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24 Customer Reviews

by ben p. on 12/20/2010
"Hello every body. I just got this gun in november and after putting it through some tests would like to give y'all a review.
Now I want to start off by saying that I am a gun nut. So rest assured that if I got a gun that isnt good or reliable I would have no problem saying it, so onto the review.

I would like to start off by saying that the gun, and the price for all of this is nothing short of amazing. The gun is well crafted and incredibly realistic. And almost everything the package includes are good quality items. And the two peace gearbox is an amazing feature. Cleaning and oiling became incredibly easier! However, and this is REALLY important, always make shure to hit the tension release button before cleaning/oiling. It sets the gears back to there origional place so when u open the gun it will close proberly. Otherwise u can't close the gun up. Now I really only found one disapointment with the package, and thatbwas the box mag. I bought this to have the versitility of an assualt rifle and a squad support weapon only to find it was a crappy wind up box mag, and mabie mines dfective, but I can only get about five shots off per wind. :/ but don't let that set u off because the gun and other upgrades and assesories make it more that worth it!

Pros- Good accuracy. Not the best, but ull hit what u aim at
Good rof
Grest assesories (bi-pod handles awsome! )
Well worth the money
Realism is incredible
Two peace gearbox!
Plenty of mounts
Held up perfectly through crazy cold and snow conditions here in ohio
Versitility ( able to be an assualt rifle, and ssw)
De-jamming/tention release button

Neutral- Heavy (I love it but some don't)
Orange tip (darn us laws and regulations

Cons- Lame cheap box mag

And that's all. Thanks for reading, and thank u evike for your continued quality selection. May everyone enjoi their christmas and new years, and for those who don't celebrate christmas enjoi your holidays! :)
by Ryan W. on 03/27/2009
"This gun is so money. Very much worth the price and much more. The ACOG and other accessories are such a good deal. The range and accuracy are great, my friend has an upgraded spring and extended tightbore in his mid range aeg and I constantly out distance him with the stock version of this gun (its so funny watching him get pissed about it). In other words, if you want a great gun but you have no idea how to even open a gearbox (or even if you do) this is a very solid choice for you. Comes out of the box great and has vast amounts of potential.

-all metal from butt to flash hider (except the obvious exceptions, PEQ2, foregrip, etc)
-range of 100' accurate and at about 175' the bb's start falling at their toes (stock)
-good ROF, can spray some serious bullets but won't burn through your mag in 30 seconds
-sturdy, everything is solid except my front sight moved from side to side a bit
-gets kills while still looking sexy
-very reliable

-PEQ2 box, I think its too bulky and noisy but some like the way they look
-Front sight wobble (easily addressed)
-typical mag wobble (what can you do?)
-all metal = heavy, con for some but i love it (get a sling you pansy)

Great weapon, you will not be disappointed. If your on the ropes between this and another gun with a more tempting price, get this (especially if you plan on putting money into upgrades)
by Ken J. on 02/14/2009
"This is a good Gun very heavy though weighs about 10-15lbs without a clip so if ur strong its good for fires about 13 rps and sounds great it dosent miss and is good outdoors the vertical grip is plastic and breaks easy do i sugest you get a diffrent one and u will need a bipod because it so heavy. i sugest a spring metal bipod.other wise its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by coulter b. on 02/12/2009
"i have had this gun for three years not and had had no probles yet other then the grip the bipod part is bad just dont use it cuz its loud but every thing else is amazing rate of fire i would say 15 bps (bbs per second) the fps is rather scary enough so i am not permited a team member unless they are total noobs n like stomp threw the woods well worth the 390 you could scrap it and make $ i would recomend this to anyone thing about getting searious about airsoft
by Kelly K. on 12/30/2008
"this is a good gun it is a little heafty but i will get over it the red dot is good the box mag i never use except with my scar i dont use the hi caps except for back up if i run out of my mid caps the r.i.s. comes lose but its not to hard to fix.
by Ricardo S. on 12/13/2008
"badass gun i love it you should definetly get this gun i your looking for something good to play with
by marianne p. on 11/25/2008
"rate of fire is 15bbs per second or 850 round per minute
it is effective stock at like 100 ft with out wind and .23 gram
i would highly recomend getting this gun
by marianne p. on 11/20/2008
"does any one kno how long the inner barrel is on this and what stemgma gear box should i put in it and yes i already own this gun
by John S. on 11/05/2008
i was looking for a good body to put about 2 grand in it and get a good field gun. i was shooting for about 30 rounds per second and what i ended up with was so much better. i bought a 12v a reinfored upper gearbox complete with an m110 i bought a tight bore a lighting silencer a sys turbo motor and i am cooking at 36 rps great gun
by David L. on 10/20/2008
"Ive had this gun since it first arrived on this site and it is a very nice set up. the accessories on this are a steal! the scope and the hand grip are very useful. but the 5000 round magazine is kinda bulky, and its heavy when you pack all the bb's you can stuff in that thing. it would be better if it was an auto winding. but the internals are good. the only thing that has ever broken was the tapper plate, and that was after OVER 100,000 ROUNDS! which is pretty good since my team plays every week. this gun is very well priced also. Overall this is a must buy for beginners or someone who plays diligently. P.S. (buy lots of 23.gram bb's, your going to need them!)
by sharon b. on 10/08/2008
"i got this gun when it first came out it is a very good gun the box mag is unnessacary but great to have just because you you can put down more bbs than most saws the weght is kind of heavy but you get use to it over all i like
by sam t. on 10/03/2008
"this gun is sweet i got this ysterday and i pwnd my friends 2 on 2 actn hly sht omg then there waz this sqaurl and i blasted hiz azz
by saw w. on 09/22/2008
"Okay, now i have had this gun for about 6 months. I have become an expert with doing internal and external work on the gun. If you need any help regarding this gun my email is [email protected] if you get this gun i reccomend that you get, a tightbore, upgrade the battery mine is a 9.6 volt 3400 mah super high output you but you really dont need to if your just going to be playing at short distances or your budget is just small, get a retractable crane stock and rewire the battery to the stock, and get a stronger spring. i know that it can take an m130 with no other upgrades but other than that im not sure. overall this is a great gun stock but pop a few upgrades in it and it improves a lot.
by marianne p. on 07/13/2008
"i bought this gun about 1 year ago iv had no problems with it yet. this guns rate of fire is godly the accuracy how ever is ok bout 100+ with .2gram bbs but i hear that it is easly fixed with a tight bore upgradethe battery will last u bout 5hrs of battle provited ur not a sprayer noob the grip is good but the bipod part eats .l. this gun is mostly metal execpt 4 da pistole grip, battery box, and the bipod.
iv won many times when it was me and the noob of the day or just me the ppl i was playin with had a l96 utg sniper with scope and a kjw mk1 pistol, a $40 ak47 full auto, a ECHO1 M4 RIS A.E.G. with 5k drum , and a c02 pistol. and like 2 other uber noob guns.
in conclusion buy this gun if u have a xtra $400
by donovan e. on 07/02/2008
"This is a great deal and this a really well built gun.