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Licensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle by King Arms / CYMA (Metal Receiver / Gearbox)

120 Customer Reviews

by Jason W. on 08/14/2014
"This was my 2nd aeg. It was a absolute shock when I saw the range and accuracy. The only cons are the grip is plastic and wobbly.
by Sam W. on 05/06/2012
"This gun was good to me. For about a year. I got this gun in February 2011 and it was my dream gun. I got it from my local arena. It included a 9.6v 1600 mAh battery and a tokyo mauri 470 hicap. I thought i was in heaven. Then one day at my local arena the gears locked up so much the hop up wheel flew out and the gearbox snapped. It is unfixable. So i got the gg raider cqb. this gun was good till it broke.

pros: 13 rof with 9.6v
came w/ 9.v
came w/470 round hicap
light weight
very accurate

well, obviously mine broke
sights get loose
stock gets wabboly,so i took it off

overal: good cqb and field gun
i would recommend it
325-360 fps
crisp trigger responce
by Jacob C. on 03/20/2011
"I have had this gun for 4 months now and it has never let me down. The battery is long lasting, the firepower is awesome, it is metal, and just holding it is awesome. the bad part is that sometimes the semi stops working. ALso you will need a sling because it is heavy. But overall it is a great gun.
by Declan C. on 02/22/2011
"I have had this Thompson for around 3 months and i absolutely love it! I bought it because i wanted to have a different, more classic style gun that other people at the place I airsoft and I didnt know what I was getting into. This gun is great, it's FPS is around 350-380 with .20 bb's and the ROF is alright with the standard 8.4 volt battery. I also love the standard stick-mag it comes with because it holds right around 350-370 rounds. I recommend this Thompson to anyone looking for a great, medium priced AEG.
by Peter O. on 12/08/2010
"I got this to replace my pulse R71 (horrible gun) and I was impressed. The iron sights are extremely accurate. About 1 month ago I was shooting and the gun started firing like 2ft. I had broke my piston teeth. As it turns out it was my fault for using crossman bbs which are low quality and will break your gun.

Good fps (370ish)
Ok rof (recommend a 9.6v though)
iron sight are good
Battery cavity is small

No rails (it would look ridiculous with them though)
Mags sometimes misfire
Over all great gun for collectors and player alike
by melisa b. on 03/12/2010
"This gun is amazing, I love the look the, feel is geat, Its great for CQB, I was alone in an area and 4 guys walk right past me, i popped out and took them all out in short time.

Great weight
Great feel
fps is good
range is ok
Its durable

Mags are sorta hard to change
Battery it comes with sucks
by Collin S. on 01/14/2010
"This was my first "good" gun. Im a huge WWII fan, so when I saw they had an airsoft Thompson I had to get it. When I first used it, I thought it was one of the best. Til I used it in an actual war... heres the pros and cons...

Good power
Good enough for a war, and under $200
looks plain awesome
some metal parts
comes with a high cap

low rof
some of the black parts are plastic, but you cant even notice it
the stock, grip, and handle are imitation wood, but its still good and do you really want to have to take special care of real wood?

Overall: Great begginer gun. Ive heard its the best WWII gun you can get (besides the Stg 44) and I agree!
by Louise S. on 03/29/2009
"This gun is good and here are the pros and cons
powerful(350-385 w/ .2 bbs)
metal gearbox
Nice weight

Mag is small, only 47 or so rounds( i forgot how many)
426 fps is only with .12 bbs which are inacurate and can jam the gun

Overall this gun is high quality
some other guns you might like are;
- SoftAir Licensed Full Metal MP40 Full Size A.E.G.
- AEM MP007 Matrix Full Metal MP-40 A.E.G. Package.
or for the fortunate or should i say rich
-Tokyo Marui FULL SIZE Thompson M1A1 Style Automatic Electric Gun
by Adam L. on 01/01/2009
"I have already reviewed the gun and I have had it for a long time and I am very satisfied but I decided to make another review to make sure that someone looking to buy the gun will know what they are getting.

