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Army Full Steel Metal Body L85A1 / R85A1 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

30 Customer Reviews

by Michael L. on 12/12/2008
"Just received this today (order placed 6 days ago on a saturday), so i was pretty impressed with Evike's speed of processing. :) Just in time for skirmish tomorrow.

Well, a few notable comments i must make:

1: Semi-auto doesn't work after 2 shots.
2: the magazine that came with it was faulty
3: Regarding the battery, i only have small batts at home but i also have an adaptor that enables me to use them on the L85 which requires large battery.
5: Good ROF on full auto
6: The orange flash hider is a biatch to remove; i simply painted it black. Its full metal btw...
7: I love it! :) Easily put together and taken apart..

Since this is the only bullpup AEG around other than the Type 96, it fulfills my requirement for a compact rifle other than my p90.

Hope an airsoft version of a SAR-21 comes about soon.. :P (my service rifle in the military)

Thanks evike ! :)
by cody r. on 11/21/2008
"what type of bbs does it use 6mm i need to know to buy it
by Karen D. on 11/21/2008
"this thing is great! It says it comes with a loader, but it doesn't, and my hop up doesnt seem to work. a little back heavy, and it takes a while to get the battery in and out
by Heidi M. on 07/17/2008
"This gun over all is good. The internals seem to be pretty good. One problem with this gun is the semi auto feature doesn't work so great. The gun at first fired fine is semi auto but after the third day of having this gun it would fire only 5 shoots in semi auto and then the trigger gets lock, but when you switch it to full auto it shoots fine. I'm mad about the semi auto not working. I going to get it checked out. The only thing i could think of causing that problem would be the connection or the piston. so this gun gets a 4 out of 5 stars because the gun is fully metal and a pretty good.
by Corey B. on 06/04/2008
"This gun is awesome! the pre-upgraded version is okay, but the CUSTOM is far better, and really makes it worth the wile. Definitely not for CQB.

I haven't tried this in a battle yet, but I imagine it will be great! I took it to work and it shoots clear across the shop with no problem (with full battery charge of course). I get back as far as I can until I'm almost outside; very impressed! should use the .25g or the .23g. I've been using the .23 and they work much better than the .20g. it chronographs at around 410 with the customizations.

the only problem I had was that there was something wrong with the motor when I first got it home. I took it back and they were more than happy to replace it with a new one, right there, no problem.

The other 'problem' I had with the gun was that the semi-auto is totally useless(apparently after the customizations -not too sure about that one...). it never really works all that well, and you are pretty much stuck with the full auto.. witch is no big deal bcz the rate of fire on the L85 is slow enough that it makes little difference.

oh.. also the blow-back is cool too.
by Trevor p. on 05/22/2008
"I gave this gun a 4 out of 5 because it has a low rate of fire. However, this gun has a good weight and is very accurate. The bullpup style makes this gun very compact. The working bolt makes this gun very realistic and is a great feature. A few things I reccomend for this product is a low magnification scope and a three point sling. However the iron sights are very nice and similar to M16/M4.
by Torrie J. on 05/03/2008
"The overall construction is very good. It's one of the more heavier guns out there, but the power and accuracy more than make up for it. Had one problem where the gun just stopped firing. I sent it into Evike and they fixed it, it's working perfectly fine now.
by Richard H. on 07/10/2017
"The L85 is my hands down favorite gun by far and to say i couldent use this is sad, the army armament l85 isnt so good its hard to put back together after stripping it. I got one with a non- working blowback and it was easily out proformed by my m4 in range and accuracy but this gun can take a beating and upgrading is easy but im not an upgrade person.
by Jens S. on 02/20/2017
"This is probably the "best" and sexiest gun I've ever purchased and M4s can suck it. Here is why. I was determined to get a bullpop rifle when I was getting back into airsoft. I also previously sold my ICS SIG 551 so I really wanted a European rifle. It was that, the AUG or the TAVOR.

I went with it after watching videos of the EBB action, which by the way looks and sounds godly. You will want this gun to be fired at your wedding ceremony. The only non-metal part was the handguard which also had a terrible trapdoor system that didn't actually allow you to fit a ninchuck, so you'd have to remove the entire unit off the barrel anyway. The buttpad and cheekrest were made of some high quality army green rubber that amplified the pleasure of wielding it. There was no wobble whatsoever at first. Everything just looked and felt perfect just like in the picture, until I started noticing some slight wobble in the handgaurd.

At the end of the 2nd day of use, I hand it to my friend and the next thing I know the gun falls apart in our hands. The handgard and front sight came completely loose and were now allowed to rotate 360* about the barrel. I identified that the front sight, which is what hold the handguard unit into place, had its tightening screw missing.

But that's not it. Prior to realizing that, I reset the spring and field stripped the gun according to the manual to better understand how the gun held together. I realized it wasn't from the inside, so I put it back together, but during the process, some tiny pin-like parts fell out of the receiver. It was also I monstrous pain to put the whole thing together, it kept catching on something even though it was the only way the put it back together.
After I duct taped the front sight to the barrel, I test fired the gun, only to find out the blowback action was no longer functioning. It still fired well, but I gave up on the lemon and sent it back to Evike. I got a different gun because this L85 was only restocking a month later.'

