Reviews: JG / AGM Full Size SPAS Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (CQB Pistol Grip)


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Model: SG-M180A1

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by Oscar J. on 2008-12-06 12:35:44
"This gun is awesome. It shoots fast and hard. I thought it was broken the first couple of days because i couldnt shoot it. Until i figured out it just needed to be pumped all the way through.
by Jesse E. on 2008-12-02 16:46:16
"First off, Ive gotta say that this shotgun is amazing! If you can get a good red/green dot scope on it, its more like a sniper rifle! Very easy to use, just pop in the shell, cock it, an your ready to rule! Pretty good fps, but don't even bother using .12 gram bb's because they wont fly more than 15 feet before flying off to either the left or the right!(Sorta funny, but also annoing...)
All in all, a really great airsoft gun!(Oh, an I forgot to mention, this gun is really close to being on par with the Tokyo Marui Shotgun, the only major thing that puts the Marui shotgun before this is that it fires 3 bb's, while this one only fires one at a time. Still, it only takes one hit to get out other players...)
by dane k. on 2008-10-20 20:28:30
"whatever one you like best dude, a stock doesnt make the gun better, it will only make you better if its more comfortable
by Gabriel w. on 2008-10-12 16:35:17
"what is better no stock full stock or adjustable stock?
by James M. on 2008-07-24 04:40:52
"The shells on this rifle are compatible with the UTG M3L or Marui shotgun series. Just for that, its a great buy! (The shotgun shells from Marui alone are $24.99 for 3, this shotgun comes with four!) I bought it for that reason and found the shotgun shooting very nice with very good finish. Its like getting a free shotgun!
by joshua h. on 2008-07-10 00:53:12
"this gun is good for its is very sturdy and is really fun to reload. extreme accuracy, easy to use...its worth the money.
by Shawn D. on 2008-07-06 01:56:43
"this gun is just plain fun, it shoots well and it is more fun to reload than to shoot... that's all i'll say, just plain fun.
by jake o. on 2008-05-03 17:19:27
this shotgun is great, a nice backup to my g36
I like it a lot, but I am a very agressive player and this does double duty for me
backup if my g36 runs out, or woods cqb

Displaying 13 to 20 (of 20 reviews)

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