The pros have been already listed
High FPS- 370 even now after over a year
Solid metal body
Realistic fake wood parts
Great hop up
Removeable orange cap
Very realistic
super accurate
Lots of cheap high cap mags and batteries

Hard to run around with
Humungous stock that can get in the way and be hard to handle if your small. If you are small like under 5'6" than don't get this gun. It has a huge stock that you need to be big to handle. It's not the makers fault its the 90 year old design.
If you are going to be taking cover and going prone a lot the magazine is a little big and you may have to tilt the gun which is awkward.
Low ROF out of the box- buy a 9.6V nunchuck battery and you fix that
The fake wood handle slightly creaks and is a minor annoyance- no big deal unless your obsessive
Really weird shaped magazine that will not fit in any Vests so you can't carry alot of magazines. If you wanna carry lots of magazines than buy some G&P MP5 pouches and put them on a MOLLE vest

That's pretty much it. Overall if you are doing CQB this is not the gun for you. It is a lot bigger than it looks and just because its submachine gun doesn't mean its small. If you want a gun that can act like a very accurate M16 or M4 than this is what you want. Just be aware that the stock is big but helps with accuracy and it is heavy. The gun can be used at close to pretty long range but is too big for CQB. Also this gun is rock solid and is almost unbreakable. Great Gun, Great buy, But be prepared to deal with the problems before you buy.
by Chris K. on 11/20/2008
"hey can anyone verify if this thing really has reinforced steel gears? Im gonna get one ppretty soon with a tokyo marui highcap and another battery im just wondering if this really has steel gears
by bob c. on 10/20/2008
"dose this gun have to shoot steel bbs because it is a soft air and not an airsoft
by Leonardo L. on 06/30/2008
"This gun is pretty good it hurts like a mother the only proplem with this gun is that it doesnt hold as much bb's
by tanner c. on 04/02/2017
"So this my second experience with this gun. Long story short, my last one is about 7-8 years old now and still runs bone stock even though I no longer own it. A lot has changed in the build quality of this gun since the last one I owned. With that said lets get this review going.

I bought this gun back in December of 2016. I was very pleased with the quality of the build. The gun is a good weight and will not be comfortable for all players. The metal is fairly hefty as is the imitation wood. The paint scratches fairly easy. The trade marks are spot on. It chronoed around 280FPS with a .20g bb on an Xcortech chronograph. It fed flawlessly with the King Arms 110rd midi-cap and the CYMA 420rd hi-cap mags. I could hit a bottle of Elite Force bb's at about 150ft 7-10 times.
The gearbox, From day one just by the sound I could tell that there was something a little off. I have actually had a conversation with Evike Matt(marketing I believe) about this. It does NOT contain the metal bushings as stated. They are a very cheap plastic and I would not condone the use of them as they could crack, deform, or have the gear bore them out(if you don't use this gun a lot I would think you could use them). The air seal was far from par. The gears have got to be probably the worst part of this gun. The version 6 gearbox does NOT contain standard gear set. The spur gear is smaller than your standard size. A common tech myth and have personally tried is if you turn the spur's oval bushing it will take a standard version 2/3 set. That is a MYTH, when you do that as the spur and sector do fit the bevel gear cannot actuate the spur gear. The reason why this has me a little riled up is that my spur gear is actually deformed. It will not mesh correctly and actually jams when finger spinning the gears(they should spin smoothly). I cannot find a replacement spur gear or gear set. The gears were actually shimmed... Not shimmed well but shimmed (shimming- Metal spacers that keep the gears from rubbing on other gears and the gearbox). The wiring is decent but I wouldn't use anything to crazy for a battery. I recommend sticking with a 9.6v or a 7.4v Lipo(learn how to handle Lipos before you buy). The motor, same as every other stock motor.
All in all its not a bad gun and works really well. I would say that i just got a lemon. I'll do some pros and cons to sum up this experience.

-Externally built very well
-Trademarks are spot on
_Works with most TM (Tokyo Marui) Thompson magazines
-Shoots good

-Gearbox was manufactured sub par
-Proprietary parts
-Bushings are not metal
by Brandon W. on 02/23/2015
"Mechanically this gun works good, good feeding, hop up bucking usually needs to be replaced after a couple thousand rounds, feels nice, good space in stock for large battery. Negative of this gun is that it does not have a very strong body. I have owned a couple of these, as well as a few friends of mine, and we have seen 3 break on the field. By breaking I mean the metal body can break easily if dropped, or if you knock it into a wall or go down to the ground to fast. Usually it is the barrel shroud that cracks, as the metal is the cheap Chinese pot metal. I also saw one break at the rear stock before, again the metal just cracking. This gun has some of the cheapest metal I have seen, and the body is also cast metal, not stamped sheet metal like some other guns. This makes it very brittle, so use with care.
by Grant G. on 12/02/2008
"i about to get this gun and im wodering if i can get more mags or anyother mag becide the tokoy mariu mag? i cant spell srry.