Reviews: Matrix Special Force Quick Draw Tactical Thigh Holster w/ Drop Leg Panel (ACU / Right)

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Model: Holster-SF-R-ACU

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by Jonathan H. on 2012-11-01 19:34:59
"I won this at AirsoftCon 2012, at the new huge Super Store. I got it from the big velcro jumper game thing. I also have the 3-color desert version

You can even take of the holster to make it a leg platform, leaving the holster a belt holster and horizantal molle holster
-No molle, just a pistol belt sized strap thingy.
Adjustment (tightness) is easy amazing.
-Even the strap that goes over the piston grip can be extended
There are also two Quick Draw buckles for the leg and the belt part.
-So whenever you need to hurry up and take of the holster in the field, you just unclip it!
Universal for almost EVERY piston known to man
-I've tried : M9, M1911, Revolver (any barrel inch), Desert Eagle, USP
-Does not work with lasers, lights, laser sights (or dot sights), or M93R grip (I've tried)
-You can even open the end even more (the bottom end has some velcro that you can take take apart from each other for more room for your piston if needed)
Every part here is excellent protection
-It's hard protection, but flexible.
Amazingly affordable

It HURT trying to take of the holster of my 3-color desert one, but it worked.
-It's molle style connected AND velcro connected. So you'll have to get dirty trying to take it off. But both of these painful features shows you this holster will definitely stay
Doesn't come in a very big variety of colors
-Only UCP (or ACU as many incorrectly call it), woodland, black, and 3-color desert

So I DO HIGHLY recommend this holster for anyone that has a lot of pistols and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Although, if you want to fit lower rail optics, I suggest getting the tornado holster.
by Steven C. on 2010-01-24 03:05:42
"This holster is great it fits my m9 perfectly along with another mag. It's easy to draw fast and overall is just a great holster for the money. The only problem i had was that the clip strap to keep the gun in place was on backwards when i got it so i had to flip the clip over to clip it in or rotate the strap around which looked weird but, it was an easy fix and i just took of the clip and just reversed it and now it works perfectly so overall its a great holster and worth the money and looks pretty sexy :D
by Howard H. on 2008-07-01 02:28:35
"Good Holster for a great price, It has a huge range of adjustability for the strap that goes around you thigh but the height can only be adjusted by a few inches but the height should be fine for most people.
Will hold almost any medium sized pistol, no Desert Eagles or MK23's but yeah Highly recomended holster.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)