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Model: GP-KWC-12AHN

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by Benjamin I. on 2016-06-16 06:37:25
"I've had this gun a few months and its a great little sidearm. Weight and feel is very close to the real steel models, and chrono'd 380-395fps right out of the box with .2s. very solid feel, great mags (I have 2 38rd extended mags as well). Fieldstrip is easy, but the takedown lever can be a pain. only complaints are that the standard mag wobbles just a tiny bit in the magwell, and the front sight had a tendency to fall off. I.m replacing the sights (Which are pretty good) with a set of Trijicon night sights I have lying around from my dad's old Sigma. hoping with a little modification they will fit decent. I would definitely recommend this gun if you dont mind it being a little meaty over a 1911 or M9.
by Joshua C. on 2016-06-04 12:10:57
"I purchased this gun to be a side arm with high enough fps to play outdoors. This gun delivers amazing power output, a quick single action trigger, and is very accurate at pistol range. In fact hitting torso sized objects at around 100 ft is possible with .25 gram ammo and some finesse. It is a great looking gun with great intimidation factor as well. The only downside to this gun that I can find so far after owing it for about a month is the magazines. First of all be for-warned the included hex-key magazine cap is made from metal and plastic. After about 5 reloads the hex nut in the center of the magazine cap stripped and now spins freely while the plastic outer portion of the plug including the threads is stuck in the magazine. I read another review where this happened to another gentleman. Thankfully Evike is willing to fix it. So in the mean time I ordered a second magazine. Since the magazine is mostly metal I will be trying to locate full metal magazine caps to replace the stock ones. For now I use the plug that has uses a flange so you can use your fingers to tighten and remove the plug. Having said that both magazines leaked gas initially. I was able to get the second magazine to stop leaking by putting a drop of silicone oil on the tip of the CO2, inserting it into the magazine and letting it leak slowly for about an hour until it stopped. That magazine now works just fine. So in conclusion this is a great gun for the price, just be very careful with the magazines and do not use the included hex nut plastic/metal magazine cap.

Good power
Nice accuracy
Easy to pull trigger for rapid semi-auto fire

Cons: The magazines need after market full metal magazine caps.
Magazines may need intensive lubrication to help with leaking.
by Benjamin I. on 2016-05-22 16:02:10
"Awesome sidearm! Hefty mag and slide make it great to hold, plus the field stripping is very easy, just like the real .40S&W sigma. Accuracy is questionable out of the box because the inner barrel has a lot of play inside the outer barrel. I machined a brass spacer around it and it stays put. Range is extremely good with a fresh canister as well (nails guys even at around 80 feet). My only complaint with the gun is that the safety is extremely hard to engage, and the hop-up is a pain to adjust. Definitely a unique gun in a field of 1911s and M9s. Would definitely recommend it.
by charles E. on 2016-04-22 22:52:35
"This is a great hand gun. Doesn't look as cool without lic. and badges but darn does this fire well. Shoots pretty hot and has a nice kick. I cannot tell you how many times I pull this gun and start shooting and someone near me poops themselves and tells me this gun is awesome. You hit someone and they call their hit. Super fun gun! Mags work well too and so far never leak.
by stephen e. on 2015-12-05 09:43:04
"This is a very good pistol. It worked very well for me until I lost an internal piece to the gun, and doesn't have any replacement pieces for this gun.

Decent fps and range.
The blowback is very cool.
Easy to take apart and clean.

Co2 is super hard to insert I mess up a lot. I recommend buying Crossman co2 from Walmart.
No replacement parts are sold on

My brother bought an ACP pistol after I bought this, It shot farther and more accurately than this one does. This is a good pistol but I recommend buying an ACP instead. I do really like this pistol though.
by renee e. on 2015-11-09 12:30:18
"I have the green gas version of the gun and I've had it for about a year and the gun is great even though the mag leaks because I dropped the gun(I am left handed and can't find a holdster)

Good gas use
Relatively high gas efficiency
Decent range and fps

Fragial mag (mine hit dirt)
by Moses A. on 2015-04-25 13:44:05
"Realism: Looks, feels, and weighs like the real thing. No Sigma licensing, but there's also no warning information, which gives the gun a clean look. All you get is the KWC badge on either side of the grip. Ejection port is cut out which allows for inspection, removal of jammed BB's, etc. Gun field strips for cleaning and maintenance. Last, but not least, is the full-sized 22 round C02 metal magazine.

Function: Single action, blow back. Blow back is quite forceful and the slide remains open when the last round has been fired.

Accuracy/Reliability: This gun shot a tight group, for the most part, in and around bulls eye from 20 feet. No jams were experienced from initial shooting session. Target acquisition was easy to achieve with the aid of the bold white dot sights.

C02 Consumption: Excellent! Shot 4-20 round magazines from one Crosman C02 cartridge.

Fit and Finish: Barrel is loose. Don't know if that is by design or a design flaw. Orange tip came loose during initial shooting session (removed it and gun looks even more real!). Plastic trigger and safety are causes for minor concern; both could eventually break.

This Sigma replica is a 'can't go wrong' choice if you're new to airsoft and looking for a first gun, or if you're already established and looking to add more to you're collection.
by Zach P. on 2014-10-26 13:37:46
"I got the black version a few months back, and it was an awesome gun. good fps (380-400), accurate to beyond 100 feet, and a 39-round mag that lasted forever and looked cool.
by kenny s. on 2011-03-12 18:56:10
"i have this gun and it is amazing it never fails i have had it for 6 years my first gun and the best one i own no cons its all good + it disasembles just like my real one
by Patrick M. on 2011-01-06 15:09:22
"I bought this gun a week ago and it is pretty good. There is one thing though and it is that when you first put in a CO2 canister fire 40 shots because if u don't and u go to an airsoft war and whip this pistol out and u have 1 shot, it will shot so hard that it curves away from your target. With that said and done here are the pros & cons.

realist blowback action
amazing mag capacity
scares the death out of the compeition
okay accuracy

takes forever to get mag to full (there will be a lot of gaps)
It will often act like it is out of CO2 when it isn't
by mason s. on 2010-11-05 21:56:03


by Steve H. on 2009-09-23 13:49:24
"alright acb first off if you have 100+ airsoft guns then you have no life and you are rich snob. Stop trying to show off and act like you are not a loser cause you are. Any way this is a great side arm. It holds a large capacity of ammunition which I like, the only I don't like is that it is not that accurate, but overall if you are dropping m16 magazines in the heat of battle and you got friends that are not wooses and actually will run up on you then you could pop this beast out and own them 39 times.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 22 reviews)

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