Reviews: WE Full Metal 1911 KB Custom Airsoft Gas Blowback with Railed Frame / Threaded Barrel

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Model: GP-WE-028
Location: U13-123 WSO5-L02 WSO5-L03

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by mary e. on 2012-06-11 16:36:12
"THIS GUN IS AMAZING!, I have had it for 1 day and absolutely love it. It shoots great and is strait as an arrow.
by scott w. on 2012-06-02 19:41:25
"I have had this pistol for 3+ months and so far found it to work quite well.I have used this pistol in battle and it has had no problems so far.
Full Metal
Nice kick
Threaded Barrel
inner barrel is blue
Nice trigger pull
Paint wears off easy
slide will sometimes stick
by Thomas P. on 2012-04-12 18:31:53
my friends would rather get shot by my 500 fps sniper rifle then this thing. It is so amazing, but the magazine broke. My friend had the same problem with 2 of his magazines. Be very careful with them as they contain the only plastic of the whole thing.


magazine is very brittle especially when frozen with propane

note: if you use propane in these guns or (green gas) im not sure of. be sure to give it time to warm back up because it will get very cold and the spring slamming against the top is enough to crack the plastic behind it.
by matt g. on 2012-04-11 08:29:32
"A great gun!!!!! Sturdy!!!! Well made, buy, it. Youll love it!!!!
by Thomas P. on 2012-04-10 10:41:21
"Wow, this gun is truly amazing. It strikes fear into my friends and teammates. The blow back is very realistic and so is the weight.


i cant find propane in my house :(
by Jose G. on 2012-04-07 02:49:01
"well this is my first airsoft pistol and i get impresed with this gun is actually very big in comparison with the photo and is well made,powerful,heavy and beautiful i was impressed that this gun come with the gun bag.


heavy(could be a con for some players)
tactical rails


you need to lubricate it frecuently to have good slide moving
pricey mags

and 2 things to add the orange tip( that is the silencer adaptor) is very hard to take off and the paint get off very easily and the second thing is the safe is little dificult to put on and it get off very easily be careful with that
by Ian K. on 2012-03-29 10:33:40
"Excellent feel and balance, clean crisp trigger with short reset. Comes back on target quickly. 1st gbb, bought it as a training companion for my RIA 45 tactical and functionally very similar (trigger breaks almost identical). Only complaint is that magazine fills can vary greatly. One fill may only shoot 11-13 slow fire next will shoot 45+ rapid fire _2 mins cool down with same fill duration using propane. Purchased 2 additional mags and have same issue with all of them. Overall very pleased, highly accurate 5-7m even with rapid fire, have not had a chance to try at greater distances.
-quality of materials and construction
-magazines (variance in #shots per fill, nothing wrong with quality or construction)
by alex p. on 2012-03-19 22:58:35
"This gun is sexy... i just wanted to say that, you guys are amazing, the best air soft website ever, the whole staff is amazing, keep doing what you guys do, and god bless _3
by bob h. on 2012-01-29 10:46:19
"one of the best cqb guns you can buy!
full metal(could be a con if your a whimp)
threaded barrel
realistic blowback
good fps
rail underneath

small mag size
hammer gets a little rusty

if you dont have the gun loaded and you don"t want the slide to lock. you can pull the slide back to just before the slide lock slit and that dislodges the slide lock. and to get it to lock again make sure the hammer is pulled back realease the magizine pull the trigger and load the mag

overall a great gas blowback for cqb fields
by Jonathan A. on 2012-01-10 13:59:00
"I just got this gun today and it is amazing, great gun, solid and it came in a plastic gun case. This gun shoots great with both propane and green gas. The only problem i had was that the mag that it comes with doesn't take green gas because the needle doesn't reach but it could also be the brand of green gas i am using. Not a big deal though because i bought a propane adapter with it. other than that this gun is great. realistic feel and it kicks like a .22 but there are spring upgrades that will increase the kick if you would like a stronger kick. If you get the holy cow special you get a good mag that has a thinner rubber guard on the bottom so green gas worked on that mag great deal also. So all in all a great gun and i give it a 5 out of 5 stars.


LOOKS good
Comes in a sturdy case
Easy break down
Good weight
Good accuracy

Clip it comes with not taking green gas (not a big deal though if you have propane adapter)
No other cons that i can note
by Raymond D. on 2011-12-07 17:16:59
"Very slick, solid 1911 for a great price. It took around 100 shots to wear in, but the cleanness and tight fit of the internal parts were great. It came well lubricated and the barrel was in good condition, getting 4 inch groups on propane and .40gram bb's at 55 feet. It should be noted that the recoil spring guide on regular 5 inch WE 1911's do not have a rubber buffer pad. I simply took one from my old WE MEU(SOC) and dropped it in. The rumors going around about it being a gas guzzler are not always true. Firing .40 gram bb's and using propane, the 1911 fired 30 shots in 43 degree F with 1 second between shots, locking back on every empty mag every time.

Pros: High accuracy, easily upgradable, well painted sights, crisp trigger pull, even hammer drop, cheap magazines available, slim profile (compared to High-capa 1911's)

Cons: Grips are a bit cheap but not noticeable really, couldn't stop shooting it.
by Heath B. on 2010-09-21 23:15:16
"Pro: this airsoft is great, nice realistic action, decent recoil, after i got done doing my customizations (sharpening the sear, hammer notches, tightening the slide rails) it has a solid action like my real M1911 (im actually a 1911 smith) and the trigger pull breaks like a glass rod now

Cons: none that i can find except the slide catches because of loading nozzle, but thats probably because of me working on it, ill update soon as i fix this

all in all this is a solid performer, great for customization, and you can personalize it for yourself

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 41 reviews)

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