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Army Full Steel Metal Body L85A1 / R85A1 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

30 Customer Reviews

by Davis B. on 09/24/2016
"This AEG is a bullpul design. The advantage of a bullpul is:

Accuracy: hopup and gearbox unit is located towards the stock so you get a super long barrel without having to need a super long gun.

Portability: The biggest advantage of a bullpul design is its ability to be used with one hand. The gun is very balanced unlike the M4 series. You won't need all two of your hands to aim and shoot with this gun.

Of course, as mentioned in the previous review, if you are used to the way you wind your M4, you will need to adjust the way you wind this gun in battle. I just wind them all before the game.

This is a very realistic looking L85 and very unique looking, which is why its getting a 5 because there are just too many m4 and ak in a game.
by Ryan R. on 06/20/2015
"This rifle is amazing it is exactly what I was looking for... well almost. It is still a great replica, the weight, the detail, and the electric blowback. It performs well enough it can keep up to most M4s out there and has the profile of a Submachine gun to boot. If you want something unique or are going for a specific look then you've come to right place this gun is definitely worth the price.
by cameron e. on 04/09/2015
"Other people may not like this gun, but apples for apples, I can say you will never find a gun of any kind of this quality, for this price. The trademarks are great, the gun performs beautifly, and has a great solid feel. No wiggle in the gun it's self. Now, the mag does wobble, but that's an easy fix. The rof is a little low, but that's because of the blowback. Remove the blowback from the top of the gearbox, and boom, better. Overall, my BEST purchase from evike, can't recomend it enough.
by Dan S. on 03/10/2009
"I think the reason many of you are having issues firing in semi auto is because you don't push the button in the mag well of the gun that releases the spring.
by Alex d. on 11/23/2008
"i love this gun.

good ROF. i was shocked because of all the bad reviews about it.
excellent accuracy
great full metal body. very sturdy
comfortable to hold after you get used to it
good clip
strong sling
good fps. perfect for cqb but enough for outdoor play

the battery is a bitch to get out and put back in. the very worst part of the gun
the blowback is anoyying and makes the gun louder. but some people like that.

overall this cuz is a very good deal for the amount it is and i would recommended it to anyone
by Michael H. on 11/15/2008
"Can you remove the flashhider, What is the biggest battery that can fit in the gun, What mag's can fit in the gun?
by Karen D. on 11/12/2008
"is it a tool winding mag, or the bottom winder? I need to Know, or are they the same things?
by Andrew T. on 10/21/2008
"Well I just got this gun and got a chance to tinker around with it. I was very impressed with the finish on this gun for its price--its very heavy, very solid. However, some of that quality was left behind on the hand guard. Its upper half wobbles and creaks a bit. I corrected the wobble as much as I could by bending the tabs closer together so they latch a little tighter to the rest of the hand guard. The blowback action is very satisfying and it can be disable by simply pulling the bolt lever back to its locked position. ROF is horrible, but I'm used to using my lipo powered g36 for cqb, so its something I can live with. However, where it lacks ROF it makes up for with good accuracy with its extra long barrel. One interesting thing about this guns semi auto feature is that the bb is shot out as soon as you pull the trigger, similar to a spring gun, where you don't have to wait for the motor to wind up first. The gearbox is split into an upper and lower half--the upper housing the piston, spring and tappet plate, the lower contains the gears, of course, and is easy to separate. I have evike's newest batch of these guns and one thing I noticed differently about the gearbox compared to others is that the older ones have different, star shaped, bushings for the gears where mine has a traditional round 6mm (I think, didn't measure) bushing. Overall I was amazed at the value for this gun and its pros easily outweigh its cons. I definitely recommend this gun to anyone whose tired of seeing m4's on the field and wants an accurate, metal body gun.
by Hays F. on 10/15/2008
"This gun is sweet. Evike is very reliable and there customer service is amazing.
by Daniel S. on 09/06/2008
"This gun is VERY reliable ive owned it for 8 months now and ive never had to do anything to the gearbox (besides replace the spring {i have a m120 in it with NO other modifications}) it shot about 330FPS out of the box and had about about 100~125 ft of accuracy with little deviation

pros: accuracy price reliability upgradeability Weight and stability ( NO wobble)

CONS: the stock hop is crap the stock battery is nicad its HEAVY and there are no lower accessory mounts the flashhider is HUGE you could be spotted from a few hundred feet away because of it

my upgrades - m120 spring, guarder M4/m16 hop, tight bore barrel (6.03 ) total cost ~240 ( gun included) FPS - 425 ~ 440 accuracy ~200 ft (i hit a can at the other end of my local RC runway repeatedly )

over all its the best mpeg ive ever owned and i actually like it better than my G&G m16 grenader (but hey i love bullpup)

the only mpeg ive ever used that truly feels like an hpeg
by Johnson L. on 07/19/2008
"This is a great gun that is reliable and accurate. I would recommend using a 9.6V battery and eventually put a scope and upgrade the piston. But out of the box this gun is great. Always wanted a one hand bullpup gun and something different.
by Graham F. on 05/30/2008
"This gun is a kick ass weapon for those slightly less acceptional at airsoft such as myself
by Teddy P. on 09/25/2009
"decent starter gun. just has a few flaws:
1.very heavy due to all metal design and reinforced gearbox
2.fairly low rof due to the sr-25 sector gear
3.low sight mount so a riser mount would be required to
4. pain in the arse to change the battery
5. crappy ni-cd battery

but there are also some advantages:
1.long barrel capability so with a tightbore groupings can be high
2.decent internals
3.easy upgradeability
4.solid metal for durability
5.very compact
6. super SEXY!!!

personaly though i would have rather gotten a g&g or classic army sportline, but this rifle definetly has the capability to compete. just through in a new piston, motor, spring, tightbore, battery, and replace the sector gear and u can have a super dangerous weapon.
by Christopher D. on 09/19/2009
"I liked the gun when I got it but I went to upgrade the gun with a new spring and found the pistion heavily warn down. Called evike and the sent me a new piston and head free. Very nice of them. the last thing i didn't like about the gun was the problem with the single action couting out and not fireing anything. Easy fix by flipping to auto then back to semi. The acuracy is amaising even in full auto for about 150 ft will take any m4/16 mags. Very heavy weight but when you put it in your sholder it is as light as a feather.
4 stars because of piston ans semi problems.
by Spencer C. on 01/25/2009
"I got this as a christmas present. the piston was broken and i sent it back for repairs. evike fixed it for free!:) the metal body is great and it looks awesome. the plastic cheek rest feels great when long range aiming. the rubber butt pad grips alot, sometimes too much. ROF is amazing! the ROF is better than my well r2 skorpion. the fps is a little lacking, so either upgrade the spring or use it for CQB. mine is all tricked out for CQB with a red dot sight, awesome battery, and more. o yeah, one more thing, the battery that comes with it is really bad. get a new one!!!!!
good ROF
metal body
grippy butt pad
bullpup gives it a long barrel
really nice mag
easy takedown
compatible with lots of flash hiders/silencers

thats really all...
Good gun. if you want it, get it.