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SRC SM8 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Two Hi-Cap Mags - OD

8 Customer Reviews

by chris s. on 07/01/2013
"Love this gun. Maybe a bit biased but I find almost nothing wrong with it.

The 2 magazines work great. Zero misfires. Scope needs sighting but I never use it. Shoots about 340 fps. I play cqb so its perfect for me.

Only thing is I don't like the green paint. Easily fixed.

Great gun and as an added bonus, I'm the only one that has it. Many compliments.

Highly recommended.
by michael o. on 10/15/2012
"I just received this gun this week and I can say I am already in love with it.

The weight and feel of it are perfect

the adjustable stock came out once (friend being a little rough with it) but went right back in with no negative effects

the scope is great (not as perfectly tuned as some people say, but easy enough to adjust)

accurate as hell (100+ feet out still hitting every shot)

consistent even at full auto (see above)

hop-up easy to access

selector snaps nicely to firing modes (i haven't seen any of the problem other people have with it falling off yet)

a friend of mine has had a spring SM8 (i don't know what company exactly) and for as long as I've known him, the handle on top (where the iron sights are) has been snapped, so i was worried that might happen to mine. after a few days of handling mine, i don't see that being a problem any time soon. the whole gun is made of a very durable plastic. Overall, if you are looking at this gun now and wondering if you should get it, the answer is YES!
by Bill D. on 12/29/2010
"I just got this gun and I love it! First it comes with two great high-cap mags, it also has a great deal of space for a small stick type battery, I got my 9.6 butterfly to fit in very snugly. Things that are very convenient that are not mentioned as much is the all metal flash hider, and a very easy to adjust hop-up system, it can be done in under ten seconds in the heat of battle! The scope is great if you adjust it correctly it is tough and looks great. It is also would seem very easy to take off, just two hex bolts, but one of my bolts stripped.
Things that are not so great are not very significant, the gun has not tactical rails besides the one the scope fits on, and that one is sunk below the carrying handle. The mag release is a little annoying and usually must be operated with the trigger finger, instead of the thumb.
In the end I still love this gun and would suggest it to someone who is a designated marksmen, or a support provider
by Benjamin B. on 10/19/2008
"This gun it great and shoots hard. solid fill and is easy to handle, love it. But I do reconmend getting a strong battery, "LI-Poly"
by Jarek H. on 10/09/2008
"don't listen to the guy underneath me. I have had none of these issues and it is worth the $200
by Alex T. on 06/13/2017
"an okay gun for CQB the one i got was shooting fine the only problems i have are it has a wobbly right the scope goes on and my front iron sight came bent other than that its an pretty okay rifle
by Fernando M. on 04/03/2016
"Great gun, overall. The internals haven't failed on me, and I've been fielding it every weekend for the last two or three months. Great response on the trigger, and solid accuracy. The plastic is good, but you'll need some Krazy Kola to glue some poorly-done union points. The scope is the only bad deal in this package, no eye relief, mine couldn't be adjusted, and frankly unsuitable if you like to do Rifleman. Maybe would work in a Designated Marksman role. Got some mid caps for it, and it fed a little weird on Semi auto, lot's of double-feeds, but is operating normally now. 100% recommended, just get another sight and a riser rail.
by Jeff M. on 02/22/2012
"Despite being a huge XM8 fan, this gun has more problems than features.

1. Right out of the box, the buttstock is broken. The plastic outer housing is too weak to hold any pressure in your shoulder, so it splits open and fully retracts the stock. had to use tape to fix.

2. The upper part of the foregrip is the same way. Flimsy, and splitting.

3. the sight that comes with it has practically no eye relief. You have to be right up on it for it to be even remotely useful.

Now, here comes the best part.

After using the gun in ONE skirmish, two major problems had already developed.

4. The fire selector wouldn't work on semi, only auto.

5. The gun had already stripped and gear, and wouldn't shoot anymore.

Last time I buy SRC.

On a better, note, the magazines are nice, and the duckbill flash hider look great on my M4.