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Model: GP-SA-32527NON

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by kenny s. on 2011-03-12 18:56:10
"i have this gun and it is amazing it never fails i have had it for 6 years my first gun and the best one i own no cons its all good + it disasembles just like my real one
by Patrick M. on 2011-01-06 15:09:22
"I bought this gun a week ago and it is pretty good. There is one thing though and it is that when you first put in a CO2 canister fire 40 shots because if u don't and u go to an airsoft war and whip this pistol out and u have 1 shot, it will shot so hard that it curves away from your target. With that said and done here are the pros & cons.

realist blowback action
amazing mag capacity
scares the death out of the compeition
okay accuracy

takes forever to get mag to full (there will be a lot of gaps)
It will often act like it is out of CO2 when it isn't
by mason s. on 2010-11-05 21:56:03


by Steve H. on 2009-09-23 13:49:24
"alright acb first off if you have 100+ airsoft guns then you have no life and you are rich snob. Stop trying to show off and act like you are not a loser cause you are. Any way this is a great side arm. It holds a large capacity of ammunition which I like, the only I don't like is that it is not that accurate, but overall if you are dropping m16 magazines in the heat of battle and you got friends that are not wooses and actually will run up on you then you could pop this beast out and own them 39 times.
by KR P. on 2009-04-26 20:39:41
"If you are looking for a very high quality realisble 2nd gun or even a main gun in a airsoft war this is the type of gun for you. The sw40f sigma is an amazing gun! If you treat it properly with good care this gun will last you a long time!


360 fps with .20g bb's
Very comfertable!
Nice seals
Nicley evened out in wait(4lb)
Nice blowback
Not bad co2 intake (130 bb's p/cartidge


Without a speed loader takes about 1 min to load

Other than that I havnt experienced any other cons.

Great gun and HIGHLY reccomended!
by Pat C. on 2009-01-11 22:52:48
"Excellent guns, i dont know why it would get anything lower than a 4 star review. i have two of these and absolutely love them. only problems ive faced are that the mags have no quick way to load them of bbs and the co2 cartridges sometimes get stuck in the mags. also the outer barrel did not come threaded for the silencer/inner barrel set that are meant for these. each inner barrel comes with a hop up already assembled on the barrels so that it is easy to take and swap them for the shorter ones. hop up is in a bad spot but adjust it to the perfect amount and it will stay. reliable, accurate and so much fun with 2, silencers or not. for the silencers (i only recommend other retailers when evike does not sell the product, redwolf also has extra mags and other things for these.) not the strongest but dont need a strong pistol. these are good enough to use as primary though when upgraded with the inner barrel sets.

Side not: Want a strong pistol, KWC green gas desert eagle Plastic slide, upgrade this pistol with the silencer kit from redwolf also but for the Desert Eagle and get 473 at the chrono when its 90 degrees out. 400-430 for 70 degree weather. ON REGULAR GREEN GAS. No idea what a high flow valve and some red gas would do. Dont want to know cuz im on the recieving end for this gun not the shooting end. My sigmas against my bros desert eagle not so good, d.eagle ranges a type 96 sniper thats stock at 465 with the same accuracy as long as the kit is installed.
by Jarek H. on 2009-01-06 16:12:50
"This gun has loads of high quality metal and is very reliable. 5 stars
by nick k. on 2008-11-03 13:37:13
"Where can I get just the inner barrel and a spare magazine?
by Chris M. on 2008-08-31 11:59:44
"Smith & Wesson SIGMA Co2.
This gun is okay. The fps is terrible for a Co2 gun. The magazine capacity is outstanding.
by A.C. B. on 2008-08-23 07:16:03
"Piece of crap!

As the owner of 100+ airsoft guns I can honestly say that this is not worth $120... For the price, you can get a reliable WE Tech gun (full metal) that accepts green gas and c02 catridges... Even a nice ABS gun by KSC or Tokyo Marui will give you a much better experience for only $10 more.

For starters, the "full metal" SIGMA is stuffed with nylon parts and various other plastics. To be clear, none of this is delrin, just cheap plastic used to save money on production.

The blowback system is a cheap knockoff of the gen1 Magna system, but is missing the lower guide and piston, so it (a) doesn't provide a significant kick and (b) threatens to shake the whole gun apart if you overuse it.

Lastly, the mushy trigger assembly is about as crisped as a steamed pancake... Great for... Firing slowly? Accidently pulling the trigger? Accidently not pulling the trigger?

Trust me, there are better options.
by chris s. on 2008-07-29 13:05:01
"I had this gun for a few months. really good durable gun. good build very accurate and the blowback feel is incredible. i liked having to cock the lever after loading a clip just add a little bit of realism. the only problem i had was the piece in the gun that punctures the co2 container bent only because of my own mistake. i loaded the co2 bottle to fast during a game so just be careful of that. overall this is a great gun.
by Gerard F. on 2008-07-22 06:11:22
"easy to clean/take apart. metal hicapa mag. no creaks very solid. needs more recoil, and better hopup.

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