Reviews: SRC Precision Reinforced Metal Hopup Chamber for G36 / MK36 Series Airsoft AEG


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Model: HU-SG36-02

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by Brett T. on 2014-05-21 05:36:30
"I purchased this to upgrade the plastic hopup that my JG G36 came with, and it fit fairly snug and was easy to change out. My only issue was that the diameter of the port(on the new hopup body) that sits on the air nozzle, was a few mm bigger than the original and immediately lead to a big (_80%)compression loss(nozzle leakage as it's called). If you do get this, purchase a wider nozzle to accommodate the wider port.
by Matt M. on 2011-01-02 09:37:10
"good part had to do some mod to it so it will fit had to file down the back of it so it could fit right and get better compression on the barrel other then that its a nice upgrade
by Frank B. on 2010-04-19 16:54:41
"This hop up is great. I didnít really install it into my gun; because I found out that my SRC Gen. 3 Mk36 already comes with a metal hop-up. In any case, itís one of the best, if not Ďthe bestí G36 hop-ups on the market.


Itís metal

Comes with everything you need


Might need to modify it a bit for other type of Mk36, but nothing a little elbow grease shouldnít fix.
by Dennis C. on 2008-09-06 20:03:53
"I also put this in an Echo 1. A fantastic unit, though I didn't like having to cut the magwell (cut it nearly flush to the top of the magwell).
by Elliot S. on 2008-06-08 16:21:52
"Good unit. Put this is my Echo1. I had to cut the feed tube on my magwell because this unit already has a tube.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)