Reviews: Licensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Metal Receiver / Gearbox) by King Arms Cybergun

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Model: AEG-SA-43908
Location: L3-041 L3-T16 L3-T19

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by Sean C. on 2010-03-11 14:45:38
"I got this gun for my birthday 3 months ago and it is still going strong. I highly recomend it to anyone who wants a fairly accurate, fully automatic, and good looking gun. This gun is so good that I used to be basicly a human target in airsoft battles, but now I OWN the battle feld. the only bad thing is that it is not that esay to take apart. Other than that I give it a 5 out of 5.

Have fun out there
by Collin S. on 2010-01-14 22:38:57
"This was my first "good" gun. Im a huge WWII fan, so when I saw they had an airsoft Thompson I had to get it. When I first used it, I thought it was one of the best. Til I used it in an actual war... heres the pros and cons...

Good power
Good enough for a war, and under $200
looks plain awesome
some metal parts
comes with a high cap

low rof
some of the black parts are plastic, but you cant even notice it
the stock, grip, and handle are imitation wood, but its still good and do you really want to have to take special care of real wood?

Overall: Great begginer gun. Ive heard its the best WWII gun you can get (besides the Stg 44) and I agree!
by luis m. on 2010-01-10 20:03:14
"This gun is awsome in the forest everyone wanted to be on my team there is one on the other hand it's a little big but I'm 6"4 so it doesn't bother me

dead accurate
very powerful (430)
sturdy ( no jingling )
all metal except 4 plastic fake wood

nothing except for the size but no biggy
by Jeffrey B. on 2009-11-28 15:57:24
"I got the new version with my order. Out of the box it got from 370-470 FPS and was very accurate. I highly recommend this AEG to anyone who likes WWII, as well as players who want a reliable gun. If you plan to put a larger battery in the stock, I recommend the nunchuck type, as I was unable to fit the large type battery from my full size JG AK47 in there. I give this gun a 5/5 for realism, reliability, and just for being amazing.
by Joseph S. on 2009-10-10 17:31:45
"I bought this gun over a month ago and used it in a couple skrimishes and I gotta say this gun i great it shoots very far for having a short barrel you should be able to hit someone from 150ft away pretty easy it was chronoed at about 370-375fps at a game another great thing is because how the stock is you can aim the sights down even if you do have a bulky mask I'd recomend getting a 9.6v with this but in the stock theres a big foam block in the stock that I just took out. Overall I'd say this isn't only just a great gun for WW2 game but for any type game I'd say this would be a better choice then something like a JG M4.
by Phillip W. on 2009-10-05 13:21:37
"This is a very effective gun, i highly recommend it to anybody who is looking for anybody who wants an AEG, new or experienced.

This gun is very solid, it can take a large abmount of damage, dirt and abuse. Its magazine capacity is large (appoximatley 300bb's), and it can fire 15 seconds of non-stop full auto when fully wound, before having to be wound again. This gun is a effective up to about 100 yards, which is good for an AEG. It shoots about 360fps. It is compact and easy to carry, and best of all, it is a thompson, and that is just cool within its self.

There are no real flaws with this weapon, but i reccomend picking up at couple spare mags (cost about $26 each) and a mag pouch (costs $20), as you will be picking off a lot of people and will find your self empty pretty quickley. I have brutally abused mine in airsoft matches and there is an inch deep dent in the mag, but it still works fine. This gun is the AK47 of AEGs, it will keep shooting, and as long as you dont run out of ammo, it will keep killing people.

All in all, if you want an AEG, buy this, you wont be disappointed. It is not highly customizable, but that isnt a major issue, as the iron sights work up to about 90yards. If you are looking for a WWII AEG, this is what you want, dont buy some expensive gas M1 Garand (although they are pretty cool), get this, and for $150, you are getting an awesome deal.
by andrew t. on 2009-10-02 20:42:02
"This gun is awesome!

full metal (except ABS plastic designed as wood)
plastic feels like wood
good for collectors
bolt is realistic
very cheap from Evike

battery sucks
very heavy,but that is what makes it realistic
by andrew t. on 2009-09-27 08:35:24
"for realism, this gun is awesome.
very realistic
fun to play with
bolt is very fun to play with
high rate of fire
this is the most cheapest Thompson iv'e ever seen
good for collecters
no cons, so far
Do NOT take this gun apart until you know what you're in for
don't try to tighten the strap holders, i had to take the fore grip off just to put the retarded square things back in [you'll know what i'm talking about if you try to tighten the strap holders]
do not try to take the stock off unless you're experienced with taking apart air soft guns.
i will write another review when i take this gun into combat.
by kyle b. on 2009-09-26 15:44:42
"this gun is awesome ive accidently dropped it on rocks and pavement and still works perfectly so i would highly recommend this gun to anyone for a cqb or even a longer ranged gun so get it!
by Gilbert L. on 2009-09-21 18:49:00
"Awesome gun, extremely accurate up to 150 feet, and excellent rate of fire with a 9.6 battery. The plastic stock has its positives too, it has a HUGE battery compartment that could fit a large type if you get an adapter for the connector. This thing outperforms the 300 dollar ICS Mp5s and the AGM Stubbys that are rented out at Airsoft Playground! To answer the questions though the guns is long, longer than an M4A1 with the stock retracted, so don't get this if you're under 5'2", and for a thin gun it is quite heavy, like 5-6 pounds. Still an excellent gun for multiple platforms, even sniping if you upgrade the barrel. Its also a must buy for WW2 collectors.
by deborah o. on 2009-09-21 14:25:20
"this gun all makes my friends not want to without every body part coverd!about the gun very good aim real weight and only not so good thing ic the mag w/holds 47bbs i bought a round drum with it
by danny e. on 2009-09-08 17:19:30
"I have had this gun for about 2 years and I use it A LOT! it is in the store being upgraded with an M120 spring right now. When i got it it was already EXTREMELY accurate. I could hit a fence post first try from 150 feet. Now 4 of 8 people on my airsoft teem have it. I got it from Big 5 for $150. Just get it. Trust me

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 107 reviews)

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