for the price. The reason I give it a 4 is because it is not that accurate but has a good ROF and the metal body is very nice. I wish you could take off the mock suppressor, but its part of the RIS so you cant. Its got a nice weight to it too
by Grant M. on 12/22/2008
"This was my first aeg. I got it in march last year and I'm impressed with some things and disappointed with others. First the rof is pretty good for a dboys, but the battery sucks GET ANOTHER BATTERY! The life on it is very bad. The crane stock isnt the best quality but it gets the job done. It is a pretty accurate gun, but best for cqb. The rails are nice and I haven't had a problem with them. Body wabbles a bit but the same as many m4 aegs. DONT PULL THE CHARGING HANDLE BACK HARD! My friend broke my charging handle by doing that. Overall good gun for the price with lots of good accessories included. A good starter weapon.
by Jeffrey W. on 09/20/2008
"Decent gun, my nunchuck battery came broken but it needs replacing anyway. It has poor accuracy but good rpm. Im gonna put in a tightbore barrel as soon as I stop being so lazy and measure this ones. Its body is decent, however not what im used to (G&G). Only bought it due to low on cash and needing something for night battles. It has hope though.