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by sharon b. on 2008-10-08 17:00:38
"i got this gun when it first came out it is a very good gun the box mag is unnessacary but great to have just because you you can put down more bbs than most saws the weght is kind of heavy but you get use to it over all i like
by sam t. on 2008-10-03 17:57:37
"this gun is sweet i got this ysterday and i pwnd my friends 2 on 2 actn hly sht omg then there waz this sqaurl and i blasted hiz azz
by saw w. on 2008-09-22 18:15:39
"Okay, now i have had this gun for about 6 months. I have become an expert with doing internal and external work on the gun. If you need any help regarding this gun my email is if you get this gun i reccomend that you get, a tightbore, upgrade the battery mine is a 9.6 volt 3400 mah super high output you but you really dont need to if your just going to be playing at short distances or your budget is just small, get a retractable crane stock and rewire the battery to the stock, and get a stronger spring. i know that it can take an m130 with no other upgrades but other than that im not sure. overall this is a great gun stock but pop a few upgrades in it and it improves a lot.
by marianne p. on 2008-07-13 14:39:58
"i bought this gun about 1 year ago iv had no problems with it yet. this guns rate of fire is godly the accuracy how ever is ok bout 100+ with .2gram bbs but i hear that it is easly fixed with a tight bore upgradethe battery will last u bout 5hrs of battle provited ur not a sprayer noob the grip is good but the bipod part eats .l. this gun is mostly metal execpt 4 da pistole grip, battery box, and the bipod.
iv won many times when it was me and the noob of the day or just me the ppl i was playin with had a l96 utg sniper with scope and a kjw mk1 pistol, a $40 ak47 full auto, a ECHO1 M4 RIS A.E.G. with 5k drum , and a c02 pistol. and like 2 other uber noob guns.
in conclusion buy this gun if u have a xtra $400
by donovan e. on 2008-07-02 20:11:53
"This is a great deal and this a really well built gun.
by Zach S. on 2008-06-22 08:45:26
"Answering saw its should be a 363 mm barrel....just contact evike they can give you the exact answer and even recommend a barrel for you. This gun is also pretty bad friend has it i got shot with it the other day from like 15 feet away with .25g hurt like a bitch especially because he upgraded the spring and put a tight bore in it and a high torque systema motor....oww.
by Mark B. on 2008-06-21 23:23:11
"Overall, this is a great deal! As most people have said, yes the FPS is conographed on average at about 356FPS to 372FPS. This is made up for with the battery box, red dot scope, and bipod that comes with the gun. Anyone concerned with the battery power? No need to worry the battery life is EXCELLENT! Quality and fullness of the rifle is amazing, ICS made so you know it will be great. Finally this is a good gun for dedicated and mediocer players.
by saw w. on 2008-06-21 11:39:37
"I have this gun and i want to install a new inner barrel in this gun but i dont know how long the barrel is. Can someone tell me how long of an inner barrel i need to put in this gun.
by Gregory M. on 2008-06-08 16:05:43
"In terms of pros and cons, this is what I've seen so far.

-Accurate up to about 40-50 yards (hit a 2-3' wide tree about 10 times in a row) with .20g BBs.
-Great rate of fire
-Extreme amno capacity (2, 450 round mags and a 3000-5000 round drum).
- Good power. No exact measure taken but estimating around low- to mid-300 FPS.
-TONS of features. Scope (accessory use mainly), bipod/foregrip combo, folding stock, solid feel, and more.

-BAD INSTRUCTION MANUAL. The manual is helpful in that it offers instructions for 2 gun models of the M4 class but neither are this exact model. It comes with 2 connected batteries and says that they either need to go in 1) The air-cooling tube (seems like a good idea) or 2) the handle. Neither of those two options work because the gun is not sized properly. I was able to make a seemingly good fix by taping both batteries to the air-cooling tube's outside with electrical tape. Some other design flaws are present but not substantial.
-Very little amno provided initially. This gun is made to go in fully loaded with about 3900-5900 rounds and they give you 1000. I used all of this in target practice over the first 4 days before I could get into a real match. I tried using .12g BBs which worked but accuracy was horribly off and I abandoned that idea immediately.
-That thing you see in the picture on top in front of the scope...useless. I assumed that it was to hold the batteries which had not other place to go on the gun but I cannot find any safe way to open it.
-Expensive. Although it is a very impressive gun, it is not by any means cheap (but with all the add-ons, it is a good deal).
-Heavy. The gun itself, without amno, must weigh about 10-15 pounds.

Thanks for reading my review. Despite it's annoying, but not performance-altering, flaws, it is still a very good gun and I expect to still be using it for a few years of heavy play.
by Ivan P. on 2008-05-29 15:50:23
"Amazing Rifle, all metal, Im still testing it, but so far seems design is the advantage.
Design is really cool, scope fabulous but I concord stock is too long and after couple games u get really tired, yes u can install a retractable stock but it suppose skeleton stock looks better but no functional, due is too long.
Besides its too heavy, if u add another accessory like flash light, laser, grenade launcher it becomes the most cool rifle, (in fact I won a prize of the best rifle in airsoft competition) but its really heavy and turns an disadvantage to have a good game.
In other hand after 6 game hand guard becomes loose y tried to tight again but threat comes loose and now RIS does not match with receiverÖ.. how to fix it? Well u have to figure out yourself due it doesnít has manual how disassemble.
Finally a friend of mine has a JG FALL and it shoots much better than this one, when he told me how much he paid for it I was really upset because I paid much more and seems his rifle is better regarding FPS, but quality.
Oh by the way I had a ICSM4 (ICS21) and magazines didnít feed too
by Andrew R. on 2008-05-28 23:13:40
"Amazing gun. However the two high caps i that came with it don't feed correctly. Other then that it shoots great. I put in a tight bore barrel and a M110 spring with a new pistion. Oh and a G&G 9.6v 3300 mah battery. The thing is a hoss. I changed the spring and pistion because it comes out of the box around 300-330 it does not shoot 400 fps. This package is worth it. The box mag is great, have the opition of folding your stock makes it amazing for CQC. Then the red dot works perfect. I would only sugest getting a bigger battery the 1700mah does last all day. And a tight bore barrel because that helps out every gun.
by William m. on 2008-05-05 21:43:20
"This is the best gun I have ever owned it has a full metal body, barrel, RIS rails, gearbox, scope, and mags. The only plastic parts of the gun are PEQ2 box, fore grip, and grip. The ICS logo is engraved on the side of the mag catch. This AEG has a very high ROF (Rate of fire) and has a long range. (Approximately: 200ft.) (About: 61 m). The EVIKE.COM CUSTOM ANNIVERSARY ICS M4A1 MACHINE GUN is very accurate and shoots very strait, and it stings bad when shot. The gun is very heavy so the fore grip is nice. The red dot scope on this AEG is worth at least $100 itís accurate and actually magnifies to some extent. The Box mag is bulky and I prefer to use the two 470 mag. The gear box is a full metal reinforced version 2 ICS gear box. So it wonít break very easily. This gun is worth the $389.99 from (Only available through


1. Full metal body

2. Full metal gear box

3. 5000 round box magazines

4. 9.6v battery which delivers the high ROF

5. Two 470 round full metal ICS magazines

6. High ROF (Rate Of Fire)

7. Long range (approximately: 200ft.) (about 61m)

8. Shoots straight and accurate.


1. Bulky box magazines

2. Very heavy

3. Stock is to long (can be fixed by installing a retract stock)


Exterior of gun: 10 / 10

Interior of gun: 10 / 10

Overall rating of gun 10 / 10

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 24 reviews)

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