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Matrix AK47 Tactical Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ RIS Handguard & Lipo Ready Metal Gearbox by CYMA - (Package: Gun Only)

47 Customer Reviews

by Dan C. on 11/17/2017
"Great upgrade platform! Mine hit the chronometer at 370 FPS. I used this to turn it into an RPK and the CYMA gearbox is tough and reliable!
by Michael B. on 09/04/2017
"Bought this as my starter rifle. Used it today for the first time and it worked better than expected. It chrono'd in at around 380fps. I have not upgraded any parts, other than buying three mid-cap mags. Accurate and no issues feeding with the mid-cap mags. The rifle did not like the high-cap mag that came with the rifle.

It was also nice being the only player not using an M4 on th field and getting some kills with it.
by Richard R. on 12/27/2016
"This gun is amazing it feels so nice I got it for Christmas and I give this a thumbs up :3.
by Raymond B. on 12/11/2016
"I traded for this gun, so i'm writing a USE'D review.
It felt great in my hands, not to heavy, not too light.
Fired great.
Fire rate was a little slow, but that can always change with a lipo.
The hopup was hidden inside the ejection port, so it looks clean.
Sight is adjustable.
Great for left or right handed user's.
Universal for all AK mags and drums.
Easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance.
The mags can be a bit, wobbly, but wont fall out.
Mag release might come a little loose, but pushing back it back in will help.
The battery door is held on by screws, so keep a Phillips on you.
Kinda long, so corner peaking might be a bit difficult.
Laying down with the gun will be hard due to long mag.
The forgrip has holes on the bottom, so cheap vertical grips will be useless.
Some horizontal grips might be too long for the forgrip.
Cant remove the orange tip, its a pain to do so.
Some small batteries will wobble around inside the stock, since that's where the battery needs to go.
8 1/2 out of 10
The gun is great for backyard use and field, its perfect for those with medium build like myself.
I used a drum mag on this, and it was fun, but made the gun very heavy.
I love doing a tactical reload with using the fresh mag to flip the empty one out.
For the price, its not terrible, its a great AEG for starters or for those looking for a price saving AEG.
I own both M4's and AK's, one my favorite picks is this AK.
-Ray B.
by Kirill V. on 07/28/2016
"Really fun gun. I bought this just because I wanted an ak and I didn't want to spend too much, and this exeded my expectations.
-Fairly sturdy, for being made mostly of plastic
-Super comfortable ergonomic grip
-Really nice trigger
-Fire selector is in Russian
-Decent fps
-a great gun to paint, if you're into that
-Magazines wobble a bit, they dont fall out, but it is a little annoying
-Hop up is a little difficult to adjust, but it works nicely when you get it in the sweet spot
-It is virtually impossible to remove the orange tip without scratching up the front sight and the front of the barrel. The glue will not melt, I literally soaked mine in boiling water and it still wouldnt budge. I ended up sawing the tip off with the hand saw on my multitool and breaking it off with pliers. It would have been easier with a small electric saw, but I dont have one.
-battery compartment is held on with screws so you will need to carry a phillups head on you if you want to change batteries, luckilly I have one on my swiss army knife.
by peyton s. on 07/21/2016
"This gun is an amazing starter and pro gun!
I've had it for about a year now. Still works like a horse and out ranges most m4s at my local field.

Great for outdoor
Heavy (could also be con)
600 round hi cap
Easy to upgrade
Mostly metal

magazine wobble
Some parts wobble out of box (just tighten then you'll get over it ;)
Sling point gets REALLY ANNOYING ( I just to a bolt cutter to it)

Great beginner gun also a great high level gun.
by Addison A. on 10/20/2015

This is a fantastic gun and has been a joy to operate with. I have had this gun for two years and it has had no problems. The build of this gun is solid. It has great rate of fire! And has a lot of range. I can hit a target from over 100 feet away! The only upgrades I have done to this gun is put in a 9.6 volt battery and added a laser and a fore grip.

1. Solid build
2. High rate of fire
3. This thing has range
4. Very good accuracy
5. It has a nice feel to it

1. The test battery that it came with was not great. I recommend buying a 9.6 and a smart charger.
2. The Simi auto is a bit glitchy of you pull the trigger to fast. If you put it in full auto shoot a few bbs and switch back to Simi it is fine.

