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Matrix Military Style Carrying Handle w/ Built-In 3.5x Scope For G36 Series Airsoft AEG (Color: Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by Szymon R. on 11/27/2017
"Made slightly better than JG stock scope, i fits very tight, well on my jg id say too tight, i had to userubber mallet to use sling eye attached to set.
by Daniel J. on 09/07/2017
"Decent! It is sturdily made of a some composite material I have no idea what (perhaps it says in the product description that I neglected to read before doing this review). Although it clearly states that it is "for Airsoft use only" I have mounted mine on an Archangel Nomad aftermarket Ruger 10/22 stock- made of the same or very similar material. I had some minor trouble zeroing it. If you are as well I would suggest removing the rubber around the front of the scope. It just pops out with needle-nose pliers or the standard screwdriver on a Swiss army knife once you loosen the adjustment screws. This will allow you to zero it easier and will grant you access to the spring that works against the left/right adjustment. My spring had slipped down to the corner and was throwing everything off. As far as I can tell there is nowhere for the spring to seat. The tension is what holds the spring in place. You can loosen the left/right and height adjustment screws all the way if you want to (carefully) push the sight out from the back to remove and replace the spring. Do not attempt to tighten the screws more than snug since the threading is composite and will strip! The scope itself seems to be made of metal. Possibly aluminum. The optics are good and clear with only minor distortion. As other reviewers noted you need to get your eye fairly close to see clearly but I'm not terribly worried about scope bite on a .22lr. Note: The C clip on the back lens of the scope is composite as well. It is part of the mold. I tried to use a C clip tool on it and just succeeded in scratching the "clip". Duh. The carry handle with 3.5X scope "ST36K scope" that I received was branded UFC (Union Fire Company) and I would assume it was originally from Japan since there were Japanese characters featured prominently on the label. Overall it's good. the optics are a very good copy of a $500 H&K scope. I'm not sure how well it holds zero on an actual firearm but am keeping my fingers crossed. I may need to redo the adjustment screws by sinking and epoxying some metal threads. The detachable picatinny rail on the back of the scope/handle is made of solid aluminum. The screws on it attach to sunken brass threads. I replaced mine with a lower profile picatinny rail that I modified and attached an aftermarket all-metal G36 red dot sight that I ordered from Germany.
by Christopher M. on 08/20/2016
"A friend and I decided to turn out TM G36Cs into G36Es. We ordered this carry handle well aware that many people said the eye relief was terrible/couldn't be used with goggles. Happy to say this is not the case, we tested the sight on the weapon, with and without googles. You have to get close, but it works absolutely fine in both situations. Looks awesome, actually is super sturdy, and you do get a good rail that is removal to reveal back notch sights. Also, we tested it on a CA G36C, and it fit with absolutely no modification.
by Roger T. on 08/26/2013
"Fits perfectly on my WE Tech G39 GBBR. No mods needed just remove the existing one and put it on. It even comes the screws and pins even though the old ones would work anyway. Great deal.

Only complaint is that you have to be right up front to the scope to see. Wearing a full face mask is not gonna work with this scope.
by Christopher S. on 05/25/2013
"I have to say, this product looks really nice! I have a Tokyo Marui G36C and this thing fits nice! Straight out of the box, it has a set of screws, the scope, (and a bag of silica gel). I've known from previous reviews that this scope has terrible eye relief, but in my opinion, it's fine. Went to some desert with this bad boy and racked me up some hits with the scope. It's similar to the real steel version, and the carrying handle being ABS, is still very durable. Don't hate on plastic! So here are the verdicts:

-Same reticle as the real ones.
-Great carrying handle
-Adjustable scope
-Great zoom
-Looks badass
-Extra rail

-Kinda have to get up close. (no bigee)
-Those wearing glasses, your eyes WILL NOT be able to adjust, so everything looks a little blurry.
-Cannot adjust very easily. Cannot use allen key. (Either that, or I lost the adjust tool.)

That's it! Hope you've enjoyed this new knowledge! \(^.^)/
by Matt J. on 07/23/2008
"This came with my CA36e and it's full of pros and cons. But pros, this thing is universally compatible with all JG/E1/CA/TM/etc etc etc model G36c's. The screws needed to mount on this don't come with this package as they're not necessary, they use the mounting screws from your C's rails. The scope actually zooms in to about 2.5 zoom, oh and this one has the rails on top for a red dot, unlike my stock E's one. CONS: zoom is barely enough to use to really 'snipe' with an airsoft gun, and the aiming sights are incredibly small, your field of vision SUCKS unless you're looking right at your target or not using the scope at all. It's rather large too and sticks up from the gun a little more than I'd like, but that helps some because the carry handle is easy to grab then. All in all for $80 this is really only a buy for those who don't have one that need one, or those who don't want to buy a normal sniper scope and want something exclusive to the G36 line of rifles.
by Adam S. on 07/14/2008
"To Michael, if you have a g36c you already have the screws you need, this uses the same screws that your g36c already has to mount the original carry handle. so all you need to buy is this product
hope this helps
by Kelvin N. on 05/22/2013
"Fits just fine onto Umarex G36C, I utterly love the handle, compared to the stock rail you can barely hold onto, it came with one missing mounting nut, and the plates needed some fiddling to secure, but by using the stock screws and plates, it fits just fine. E-O techs are a perfect height when placed on the rail.


Great external addition, easier to carry G36's
Scope is tight, no needing to readjust after a few games.


Scope's eye relief is terrible, you eye needs to be with in 3 CM before you can actually see anything. (this may prove difficult for some helmets and ear pro.)
Inner reticule is slightly tilted to the left, kind of annoying more than anything.
by David B. on 07/06/2012
"I know this is only supposed to be for airsoft.

I actually used this scope on my .22 Ruger 1022 Nomad kit (Has almost no recoil if the folding stock is extended). (looks like the G36) This completes the look nicely,. Zeroing in was different compared to other optics but manage-able as long as you don't strip the screw. It's also nice you can mount a red dot on the top, the sight itself isn't bad but people complain about the eye relief at times.

Evike seems like the best place to get this stock in terms of price and shipping time. I'm pretty happy with my order but I can't decide between this and the iron sights/rail.

This scope also came with a screw set, though the I found they stripped rather easy. I just used the ones that came with my Nomad Stock.
I'll give it a plus for the sling screw it came with though.

Downside is no instructions.
by Colin P. on 05/02/2008
"Works great, ONLY thing i disliked is that it didn't come with any screws. but anyone who owns a G36 knows it is a tight fit so no real effect there besides that extra security.