Reviews: Licensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Metal Receiver / Gearbox) by King Arms Cybergun

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Model: AEG-SA-43900

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by Andrew D. on 2010-09-09 21:52:34
"Really nice gun!!! My friend bought this from Big 5 but DOUBLE PRICE!!! Even if u buy this from evikewith tax and shipping, still cheap alot if u compare!!! Buy this gun from EVIKE!!! Not Big 5!
by Josh H. on 2010-08-30 08:05:17
"This gun is great. I bought my from the store though. I've had my for about two years now and I've beaten the crap out of it. It still works. it's never jammed on me and it hasn't broke yet (beside one of the screws in the stock that has gone missing). This gun is very accurate in the field (I've tallied many head shots from over 50 feet away). If your a WW2 fan of just like the Thompson, this is a great gun to have. Though my gun looks a bit different cuz I've customized it a little to work at my standards of airsofting.

Good FPS
Good duribility
Never jams
Very accurate
Awesome replica
Great showcase gun

Heavy for an SMG
by Christopher D. on 2010-04-19 18:55:21
"This gun is a beast!!!!! It is full metal and very sturdy plastic for the "wood parts". It is nice and heavy and feels just like the real deal. I've used this gun many times in battle against "nicer" guns such as Tokyo mauri's and classics and held my own. The clip size is good and the battery lasts for a long enough time. If you get this gun you will not be disappointed. The only thing I have to complain about this gun is not having the ability to put attachments such as sights or lasers on it. I still highly recomend this too all. 8)
by Odin C. on 2010-04-10 12:07:29
"This is literally THE greatest gun of all time! I used it in a couple wars, and all my friends had either blood blisters or blood period. Mostly just blood. It packs a hell of punch. Throw a 9.6 volt 1600 mAh battery in there and your talkin' big leagues. I did that. Now when I go invade my friends bunker, all I do is yell "Thompson!" and they go runnin' like little sissys everytime. Only problem is that you can't leave the hi-cap winded over an elongated amount of time, but just take it to your local sports place and they'll fix the mag for free. Goes great with the Luger I'm getting.
by Ko K. on 2010-03-21 13:19:15
Heavy weight
Very powerful
real wood finish
Metal Gearbox

Its hard to pull out the mag but not if you get used to it
The orange tip is not able to come off
by alex h. on 2010-03-15 10:32:48
"i love this gun its great ive had it for a week now and theres only one problem ive seen and thats the fact that the clip it comes with may be metaal but its kinda junky cuz it misfeeds alot but its tolerable because its such a gr8 gun
by alex l. on 2010-03-14 09:02:38
"Great gun! The bbs fly out of the barrel like there is no tommorrow but I recommend that if you are looking to buy this gun to buy some more mags because the mag that it comes with sucks. Alos there is 2 screws in front of the mag on the bottom of the gun. TIGHTEN THOSE BEFORE SHOOTING IT! They fall out because of the viberation coming from the gun.

FPS 400+
Range 150+ Feet

Orange Tip
Loose Screws
Battery sucks
by melisa b. on 2010-03-12 12:45:09
"This gun is amazing, I love the look the, feel is geat, Its great for CQB, I was alone in an area and 4 guys walk right past me, i popped out and took them all out in short time.

Great weight
Great feel
fps is good
range is ok
Its durable

Mags are sorta hard to change
Battery it comes with sucks
by Sean C. on 2010-03-11 14:45:38
"I got this gun for my birthday 3 months ago and it is still going strong. I highly recomend it to anyone who wants a fairly accurate, fully automatic, and good looking gun. This gun is so good that I used to be basicly a human target in airsoft battles, but now I OWN the battle feld. the only bad thing is that it is not that esay to take apart. Other than that I give it a 5 out of 5.

Have fun out there
by Collin S. on 2010-01-14 22:38:57
"This was my first "good" gun. Im a huge WWII fan, so when I saw they had an airsoft Thompson I had to get it. When I first used it, I thought it was one of the best. Til I used it in an actual war... heres the pros and cons...

Good power
Good enough for a war, and under $200
looks plain awesome
some metal parts
comes with a high cap

low rof
some of the black parts are plastic, but you cant even notice it
the stock, grip, and handle are imitation wood, but its still good and do you really want to have to take special care of real wood?

Overall: Great begginer gun. Ive heard its the best WWII gun you can get (besides the Stg 44) and I agree!
by luis m. on 2010-01-10 20:03:14
"This gun is awsome in the forest everyone wanted to be on my team there is one on the other hand it's a little big but I'm 6"4 so it doesn't bother me

dead accurate
very powerful (430)
sturdy ( no jingling )
all metal except 4 plastic fake wood

nothing except for the size but no biggy
by Jeffrey B. on 2009-11-28 15:57:24
"I got the new version with my order. Out of the box it got from 370-470 FPS and was very accurate. I highly recommend this AEG to anyone who likes WWII, as well as players who want a reliable gun. If you plan to put a larger battery in the stock, I recommend the nunchuck type, as I was unable to fit the large type battery from my full size JG AK47 in there. I give this gun a 5/5 for realism, reliability, and just for being amazing.

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 115 reviews)

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