Reviews: Metal 6mm Mech Box Gearbox for Version III AK G36 Series Airsoft AEG


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Model: GB-SAK-02

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by matthew h. on 2014-02-07 15:57:31
"Agree with other review. I got it to work, but it was a pain. Lots of drilling, sanding, and filing. I'll definitely never buy one of these again.

My 7mm bearings did not fit, so I'm assuming it's designed for 6mm.
by Dennis C. on 2008-09-06 19:27:57
"This gearbox required a bit too much modification for my tastes in order to work. I had to file off a lot of the flashing around the edges, drill the trigger holes wider, and still had trouble with the tappet not fitting. The most trouble came from the cylinder head posts, which were too wide. I had to drill out the matching holes in my cylinder head to get it to fit properly. Also, a lot of the holes expect you to use self-tapping screws, which means SRC was too cheap to tap them properly.

I'd recommend something a bit better for the next time around. This made my upgrade more frustrating than it should have been.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)