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JG Reinforced High Torque Steel Gear Set for V.2 / V.3 Airsoft AEG Gearbox

9 Customer Reviews

by Jason C. on 11/29/2011
"Nice gear sets. Very nicely milled and lasts forever. Don't be fooled by the price and stupid online comments telling you to buy Prometheus gears. I own about 20 AEG and I can tell you that the these gears lasts longer and is stronger than Prometheus gears (for 1/6 the price too!). I decided to give these a try after my protmetheus failed on me (and it hurts too!)

Airsoft Lesson 1
Reality: When a factory is big and buys in bulk, they simply get better items cheaper.

For all I know, hardly anyone uses prometheus gears and that is why they are $100+ a piece.
by mike t. on 08/07/2011
"A+++ Gears! I have tried all kinds of different brands from junky gears to classic army and I have to say that these gears are by far the best bet for your money. These can easily go toe to toe with any $80.00 set on the market. Very strong steel gears, and a nice set for a balance of power and rof. I put a set in my A & K m249 and they work like a dream.
by Joey A. on 05/17/2011
They pull back an m130 very easy, and sound nice once they are properly shimmed.I installed these into my G&G Combat Machine, and they are MUCH stronger than my old torque up gaurder gears, and much cheaper.

To the guy who asked if these were stock,yes, but only for the 2010 version. If you have the 2008 version then these gears are much nicer, and can handle much more abuse.

5*, and definentaly worth the money.
by luke m. on 10/17/2010
"installed these gears in a 25 rps 460+- fps setup, went through 3 sets of systema gears in just over 2 weeks. installed theee gears and after over 90,000 rounds they are showing little to no wear.

Almost as good as prometheus in my opinion, just 1/10th the price.
by Wendy H. on 03/02/2010
"These gears are definately underated. I'm using these after my infinite torque sector gear somehow lost 3 teeth and I've put 3 times as many rounds of bb's through some stock JG gears with an m150 spring than the infinite torque and i haven't had a single problem with them. Can't beat the value for the price.
by Kaelin F. on 01/24/2009
"They are the stock gears.
BUT, JG's stock gears are pretty kickass actually. They are strong as hell, and you srsly can't go wrong for the price.
by Raymond S. on 07/20/2008
"hey does anybody know if these are the stock gears in a JG??? any help would be great. also does anybody know which gears would be good for a JG M4 S-System?? preferably high torque but yea thanks anybody whos willing to help.
by Ethan F. on 07/29/2015
"I bought a set for a DSG build. They work fine and have held up nicely so far. The only complaint I have is that the gears I got did not look anything like the picture and actually were identical to the stock gears although the barcode sticker on the package clearly said they were the JG gears I ordered.
by Chris P. on 04/13/2016
"Look nothing like the picture, did not receive JG gears but rather E&C (East Crane) gears instead. The sector gear has some strange delayer looking block around the nub that engages the tappet plate. Time will tell if they will work or last, avoid.