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Model: AEG-Army-L85A1

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by Alex d. on 2008-11-23 22:43:31
"i love this gun.

good ROF. i was shocked because of all the bad reviews about it.
excellent accuracy
great full metal body. very sturdy
comfortable to hold after you get used to it
good clip
strong sling
good fps. perfect for cqb but enough for outdoor play

the battery is a bitch to get out and put back in. the very worst part of the gun
the blowback is anoyying and makes the gun louder. but some people like that.

overall this cuz is a very good deal for the amount it is and i would recommended it to anyone
by cody r. on 2008-11-21 17:54:37
"what type of bbs does it use 6mm i need to know to buy it
by Karen D. on 2008-11-21 13:26:04
"this thing is great! It says it comes with a loader, but it doesn't, and my hop up doesnt seem to work. a little back heavy, and it takes a while to get the battery in and out
by Michael H. on 2008-11-15 12:25:32
"Can you remove the flashhider, What is the biggest battery that can fit in the gun, What mag's can fit in the gun?
by Karen D. on 2008-11-12 16:22:47
"is it a tool winding mag, or the bottom winder? I need to Know, or are they the same things?
by Andrew T. on 2008-10-21 21:15:04
"Well I just got this gun and got a chance to tinker around with it. I was very impressed with the finish on this gun for its price--its very heavy, very solid. However, some of that quality was left behind on the hand guard. Its upper half wobbles and creaks a bit. I corrected the wobble as much as I could by bending the tabs closer together so they latch a little tighter to the rest of the hand guard. The blowback action is very satisfying and it can be disable by simply pulling the bolt lever back to its locked position. ROF is horrible, but I'm used to using my lipo powered g36 for cqb, so its something I can live with. However, where it lacks ROF it makes up for with good accuracy with its extra long barrel. One interesting thing about this guns semi auto feature is that the bb is shot out as soon as you pull the trigger, similar to a spring gun, where you don't have to wait for the motor to wind up first. The gearbox is split into an upper and lower half--the upper housing the piston, spring and tappet plate, the lower contains the gears, of course, and is easy to separate. I have evike's newest batch of these guns and one thing I noticed differently about the gearbox compared to others is that the older ones have different, star shaped, bushings for the gears where mine has a traditional round 6mm (I think, didn't measure) bushing. Overall I was amazed at the value for this gun and its pros easily outweigh its cons. I definitely recommend this gun to anyone whose tired of seeing m4's on the field and wants an accurate, metal body gun.
by Hays F. on 2008-10-15 14:09:29
"This gun is sweet. Evike is very reliable and there customer service is amazing.
by Daniel S. on 2008-09-06 12:39:02
"This gun is VERY reliable ive owned it for 8 months now and ive never had to do anything to the gearbox (besides replace the spring {i have a m120 in it with NO other modifications}) it shot about 330FPS out of the box and had about about 100~125 ft of accuracy with little deviation

pros: accuracy price reliability upgradeability Weight and stability ( NO wobble)

CONS: the stock hop is crap the stock battery is nicad its HEAVY and there are no lower accessory mounts the flashhider is HUGE you could be spotted from a few hundred feet away because of it

my upgrades - m120 spring, guarder M4/m16 hop, tight bore barrel (6.03 ) total cost ~240 ( gun included) FPS - 425 ~ 440 accuracy ~200 ft (i hit a can at the other end of my local RC runway repeatedly )

over all its the best mpeg ive ever owned and i actually like it better than my G&G m16 grenader (but hey i love bullpup)

the only mpeg ive ever used that truly feels like an hpeg
by Johnson L. on 2008-07-19 02:52:09
"This is a great gun that is reliable and accurate. I would recommend using a 9.6V battery and eventually put a scope and upgrade the piston. But out of the box this gun is great. Always wanted a one hand bullpup gun and something different.
by Heidi M. on 2008-07-17 15:25:18
"This gun over all is good. The internals seem to be pretty good. One problem with this gun is the semi auto feature doesn't work so great. The gun at first fired fine is semi auto but after the third day of having this gun it would fire only 5 shoots in semi auto and then the trigger gets lock, but when you switch it to full auto it shoots fine. I'm mad about the semi auto not working. I going to get it checked out. The only thing i could think of causing that problem would be the connection or the piston. so this gun gets a 4 out of 5 stars because the gun is fully metal and a pretty good.
by Brendan M. on 2008-06-05 17:52:00
"Where to start with this gun...Lets start from the begining
Me and a few friends went over when a friend had announced that after a week of waiting this gun had finaly arrived and he would now be able to take on my Echo 1 custom AK 47, the thing didnt even get the chance. This gun is good, dont get me wrong, but there are many problems with it. For instance, the flashider (by US law needs to be 1/6 of an inch) is about as big as a thumb making this stand out like a sore thumb and needless to say, this got my friend lit up good by 3 electric rifles and 2 GBB's, the other problem is the hopup, with one person it is a pain to adjust it properly, and with one person you run the risk of dropping the gun straight on the barrel, the other problem is that this gun is BULPUP, meaning that the magazine is in the back of the gun, meaning with a high cap winding is VERY akward and your arm gets tired fast, i give this gun a 3 just because of sheer power and the accuracy is pretty good but can be ALOT better if the carrying handle is replaced by a red dot site or a scope

Good amount of metal parts
Nice FPS out of the box
Good ROF

Huge orange flashider
Bulpup design makes it a pain to wind your mag
It can be uncomfortable to crouch low to the ground (mag runs into leg)

Decent gun, there are better out there for the same price but if you like the look and are willing to either have your arm die winding the mag or get some mid caps you will be fine
by Corey B. on 2008-06-04 22:35:37
"This gun is awesome! the pre-upgraded version is okay, but the CUSTOM is far better, and really makes it worth the wile. Definitely not for CQB.

I haven't tried this in a battle yet, but I imagine it will be great! I took it to work and it shoots clear across the shop with no problem (with full battery charge of course). I get back as far as I can until I'm almost outside; very impressed! should use the .25g or the .23g. I've been using the .23 and they work much better than the .20g. it chronographs at around 410 with the customizations.

the only problem I had was that there was something wrong with the motor when I first got it home. I took it back and they were more than happy to replace it with a new one, right there, no problem.

The other 'problem' I had with the gun was that the semi-auto is totally useless(apparently after the customizations -not too sure about that one...). it never really works all that well, and you are pretty much stuck with the full auto.. witch is no big deal bcz the rate of fire on the L85 is slow enough that it makes little difference.

oh.. also the blow-back is cool too.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 27 reviews)

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