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WE-Tech Full Metal 1911 KB Custom Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol with Railed Frame

52 Customer Reviews

by Dillard C. on 05/13/2018
"This gun is amazing. I have had it for a year now and I love it.

Full Metal
Shoots Lazers
Easy and accessible hop up
Good internals

Hopup was confusing on which way to turn
by Sam G. on 08/21/2017
"Forget what you've heard about WE 1911's - this thing is awesome. I had to lube the O- Rings on my magazines, because they came drier than the desert. However, once that was out of the way, this thing is a beast. Good accuracy for a pistol, nice kick, looks super cool, and works as good as you'd like. I was even getting around 45 shots per mag fill on a 75 degree day with a 6 second fill with propane. And considering you can use a coupon code to bring this down to around $80, there's no reason not to buy it.

One thing to note though is that it is a WE Tech, so maintenance is key to keeping this piece working as good as she does.
by Dylan C. on 07/20/2017
"Alright, I bought this pistol about 6-7 years ago, and I still rock it. The mags have given out before the gun. She doesn't have safety switches anymore, but the beaver tail still works. She's my ghost gun at this point haha! Paint has chipped to hell, but she still tanks.
Performance wise, she's accurate as can be. I have on multiple occasions outgunned an opponent with a rifle with this thing at about 75 ft. I can hit the 100 ft marker at a field's range, and again, this thing is 6-7 years old. Bare maintenance other than cleaning. Buy this 1911!

-Accurate out of the box!
-Easy to put suppressor on, comes with inner threads in the barrel.
-Comfortable, on top of being a 1911 grip to it.
-Tank, tank, tank. Doesn't stop. Your mags will crap out before this.
- Great weight.
-The trigger is non-existent, and I love it! Snappy, snappy.

-Safety switches were the first thing to go, and they're not cheap, hence why they're not on mine. *My finger is my safety, lol*
-Paint isn't that great after a few uses. Scratches and chips easy.
-Stock magazine isn't that good, got 10-20 uses before it started having issues with gas and the base plate.

All in all, if you looked and you're thinking about it, get it. The price is unbeatable for what you're getting. It's a tank, it's a lazer, and it's reliable. Grab one!
by Jamie M. on 03/21/2017
"This pistol is fantastic. It's full metal as it's posted here, you can change the grips to something fun, it's a beast of a pistol. I won't lie, this is officially my favorite pistol I own so far.
by Chris R. on 11/22/2015
"Let me tell you something. This is the BEST pistol I have ever owned. I have ran this pistol through at least 20 games by now. Has not failed me once. It is extremely accurate. It just amazing.

Full Metal
Great FPS (not to high not to low)
Packs a Punch

by Jose V S. on 09/23/2015
"This is a great 1911. Very accurate right out of the box with some adjustment to the hop-up. The paint does scratch and come off easy but it gives it a great battle worn look in my opinion. Only issue I've had with this gbb is that when the o-ring on the piston head gets a bit of wear on it, it begins to make the air nozzel get stuck and locks up the slide. I recommend changing the air nozzel when possible to avoid the problem all together. Overall great gbb.

-Very accurate
-well built
-good gas consumption
-easy to maintain

-paint scratches easy
-piston head could become a problem after it gets some wear on it.
by Sherri P. on 08/17/2015
"This was my first gun buy in the airsoft community. I couldn't like what I got any more. It's got an amazing feel to it, the metal and the kick are just like the real thing. Love it, great buy, especially for 88 dollars.

Great weight
Great kick
Gas efficient
Great entry gun
Great price
Get what you pay for

Orange tip is a PAIN to remove
Paint scratches easily, but the 1911 has a beautiful grunge look to it
by Daniel G. on 06/28/2015
"To start off, this gun is great. Everything about this gun is great. The only thing i recommend you to do is, if you want to remove the orange tip, then get it done by a pro, because when i did, it broke and i had to force it off, and it ruined the threads a little, but it still works perfectly fine.

Extremely accurate
Great gas efficency
Awesome sound
Cool iron sights
When the paint scratches, it makes the gun look even more awesome

That orange tip problem

Otherwise , this is a very affordable gbb gun and you really dont need a kwa if you have one of these.
by Daniel S. on 05/20/2015
"To start with I love WE guns, i have had a desert warrior 4.3 for about 2 years now and ive had no issues. This gun meet those standards. I got it along with a Punisher compensator and after swapping frames and grips with my tan 1911 it looks pretty awesome.

Interchangeable parts with my other 1911
good power and kick
solid gun with minimal wobbles
Its a 1911!

Paint comes off pretty easy (personally I like the distressed look)
Slide catch doesn't always work but that could just be because its new
Other than that I am very happy with my purchase.
by Kevin M. on 01/24/2015
"I recieved my WE 1911 kb custom fairly quick and when I opened it, I couldn't have been happier. This specific gun is very sleek with the black finish. The weight of this gun is pretty heavy which might be a con for some, however, I love the weight! The mag it comes with will need an extension if you use green gas. The propane adapter I use works completely fine and I have no issues with it. I ordered three extra mags and they all have the flat bottom and those work as well. I have shot about 300 rounds since I got it and it's still operating as if it were brand new. Don't let the internet scam you into thinking WE TECH guns are garbage, I love this gun already and do not regret making this purchase. The only problem I had was with Evike's packaging skills. I was fairly disappointed with how they placed everything. My extra mags were thrown everywhere and one was open with the mag about to come out. I tested all my mags and they're still working fine which is good. Sorry guys for the long paragraph but I'll get to the pros and cons...

