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King Arms No Winding 95rds Magazine for G36 Series AEG (Package: Set of 5)

7 Customer Reviews

by Tyler H. on 04/13/2012
"Very good Magazines. A little stiff at first but that is expected. Once you break them in, they work like a charm. When you look them in, they stay locked. Really enjoyed these mags and would recommend them.
by Bob S. on 01/10/2009
"the problem with these not fitting that well is that you need to shave just the tiniest bit off of the outer rim of the hole into which the reciver goes, i di that, and they work b-e-a-utifully now!
by Ryan Y. on 09/30/2008
"Jamison. I got some of these too, break the spring in the new springs are pretty strong, maybe too strong. Lubricate the first few batch of bbs before you put it in and maybe use only 80 rounds in the beginning. Most mid-caps / no winding mags have issue when brand new. (MAG, STAR...ect) But you gotta use them sometimes.
by John L. on 08/31/2008
"Great magazine for the JG version. It has a few kinks with it's design, for example it needs a good push an pull to get it in and out of the magazine well. Also the magazine has a bit of trouble attaching to the JG high capacity magazine included, but all in all an amazing magazine
by Jamison M. on 09/26/2008
"WATCH OUT... the last couple people seemed to be happy with theirs but I bought 4 of these from here and every single midcap mag shoots out the BBs prematurely! I filled one with 90ish rounds, no problem, as soon as I tapped it hard enough the BBs came showering out! Even if I started putting the mag into the mag-well if I hit the gun too hard with them PPPSSSHHH! Out came every last BB! The high-cap that came with my new Echo1 G36k does not do this, only the King Arms mids!
by Cody G. on 01/16/2009
"I tryed to clip the mags together, and 2/4 broke doing it. The fith mag was broke when I got it. None of them fit in my KWA G36c, therefore I cant tell you how they feed
by Jordan T. on 01/16/2009
"Not a great set of magazines for the price. They tend to double stack the bbs so that 2 are right next to each other inside the clip and they do not load properly into your gun. The clip itself is plastic and a very cheap plastic might I add. When you go to interlock the knobs break off if to much pressure is applied (which isn't much!) and they don't fit together at all. They are also very hard to get in and out of your gun's magazine well. Not a great gun magazine at all. Take the time and spend more money on a G&P midcap. You wont regret it!