Reviews: Licensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Metal Receiver / Gearbox) by King Arms / Cybergun

$170.00 $140.00

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Model: AEG-SA-43908
Location: L3-041

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by Weston S. on 2008-07-07 20:59:33
"Phenomenal gun. a little awkward to handle though because the stock is rather long. Buy the gun off this site because i bought the same gun for much more at a store so buy it here. Great FPS and accuracy. This is the best gun for WWII reenactments. I wouldnt suggest buying it though. it is NOT good for choose-your-own-weapon style airsoft combat because the stick mag makes it difficult to crawl with and its awkward to handle because of the stock like I said earlier. Its a good replica but not ideal for fighting with, instead buy an A&K MKII M249 SAW. its much much better. this is a well made gun dont get me wrong its just not MY first choice in heavy airsoft firefights.
by Peter N. on 2008-07-01 02:11:51
"For the previous review. FYI: This rifle has 470 round hi-cap magazine for about $20....You can carry as many as you want.

This AEG is pretty much like the Tokyo marui one, with better finish, more metal parts, higher fps, free battery, free charger and its not $500! If you want a Thompson, this is THE Thompson to get. I don't think there is a better Thompson to buy.
by Leonardo L. on 2008-06-30 18:27:14
"This gun is pretty good it hurts like a mother the only proplem with this gun is that it doesnt hold as much bb's
by jeremy r. on 2008-06-21 10:51:44
"this is the besst gun ever. good range great power the whole thing is solid and almost every piece is metal.the plastic imitation wood looks and feels real and the rate of fire is not the best but definitely not the worst, the accuracy on this gun is INCREDIBLE and so is the range, the magazines also hold TONS of bbs.i would reccommend this gun to everyone who likes realism and power!

Displaying 97 to 100 (of 100 reviews)

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