Accurate; I was able to get really good groupings
Weight (could be a con as well)
Good amount of recoil
Beautiful black finish
Mags work great (love the fill port for BBs)
Easy to take apart
Easy to access hop up
Gas consumption is fair

Weight (can be a pro as well)
Be careful taking apart gun as the spring likes to shoot out
One of my mags started to leak but it seemed to be fixed now
Minor scratch (assuming when someone was handling)
Can't put threaded adapter without breaking or removing orange plastic tip
Don't really like how big the safety is...
Just like any other gbb gun, when propane or gas is low in mag, it won't feed bbs due to the slide not going back far enough. (Doesn't really bother me) rack it back yourself and shoot.
Gun really hates cold weather (most gbb a guns do anyways)

**cons may seem like a big list, however, that's just my expruence with the gun so far. I'm a bit picky when it comes down to even the smallest things. All in all, I still love this gun and again, I do not regret this purchase. I strongly recommend buying this gun!
by stacy s. on 01/05/2015
"Just got mine on Christmas day an got 2 mags haven't got to shoot it yet but am excited to.
Pros gun has great weight to it an feels just about the real 1911 weight was white dots easier way to to pin point on your targets
Cons don't have any
by Area 3. on 09/23/2014
"i bought this weapon on 9/16/14 and got it on 9/22/14 (i live on the east coast). i expected to get it a few days sooner but ehh whatever its here now. This weapon feels really good in my hands. the grip is relatively "slim" but someone with big hands wouldn't have a problem with it. the serrations on the slide are nice and tough and aid in cocking the weapon nicely. one thing i would like to mention about this weapon is that my slide release is NOT the one you see in the picture, mine happens to be this but in black. i didn't order that, it came with it and honestly im glad it did. as it helps me release the slide without having to change my grip to much so i can get back in the action quicker. i have already disassembled the pistol 5 times and i have a pretty good idea on how it works. one thing to note: i have worked with real steel pistols and im use to having to manhandle the weapons to get them to cycle and when i pulled back the slide for the first time to make sure there wasn't any thing in the chamber, i noticed that the recoil spring is "weak" in comparison to a real firearm but this is NOT a con by any means as this is an airsoft pistol and it will do just fine in an airsoft battle. i, however, will be purchasing a better recoil spring just to simulate the real thing a little better. also the mags are very very cheap in comparison to other gbbs on the market. i have not shot this weapon yet as i need to buy more propane and i will continue this review as soon as i do that. but a little recap

fits very well in my hands and WILL NOT slip out due to the amazing hand grips
heavy duty. you can feel the quality in this pistol
amazing white dot sights. i just love them
extremely light trigger (also a con)
its a 1911 bro

extremely light trigger. i can see some knucklehead putting a gassed up mag with rounds in it and chambering them and forgetting to put the safety on. BUT since the trigger is so light he may just pull the trigger simply because it provides very little resistance but it is very good for accurate shots.
(for me) recoil spring is weak

honestly this is the best deal for your money to get this and the holy cow mag
by Jonathan G. on 02/05/2014
"I never liked WE but after getting this gun I'm considering on buying more from them.

The gun comes with a manual and 16 round magazine. Performance wise this gun out of the box is shooting amazing. The kick is hard, and the accuracy is good but not dead accurate (recommend getting a tightbore barrel for better performance).

- Full Metal
- Metal Threaded Orange Tip (can just spray paint it)
- A mag full of gas lasted me 3 reloads before I had to refill
- Built-in lanyard adapter
- Grip Safety (good IMO)
- Weight (could be a con)

- Came with 3 "Made in Taiwan" stickers (1 on the slide, mag, and slide lock) not a big deal just pull it off and use Goo Gone to remove the glue
- Scratches easily and paint will chip after a while

All-in-All this gun is great. Not the best but it is definitely worth the money.
by Joshua C. on 12/10/2013
"Amazing gun, if you clean and lube after every game the gun we last you. No problems from mags or gun, My next sidearm will be another We gun
by Emanuel Z. on 11/27/2013
"Got this gun a few weeks ago and played at least 10+ hours of CQB with it. Once you get this gun lubed up and ready to go it is an absolute beast. I got 11 kills with it in a single elimination game at my CQB field. This thing also kicks like a mule, I prefer to use Green Gas but propane also feels great in this gun.

Heavy (May be a con for some)
Great Kick
Good Range
Great Accuracy(I also adjusted my hop up)
Great Price

Air nozzle sometimes double fires(easy replacement)
Sometimes it doesn't fully cycle(lube it)
Wobbly Slide+Barrel (not terrible)

Overall this gun is very reliable and is good for a beginners first GBB.