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Madbull Noveske KX3 Sound Amplifier Flashhider (Color: Black / 14mm Positive)

21 Customer Reviews

by Yauheni B. on 01/03/2018
"Cool SOUND AMPLIFIER FLASHNIDER, the look of my M27 IAR rifle has become more impressive, and the sound is more pleasant, sonorous.
by Jack K. on 06/09/2016
"This amp is fantastic! its an easy screw-on install, and makes my P* Jack sound incredible. It also looks great, couldn't be more happy with this thing.
by Travis S. on 03/10/2014
"This thing is awesome!!!! Got this on my MP5 and is sounds sick.....especially in three round burst mode. It will strike fear into your opponents. Wayne S. Why are you talking about being load is stupid?? This is a review section, not a comment section. I don't know why someone that doesn't own it is even commenting on it.
by Vincent D. on 03/06/2014
"My friend was able to mount one of these on a we hi capa, and it was EXTREMELYELYELYELYELY loud
by Reagan L. on 09/12/2013
"Just bought this, and wow does it work! I have it on my G&P M4 AEG, and when they say "loud pop" it really sounds like it! Love the adjustability features and the full metal construction 10/10!

Full metal construction
Light weight
Creates a very loud pop

A little pricy, but its worth it.
by Lisa B. on 08/06/2012
"This is a very nice amplifier. It gives a nice loud pop. and to all of you that r hatin cuz stealthy is better-don't forget about indoor cqb. if u here one of these comin around a corner trust me u will turn and run.
$45 seems a bit steep but it is worth it.
by Josh M. on 12/12/2010
"I've now have this Flash hider on my KWA M4A1 2GX. The gun itself is generally rather loud, but with this amplifier the sound is very well directed down range. This also means that it sounds quieter from where the shooter is. This noveske product exemplifies their great machining work and the quality of their products while greatly increasing the sound of your AEG and it's tacticool factor.
by Red U. on 03/04/2009
"a guy on my team had one of these there are great for support fire when is evike gonna get more of these in stockb
by Donald G. on 12/06/2008
"This thing looks so bad on my ICS -28 and sounds awesome ..... the fit was great as well
by Chun T. on 11/19/2008
"Bought this just last week and when I got it, put it on my G36c. It was awesome! I love the sound of it. The gun sounds very realistic....if only I had the kick back and the shells being ejected! The gun just sounds mean and is definately louder. I've got the PEQ and the laser and scope and all but this is the BEST addition I've added thus far. I'll be ordering a few more for my other guns soon!
by Caleb K. on 10/31/2008
"This thing is very cool. I just put it on my M93R AEP and it sounds AWESOME. It's not so much of the "metal punching" sound as described but it has a very clear and unique "POP" now. The quality of sound is like the difference in a $10 AM radio and a $1000 Klipsch stereo.
by Nigel A. on 10/16/2008
"Haha shane I was there at HSP that day and I definitely agree the sound is freakin loud and it is intimidating
by Kim L. on 10/05/2008
"Will this thing fit an a&k m249 saw. I just got one, and I'm thinking it would make that thing sound awesome, especially with a nun-chuck battery in it. And being a support gunner, I want to sound big and bad.
by shane b. on 09/15/2008
"I played at Hollywood Sports today and someone had this thing...

Holy Crap!
I was soooo scared and he was on my team
I was like omg what kind of gun does he have. I never really saw the dude, but I could here hime from like a mile away. This thing makes you piss your pants.

If you have a high rate of fire with thing. Those two together will definatley keep their heads down. This does its job very well.
by nathan d. on 06/18/2008
"the only reason you want this to be on your gun is to scare people!! this thing is insane!!! and to the guy that says" why do you want your gun to be louder?" it also is just a flash hider nitwit. you dont have to amplify your gun.