3 stars because I got 2 major issues right off the bat, but the assembly and build is amazing for the price. I now have an A&K GR300 and still miss my L85 to death.
by Gabe E. on 12/11/2011
"This gun shoots beautifully whens it works. Due to the fact it is a split gearbox the piston gets chewed up really fast. My hop up work for a little then just started jamming BBs. I got a whole 2-3days of good play on it until I had to fix it. It is easy to take apart n put back together though. And the single fire jams up.

Upgrades I made

6.03 matrix barrel (barrel is already a 6.04)
SR-25 piston is a must!!!! (try to get the 3 metal toothed)
Ver.7 piston head
Red element M4/M16 one piece hop up
Polar spacer
Find a nice bucking
Fits a 9.6v chuck battery (do not use anything higher!)

Once upgrades are in you'll have the best gun on the field guaranteed!

I recommend buying a better version of the L85 so you do not have to do the upgrades.
by austin h. on 11/27/2008
"ok this gun is deffinatly not worth the price....yeah it looks/feels cool ...however semi almost never works...i lock the blowback and it still blows back...the handguard where you put the battery can only hold very few styles of batterys...i did run a lipo through it and it was smooth....range is pretty good i guess but it always jams and crap...i used mine a few days ago for the first time...i got like 3 kills then went to charge some guys and it jammed lucky they didnt seeme so i fell back and messed with it....i dont know it always acts like the battery is dieing even if its full charge...i give it a 3 because it looks nice as heck and its sturdy
by Brendan M. on 06/05/2008
"Where to start with this gun...Lets start from the begining
Me and a few friends went over when a friend had announced that after a week of waiting this gun had finaly arrived and he would now be able to take on my Echo 1 custom AK 47, the thing didnt even get the chance. This gun is good, dont get me wrong, but there are many problems with it. For instance, the flashider (by US law needs to be 1/6 of an inch) is about as big as a thumb making this stand out like a sore thumb and needless to say, this got my friend lit up good by 3 electric rifles and 2 GBB's, the other problem is the hopup, with one person it is a pain to adjust it properly, and with one person you run the risk of dropping the gun straight on the barrel, the other problem is that this gun is BULPUP, meaning that the magazine is in the back of the gun, meaning with a high cap winding is VERY akward and your arm gets tired fast, i give this gun a 3 just because of sheer power and the accuracy is pretty good but can be ALOT better if the carrying handle is replaced by a red dot site or a scope

Good amount of metal parts
Nice FPS out of the box
Good ROF

Huge orange flashider
Bulpup design makes it a pain to wind your mag
It can be uncomfortable to crouch low to the ground (mag runs into leg)

Decent gun, there are better out there for the same price but if you like the look and are willing to either have your arm die winding the mag or get some mid caps you will be fine
by Alex M. on 04/07/2015
"If you need an L85 body and the boneyards are turning up nothing, this is an excellent place to start. If you are interested in upgrading a new gun, this is a good place to start. If you are going to use this gun stock, look for the G&G or ICS L85.

My experience:
Loaded the mag and went to put the battery in. Opened the little door, but the space between the outer barrel and the inner wall of the front hand guard is too tight to fit even the smallest batteries. Once I had the battery plugged in, I pulled the trigger and heard the click of death. *FUSE Fried. (11.1 King Arms Lipo 1500 MaH).

After bipassing the fuse I plugged in a 9.6v NiMH Battery and the rifle proceeded to fire in full auto once the battery was plugged in. Disconnected the battery and reconnected, same results. Disconnected and pulled the trigger a few times and then reconnected it and it wasn't firing that time. On full auto the gun performed as expected.

Semi auto was very consistent. It would fire two BB's (one fully powered and the other at about half) and the gun would jam up. I was surprised how consistent this issue was. Switching to full auto would fix this issue.

For a stock clone gun, the range is decent, the bb's are not in a tight grouping, but the range is decent. The hop up needed a good while to break in.

Blow back was meh. It makes shooting left handed annoying but doable. Locking back the op rod works well.

The body is awesome for a clone. Not the best metal but not the cheapest either. The ABS is tight and no wobbles or creaks; feels like polymer.

I am not sure if this is an issue with the rifle or the way I carry the rifle, but I feel like the selector switch does not stay in Auto. The switch is a rotary switch that has dimples in the body to lock it in place. The switch seems to not rotate fully into the "Auto Dimple" and makes its way back to the unreliable Semi Auto setting. It is possible that as I am moving around the gun is brushing up against me and switching on accident.

Decent Range
Great Body
Heavy Weight (realism)
Clone "flash" mag.
Advantages of L85 (bullpup quick rotation)

Semi Auto
Fuse Fried
Weird ghost firing issue (only once)
Heavy Weight (if that's not your thing).
Disadvantages of L85 (not left handed.)

Honestly, If I wasn't buying this gun for the body, I would have claimed a lemon and asked for my money back.
by Cody b. on 10/09/2017
"First time shooting out of the box and the bolt jams everytime in fully auto. Works 75% of the time in semi auto. I was looking forward to using this gun but it's horribly unreliable.
by Terrence K. on 07/23/2016
"Owned it less than a month and put less than 1000 bbs through it but the gearbox and/or piston is already sparking and jammed. Solid body but worthless internals.

I really liked this rifle when it arrived, despite its damaged flash hider, inability to function in simi auto, and oversized mag well simply for its ergonomics and durable feel.

But at the end of the day it's just a pile of bits. A pretty pile of bits, mind you, but I can't throw a pile of bits at the MG laying down suppressive fire onto my squad from 3 streets over.