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G36 470rd Hicap Magazine for H&K G36 SL9 Marui Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Package: Single Magazine)

13 Customer Reviews

by Lukas A. on 02/12/2015
"Just got this in today did some test firing and it seems to be a great mag. External quality is good, feels solid and clips to my stock TM mag as well. Feed wise seems great, didn't miss any shots which is far better than the M4 mag adapter that I was using previously.

Fit for the TM G36c is great, fits snug just like the stock mag no wobble or movement. For the price it's hard to go wrong with these.
by nick c. on 02/27/2012
"these are great magazines i love them but when you get them you should super glue the pegs in because after a while they like to fall out and they are impossable to find on the floor. other than that they work great.
by jason L. on 06/22/2011
"this is a great magazine, i just got one in the mail and its been working perfectly! The wind on it is very easy to use and it almost never jams. get this
by corey r. on 09/03/2009
"Ok well ive got three of these two of them came free with my gun and one was included with the gun besides alot of winding ive only had one problem, while i was winding some of the bbs got stuck and it just stopped working so after taking all the rest of the bbs out i just hit it on the front and the then all the bbs that were stuck went back into the bb well and since then they have all worked just fine and i have all three clipped together
by Matt J. on 05/07/2009
"I have been using G36's since I got into AEG warfare some 4 years ago, starting out with a CA36E using stock and E1 magazines once they came out. Over the past 2 years I have determined that A: These magazines provide some of the best bang for your buck a single magazine can offer, and B: Feed the best of any gun I have used which includes M4/M16s, MP5s, M14's, MP7s, and a few other snipers.

Using my vest which holds 8 M4 magazines, but only 3 G36 ones, I am confident I need quantity per magazine, and these deliver admirably. Most people think 470 rounds in one magazine might be too much, however using a 9.6v 1600MAh battery and high speed motor, not only do these keep up but they almost never miss feed and if they do it's because I need to wind them again.

The solid black matte black material is very good, not only does it look better than a clear magazine, it's stronger than the translucent material. For anyone who is curious on how you can know how much you have left, you will learn to know the sound of a quick shake to let you know how much is left, and the magazine being made of plastic won't make as much noise with rattling BBs in it as a metal one would. This means they're also much quieter than M4/M14/MP5/G3 magazines that are full metal, and anyway, if you're really trying to be quiet, you're not going to be rocking your gun around enough to make the BBs shake will you?? And if you're in dead sprint, 99% of the time you're probably not worried about noise from your magazine lol.

Overall, the price asked for these is more than fair and after testing them for almost 2 years, I can say they are my favorite budget magazine. Once I get a new G36(my CA broke) I will be getting two more of these and shaving off the tabs, because while these are fantastic magazines, they are hard as @%^& to get out of mag pouches with those knobs.

Final grade? 4.5/5 because of the tabs and size, they break easy and get snagged on anything possible and take up the same room as 1.5 M4 mags making finding legit pouches for them difficult, but they fit in AK pouches, remember that for when you want to buy pouches or a vest.
by Jay F. on 04/13/2009
"This magazine is exactly what you will need if you have a G36C, G36K, and i believe even a Classic Army SL9 that is a replica of a Tokyo Mauri (Such as JG/Echo 1/CA). The great thing about these mags is that they clamp together. That comes in handy when reloading because you don't have to pull one out of one pocket and stick the empty one in another. If you do clamp your mags, NEVER CLAMP MORE THEN TWO TOGETHER. If you do 3 or more, you will crack your mag well, or the mags themselves. As for the quality of the mags, they are great. They hold 470 bb's (although they don't load the last 20 or so, but no high cap does) and are very reliable, and feed quite well. I bought a non JG mag to and clamped it to the Echo 1 mag (essentially the same thing as this one), and the cheap one fell out of the mag well and both mags fell on the gravel. The Echo 1 mag was fine, whereas the cheap one had cracked and the clamp pin broke off. Goes to show you how far that extra dollar will go. So now i bought this JG/Echo1 mag and it works like a charm and is super durable. I still don't recommend dropping it on concrete, but this is overall a great high cap mag at a decent price. Anything cheaper and you will regret it as I did.
by Joseph H. on 01/27/2009
"I have this mag for my G36 and it works GREAT! It does have a LOT of winding but, hey u probably have 2 wind on any other mag anyways. in other words, this is THE mag of choice for the G36 Series and if u have multiple mags, then u can make a super-mag!=)
by braden l. on 10/26/2008
"i am along with all these guys i think this is a great mag well duh u got to wind it but who gives it will be fine
by Karl A. on 07/05/2008
"This mag is great and cheap. it feeds great and and is durable i recommend this for a cheaper alternative than those more expensive mags. buy one...
by Matt J. on 05/28/2008
"I agree with the reviewer before me, this are alright, and deffinetly take a TON of winding, but it's worth it because you can shell out half the mag or more before you need to wind again. On the other hand, they're not that bad and not that good, I've had one break on me once but it was easy enough to bend the winding spring back into alignment, and two others have had the pins snap off. But the way I see it is "hey, they're only twenty bucks so grab a handfull of them at a time!" Not much to say, I mean, really it's a magazine, they're cheaper and might need some TLC but they work great, I'm using them in my CA36 with upgraded internals, and they fire like a champ. I even have an X36c(E1's g36) and it fires even better in that(duh! lol) but I thought i'd mention it. These mags are great for standard straight-mags if you don't want a box or drum design.
by Scott A. on 02/15/2011
"Great magazine for the price. Feeds nice for my JG MK36C with an 8.4v battery. The magazine case has a glossy texture to it and is slightly transparent.

Feeds better then my stock JG mag
Durable quality
Cheapest high cap mag on evike

The Screw on the bottom was stripped so I put in a wider screw, but unfortuanatley it loosened up again.

Other then that I recommend it and it!
by jake o. on 05/03/2008
"These are OK
you have to wind them a lot,
on the other hand they hold a lot of rounds and you need that
they will also hook together for more ammo
good mag, if you have the cash buy a box mag though
by Jordan D. on 11/08/2013
"This mag is okay. I bought it for my JG MK36. It clips in real nice, but skips shots 25% of the time when I'm on full-auto. Works fine on semi-auto. It probably would work good with an H&K G36 though because my JG works awesome with the mag it came with, but not other brand mags.