Reviews: JG / AGM Full Size SPAS Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (CQB Pistol Grip)


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Model: SG-M180A1

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by Connor W. on 2015-06-10 06:08:25
"The gun looks cool but the hop up is crazy. I tried to change it but it just stayed the same.
by FLORA S. on 2014-12-10 21:01:53
"Not the best performer, but this combined with the Phantom weapon catch looks sick on any load out. bought it for looks on the battlefield. Also, it can shoot accurately with .25 bbs, but I would suggest only using it if your enemy is in very close range.
by Daniel K. on 2014-12-07 17:11:24
"BUYER BEWARE: So my gun came in very nice packaging but when i opened it up the handle was falling apart. I tried shooting it and the BBs wont feed into the gun. I counted one one BB come out of the gun by shooting and that was the only time it worked.
by Kori W. on 2013-02-19 14:59:52
"First of all, this was my first gun from evike. Shipping came early wich was great! Great price, totaly worth the money. I'm deffintly going to order another gun!
by Luis R. on 2011-11-08 16:30:43
"Ok, this gun hits a good 290 FPS out of the box. Comes w/ speed loader, shells, shell holsters, and some other stuff... Like all airsoft guns, do not use the bbs that come with the gun.
Perfect size for CQB
Comes with 4 shells

Needs to be upgraded to be a good primary weapon
Kinda sucky construction

This gun is perfect for beginners, not exactly expert or AVID airsofters. ~an AVID Airsofter
by Christopher G. on 2010-10-23 13:11:57
"This shotgun is byfar one of my favorites, it shot at about 400fps right out of the box and came with 4 shells, a speedloader, a red cross scope and flashlight. very good make satisfying to load and cock. Very sturdy hasnt broken yet. Just got it about a week ago.
by Allen L. on 2010-09-26 14:08:15
"I bought this last week. I'm very impressed with the appearance, but not so much the performance. The bio .20g BBs I use don't shoot out of the gun sometimes. (I probably didn't load it right, so don't worry.) The gun comes with a red dot sight and a flashlight. The red dot is fair quality, but do not force it on-that it how i broke mine. The flashlight is surprisingly bright, and lasts very long.
by cj l. on 2010-05-19 04:54:03
"Ok i just got this gun on monday its pretty awesome, it has a good effective range of about 100 ft or so shoots way faster than it says, its a pretty good beginner gun i just bought for a backup or loaner gun

Shoots hard-fast
feels realistic
is realistic

I use .23 BBS and it goes off to the left after 90 ft
leaks some kind of grease or lube
doesnt look full size

overall its a really good gun for beginners so get if ur a beginner
by james r. on 2010-04-24 09:24:52
"this gun is great i have had it for 1 year already and its my favorite airsoft gun out of 9 airsoft guns i have and its great in airsoft battles its light but it packes a punch
by Henry A. on 2010-03-12 22:53:16
"alright this gun is pretty cool. comes with a red dot, some TM comptable shells, etc. It's great. has a tact flash light, 3 ails. good gun. I have one HUGE problem though - EVIKE SAYS THIS IS FULL SIZE 1:1 SCALE. NO IT'S NOT. It's 2/3 scale. -_- I was expecting a huge shot gun to compare to my TM one, no. This is smaller. fail. but it shoots well!
by tom k. on 2009-04-22 09:15:45
"So, just got it today and it works great. It dosn'taccurately shoot anything below .12 and the .20 BB's curve up near the maximum range like my hop up is on when its not. Its a powerful feeling gun though and the loading is awsome. Great buy!
by kie a. on 2008-12-18 14:46:37
"what shells can it take cos i am thinking of getting one and can it use multy shot shells

Webmaster: Yes, it use the UTG multi shot shells or the red ones just like pictured that also sells.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 20 reviews)

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