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Licensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle by King Arms / CYMA w/ Metal Receiver & Gearbox (Package: Gun Only)

221 Customer Reviews

by Aaron A. on 12/04/2012
"I have had this gun for a year. It is amazing gun!

Good Range
Good Rate of Fire
Easy to upgrade any of the components in the gear box!
Great Price
Nice alternative to modern firearms

A little heavy
The Tappet plate it came with broke
by Thedude 1. on 11/11/2012
"I have had this gun for over two years and it still preforms the same as the day I brought it out of the box. The M1A1 Thompson is a one of a kind, this gun is a must have if you are into World War II weapons.
by luke b. on 10/17/2012
"this gun is great I've had it for about 3 months now and my friends are jellios but i wish they made a modern version
by Brendan W. on 07/01/2012
"First of all this gun looks amazing when you first take it out of the box! But better yet when you shoot it it is even more amazing!

Pros: Looks cool
shoots well
great accuracy

Cons: A little on the heavy side
also, long (!!!so if you do not want a long gun this is not for you!!!)
by justin s. on 07/01/2012
"This gun is the best gun i have owned.

dosnt jam
overal a great gun. every thing is good.

screws do come loose.
the mag that it comes with jams, but easy to fix.

all are easy fixes.
by Blake C. on 05/25/2012
"Alright guys and dolls, this gun does really good in the looks, performance, and real steel over all function. First though was dang this is a sexy gun. It has a good weight to it, this gun has a good rate of fire kind of like the real steel in RPM, and the cosmetics of the gun are all where they need to be. My one and only real complaint is the imataion wood parts were a little loose when i got it, so i grabbed a screw driver and tightened them up, now there is no sqeeking sound from the gun. Now for the pros and cons.

-Imataion wood sqeeked(no big thing)

-Very accurate out to 125 + feet
-Very reliable with mid & high caps
-FPS is around 385 give or take 15fps
-Good weight to the gun, but not to heavy
-The price is nice, but always can be lower
-Perfect for war reinactments/mil-sim players
-Last but not least the sex-a-pill this gun has when being used, Love It!

All in all it is a very good gun for the money, but if you had the money to spend I would buy the ALIEN Pulse Rifle they sell here because it to is a thompson compatible gun. I hope this helped so keep it real and Peace Out!
by Chris G. on 02/14/2012
"If you are looking for an AEG that is reliable in mid-range combat and small enough to use effectively in CQB, you should definitely consider this gun. Personally, I am not a huge fan of M4s, simply because everyone has one. I am also not a fan of purchasing attachments, such as red dot sights, tactical lights, and hand grips. They don't really do much for accuracy, and they cost a good deal of money. I've had this gun for 2 years now and its still working strong. The body is full metal, with the exception of the hand grip and the imitation wood. It weights around 7 lbs, which is not heavy at all. When I chronoed the gun, it was consistently shooting around 360-375 FPS with .2 gram BBs. With .25s, it still shot 330-250, which is perfect for indoor facilities and outdoor fields as well. I would recommend purchasing a 9.6 volt battery with it because it raises the ROF greatly.

Well priced
Mid-cap magazine that it comes with holds a lot

Hard to find a tactical vest to hold the magazines. I would recommend finding one that fits P90 or UMP45 magazines.
Sling that it comes with is weak. I recommend purchasing a different one.
by James A. on 01/25/2012
"Where do i begin i have had my Thompson for over 3 years and it still works perfectly! I love the feel of the gun to the weight of it to the feel to the fake wood. it shoots really around 370-380 with .2 but it is really accurate and powerful. i would highly rec this gun to a some what experienced player. but i would get a 9.6 volt battery for it tho
great weight
great feel
great FPS
great power
comes with high cap mag
great gearbox
Amazing all around

8.4 battery sucks ( GET 9.6 volt)!!!!!
battery jiggles in the back and its loud
the switches can come off easy
and sometimes semi will not shoot..just pull out mag or switch to full.
by Sam H. on 01/15/2012
"This is a wonderful gun and it's really powerful. I've used it in several times and have made four people bleed with it. It definately gives you the upper hand.
by Dylan J. on 11/20/2011
"I love this gun!!! I had it for about a year now and it still works like brand new. The range on this gun is about 175ft and it's accurate all the way. I use this for outdoors and it's just amazing. I also love light it is (7lbs) so I can just sprint as fast as possible across the field lol.
by Sheena T. on 09/27/2011
"I love this gun!!!! No cons to this gun. I wanted to see how aiming was and i shot threw a can! Best gun i have ever owned!!!! Its good for beginners and pros alike. Would recommend to everyone
by Breland W. on 08/15/2011
"Awesome gun. had it for a couple months and it rocks. I highly recommend it. Great price for an awesome gun.
by george b. on 08/03/2011
"great gun! its solid, good fps, a little slower fire rate than most aegs but its not bad! its accurate too! i reccomend .25 gram bbs. only problem is no rails to trick it out! but then it wont be a thompson. Get this great for starters and pros!!!! get it!!!
by Gina L. on 05/28/2011
"this is the best gun i have ever bought!!!


-rate of fire
-lots of metal


by Riley C. on 02/06/2011
"This gun is awesome. I don't care what anyone tells you! I've owned this gun for a year now and haven't had a problem with it. It is full metal inside and out. The only part that is plastic is the rear sight and the imitation wood. Also, the imitation wood is some of the best I've seen on any airsoft gun! It is a wonderful additon to your WWII collection! Good for first AEG or if you want something different!



Buy this! Good for pro or beginner!
(In case you were wondering I own the CYMA version)