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Matrix AK47 Tactical Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ RIS Handguard & Lipo Ready Metal Gearbox by CYMA - (Package: Gun Only)

47 Customer Reviews

by dean g. on 02/14/2009
"ive had this gun for two years now and i play airsoft every day. It has not needed to be repaired at all. It is a great gun for the cost and it shots hard and acurately. I give this gun a 5 outa 5 and recommend it to any player lookin to get an ak thats good outa the box and fully upragable.
by Red U. on 01/26/2009
"NO NEVER shoot paitballs out of these types of AEGS they will mess up ur airnozzel and most likley clog up ur barrel and make ur gun no longer usable i have done this once with a DE 300-330 fps M4
by Karl Z. on 01/01/2009
"I just got this gun for Christmas, and I must say, you get more out of this gun than what you'd expect for such a low price. Out of the box, it shoots at an fps of 355-360, which is very nice. I'm currently using .20g bbs in this gun because I'm getting used to it and I'm still figuring out its strengths and weaknesses, but I plan to move to .23s, after maybe upgrading the barrel and putting an M120 spring in, if the gearbox allows for it; but this gun is Mauri compatible, so if you know what you're doing, you can convert this baby into a fully-fledged TM after a few tune-ups and switches. I especially love the RIS rail, as I have already put a laser on it and plan on putting a red dot up top, and maybe a flashlight on the side, if that doesn't make the gun look to overwhelming. I also bought an Intellect 9.6V 2000 MaH battery for this gun because the stock battery it comes with doesn't last very long, as the bearbox is "too strong" for it. The only downside to this gun is the plastic butt plate doesn't stay in place very well, so I'd recommend either taping it on or getting a rubber butt plate to go over it, which I may do. Other than that, I'd give this gun a 10/10 and would highly recommend it to noobs and more experienced players alike.
by ian W. on 11/05/2008
"hey do you guys know if i can shoot paintball bbs safe out of this gun?oh and its a great gun
by Christian G. on 07/12/2008
"I actually ordered the CM.028 Black but either Evike made a mistake or they were out of stock so I got this gun instead. I'm very impressed and it seems like the Evike mistake was to my benefit, The gun is very powerful and brings the pain when it comes to firepower, it has excellent range and rate of fire. I'm going to add a scope and some various metal upgrades (The gun is full metal but some parts still feel cheap) and it will be a great gun. As to the problem where the battery shorts out, I discovered today that it isn't shorting out but actually because of the tight fit the cord gets pinched when I removed the butt plate it fired fine, you just need to play a little Tetris and get it to fit just right, which can be a pain.
by paul h. on 06/08/2008
"this gun [email protected]#ing rocks i got shot 50 feet away and bled really bad it hurt so much i dident play the next game-pros mostly metal extremly acurate good firing rate and very powerful-cons the hand grip feels like it is going to bust also the battery shorts out after about 10 secounds of automatic fire so get a new one
by Noah E. on 01/30/2018
"I got this gun recently for my brother, and when it does shoot itís a blast. It might be the mag it came with but it jams a lot and double feeds often too.
by Bernie S. on 05/21/2017
"This is a great gun for intermediate players, shoots about 125 ft to 200 ft, The only problem is in stead of 340 to 400 fps, it was 310 to 360. But overall amazing gun
by bryan b. on 12/25/2016
"Gun seems good shoots pretty hard and straght, but it's really loud, the receiver is polymer and kind thin but seems tuff, the stock is cheap plastic so be careful not to drop it, the handguard is good thick polymer, mine when I got it wasn't put together and the little plastic front piece that holds it together is cracked but once I put it back together it seems to be ok and strong so not to worried. All in all its a pretty good gun for the price
by Ryan K. on 06/19/2013
"This gun is great overall. It shoots exactly like the Tokyo marui version. The problem is the stock. The stock is weak and cracks easily. Mine slightly cracked on the side when I first got the gun. Also the stock comes scratched up a little so a suggest you get a spare ak stock. They sell it at
by TImothy B. on 12/20/2011
"Really good gun in all,
- Battery is hard to get in and out of gun
- Weight is heavy for airsoft wars.
- The stock sight is horrible!

- Mostly metal
- Good rate of fire
- Durable
-Great Semi-Auto
by Ricky L. on 12/04/2011
"Purchased this gun as a primary gun. It is amazing! It hits hard and the rof isn't too bad either. The safety doesn't really work though and the front Iron sight wobbles after some time on the field.

-Looks bad ass!
-RIS system is helful
-High FPS
-Decent ROF

-Iron sight becoming loose and isn't centered
-Safety doesn't work
-Pretty heavy

P.S. I just got the SRC AK-47 in my Box of Awesomeness, they seem to perform the same but I haven't fully tested the SRC yet. The RIS makes this gun an awesome AK!
by Luis R. on 09/22/2010
"I like the ak-47 but the sights are not great. NOW THIS GUN IS MOSTLY GOOD. It has good damage firerate not bad range. great for starters. low priced auto fireing gun. close range is better than longer range 4/5
by Ted C. on 05/02/2010
"Me and my friend both bought this same gun, its way too high for CQB (which is what I used it for, mine chronoed at 500 when I bought it with .2s, A lot higher than it says here) and is about 3 feet in length and had to get the spring downgraded. But this gun is AMAZING, it lasted 3 years of continuous use without any upgrading or anything, It's accuracy is right on with .25s. My friend's however had some problems after a few weeks and it cost him like 50 bucks to fix.

Feels Great to shoot
Great Price
Will last a long time
Just overall a great gun

Battery is bad get a good one
by Therese M. on 04/08/2010
"I bought this gun about 2 years ago and its been my primary since then. It was great out of the box but I did have some problems within a couple of months. I left it in the closet over summer (not smart, don't do that, the heat gets to the battery) and when i pulled it out it didn't work because of a bad selector switch. Other than that it was a very good gun and the battery that came with it was EXCELLENT!!!! Just recently got a new 9.6 volt and it barely outperforms the battery that this gun came with! And it was a good 9.6 so dont say thats why. FPS was about 350 with .2s. I cant be too sure because it has a new gearbox and spring now. ROF was any where from 10-15 per second.

Only con was bad accuracy. I highly recommend a tightbore. At 150 feet i would get 10 ft diameter groupings. That sucks. On semi they would be smaller but still. Thats not good.

And also, the airseal and hop-up that came with this arent the best. They were fine when i got it but have gotten much worse. I have an m130 in it now and am barely getting a .2 through the bottom of a soda can.

Overall 8/10. Power and rof were good but accuracy was the downfall. But its only like 40 bucks for a good tightbore so thats no problem.

One last thing, I was never able to get the orange tip off. I am not sure if it is threaded or not but please let me know if it is.