Over all this is a great gun and it is for a great price! This was my first gun and I strongly recommend this gun for beginners!
by Zack F. on 09/07/2015
"awesome! just awesome! i have had this gun for about two years now, and it still preforms very well, call me a newb but i only use a 8.4 and this ak has a great rof, ive used my friend's 9.6 battery and the rof is awesome.
pretty good range.

good range
nice rof (with a 8.4, but get a 9.6)
nice weight
great rail space

some part wiggle (u want notice when your playing)
butt plate slides off easily (lost it in battle and had to get another)

over all a very nice beginner gun. i'd say its worth 160 though... get it! if you are a new player looking for a reliable gun get this now! don't wait.
by Barry C. on 07/05/2015
"amazing weapon i recommend 100% just don't use the strap it comes with mine broke not even an hour after I opened it.
by Sean M. on 03/16/2014
"This is hands down one of the best airsoft guns I have ever owned.

I was brand new into airsoft and I only had a JG M4 at the time. I had been long craving an AK series rifle for a while up to that point. When I went to the front counter of the dealer I spoke to another player who was selling this AK at the time. I didn't have the money, but he accepted my offer for a trade. He had owned the gun for at least one year.

Two years have passed since then and I'm still actively using it. The only thing I have had to replace as of yet is the iron sight (which broke off after it dropped a few months ago and was quickly replaced) and the spring due to wear and usage. This was my first AK ever and I'm still using it today.

For anyone who wants to get into airsoft or simply add an AK to their arsenal, I highly recommend it. You get more than your money's worth in the end.
by Leisa B. on 01/21/2013
"This has got to be one of the best airsoft guns on the market. At its increadible price point of just $120 with a 400+mm barrel and shooting 380 out of the box, this superceeds any gun i've owned, even my matrix X36C custom, which I paid almost twice this AEG's cost for.

-metal reciever, sturdy composite parts
-ridiculous barrel length for an assault rifle
-easy 2ft groups at 50-60 yds
-comes with 600 hi-cap, battery and charger

-miniscule wobling in the handguard (that could just be me, i tinker with my gun alot)
-grip tends to get slippery if you're sweating

I reacomend this to anyone, including high-level players. It's a great starter platform and can take almost any upgrades. After keeping it stock for about a year, I now have a shorter tightbore inner barrel, a madbul pws Diable rail kit, and a retractable Magpul stock.

by Isaiah M. on 12/23/2012
"This gun is amazing for the price! It destroyed a plastic water bottle with about 30 rounds straight from the box. When i have wars with my friends, everyone fears being on the opposite team as me. It leaves big red and purple welts on them even from about 80 ft. I would definately recommend this gun.
by johnny m. on 10/23/2012
"i got this gun for christmas about 4 years ago and it still works perfictly. About 2 years of owning it the fire selecter fell off in the middle of a game and i could not find it anywhere so i bought a new from evike. The stock but thing that holds the battery in always falls off and i just taped it on there and it wont go any where.

metal body
600 round mag
polymer hand grips
easy hopup access

but plate falls off
plastic mag
loose fire selecter

Over all it is a fantastic starters gun and i deffenantly would buy this again.
by Vincent L. on 06/03/2012
"I've had this gun for almost a year now and its still working great. Nothing broke, even though i dropped this gun once and slammed it into a pole while i was running and i NEVER lubed it. I got a few scratches here and there, but the gun is still working perfectly. Its not perfect for CQB, especially when its a full size AK-47, but its great for big map games :D.

-Lasts a long time
-Reliable, great for a back up gun
-Very realistic and sexy

-The stock cover falls off easily (Just tape it when you put the battery in and it'll be fine)
-Kind of slow response (But it shouldn't stop you from buying the gun)

I recommend this gun to anyone starting Airsoft!
by xiao l. on 05/05/2012
"This gun is absolutely spectacular. It is extremely high weight with a lot of metal components. I haven't chronoed it yet, but it shred a high strength aluminum can from about ~40 feet away. This thing is extremely accurate, and even more so when you adjust the sight and the hopup. (It's actually more accurate on full-auto than semi, but w/e). Overall, 5/5, it is a must buy!