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by Bob E. on 2009-04-27 18:12:37
"i just got the gun the other day and its really great!

good heft
adjustable stock
feels great
looks awesome

cons:the battery compartment is SO tight!
sights are a little croked when you get it. (i fixed that with a red dot scope i bought)

over all good gun!
by Matt J. on 2009-04-07 23:58:18
"Received this just a few days ago; and honestly out of the box it's been one of the best guns I have had in a long time. Coming from a JG G36c this gun is right up there with it, and my CA36 that the G36c replaced cannot even rival these. Mine didn't come with a magazine because I bought it used from a return, but the gun, by a stroke of luck, was brand new, the battery had been broken so it was a return, lucky me! I can't say anything for the magazine but I can say it's taken ICS Olympic Arms, and MAG 100rd magazines like a champ, little to no wobble which is really nice. After firing a few hundred rounds from this I am in love, so this is definitely the gun I wanted to put my Systema TUK into, however that is where the problems began.

Swapping the gears and motor out wasn't a problem in the least, however I ran into two major problems and another smaller one that had me walking away from my work bench on more than one occasion. The first is the anti-reverse latch, this little son of a.... latch, had a consistent and maddening problem with pushing so hard against the gear, it kept popping the latch out of the socket, so the moment I removed my finger, it came out. This was solved with taking another AT latch spring with a longer end and using that at an upward angle which solved that problem all together. The smaller problem is the trigger mechanism, the spring in that as well was a little too strong imo, and kept doing the same thing as the AR lever, so I used a tweesers and clamped them onto the gearbox next to that. And the third problem I am still working on, is the motor grip, which housed the JG motor just fine until I removed it, now it won't take the Systema or the JG motors and is putting excessive strain on the gears keeping them from moving. This all being problems associated with upgrading your gun. Also, it is physically impossible to put a 9.6v battery in this gun's fore grip; I have tried, I failed, tried again, and failed again several times, you will need a PEQ2 kit, or a crane stock, which will require rewiring the gun to the back, however, the King Arms MOD stock on this is just screaming sexy and I love that set up, only problem I have is I don't have a 9.6v battery to max it out.

However through all good and bad, while it performs, it performs magnificently, and I know for a fact once I get it running it will serve me well when I head up to a competition in WI this next weekend. My squad is going to freak when they see me walk in with an M4 because yes, I was the squad G36 fan and M4 hater.... now not so much because this is just too good of a rifle with a crane stock, vertical grip, and Acog. Overall, a 5/5, I will update with another review later on once I get the Systema TUK in it and working.
by Brant G. on 2009-03-16 11:00:18
"Great gun. It is worth the money. Shoots out of the box at 400fps i have had mine tested several times and is always over 400fps. a heavy well built gun. Compaired to the normal m4 this is much stronger. the full metal piece keeps the barrel from moving like on other m4's. Great looks good quality and endless upgrades. A great buy.
by charlie l. on 2009-03-10 19:34:38
"this is another + for this gun. shoots hard fells nice. im just wondering if a metal body will fit on this to replace the plastic one. the reason im asking is because the top rail is a single part that attaches to the handguard. And a normal metal body has a rail attached to it already. so if anyone has put a meatl body on this please tell me thanks
by Colleen L. on 2009-02-25 22:41:13
"Ordered this gun Thursday night, and it got here today, Wednesday, just as scheduled. Great service (even if it did feel like forever for me). Now the gun.
I opened up the box and sifted through all the extra junk that of course i don't care about until i find the gun. And it was beautiful. I just saw it in the box and i had to stop and stare at it for a few minutes, it is truly a great-looking gun. You would never know from looking at it that any part of it is plastic. Indeed, the ABS plastic is such high quality it even feels like metal. Great weight to the gun, about 10-12 pounds with nothing in or on it.
But of course I had to wait another 4 hours for the battery to charge before i could use it.
So I finished charging the battery and tried to put it in the gun, and just as expected, it was kind of a pain in the butt. However, it took me only about 20 minutes to put the battery in the gun. I'm not sure if I did it right, though, because it felt like I was kind of forcing the compartment closed and when i tried to open it again i had to pull it open pretty hard. Not sure there, but it didn't affect anything. When I first fired the gun it felt amazing, loud and strong. One of the loudest guns I've heard, and I loved the sound. It's very powerful; just with a poor-man's chrono, it's about 420 fps. It pierced the bottom of a soda can from 10 feet away, and through the top of the can from about 6 inches, with .2g bbs. Shoots very straight, but you have to do some work on the sights to get them zeroed in. The magazine's quickwind feature is very helpful, and the magazine didn't misfeed once.

Looks awesome
Great feel
Good weight
Straight and accurate
Decent ROF, but you really don't need any more than this.

Battery compartment is tight, doesn't allow for a bigger battery and barely allows for this battery.
Sights aren't great

I haven't used it in a real skirmish yet but I'm confident it will be amazing. The cons are tiny and shouldn't discourage you at all, definitely buy this gun.
by Deniece F. on 2009-02-20 21:48:07
"this gun is wow........ my freind has this gun............... he has got a laser, a light, and a new acog scope. for this much $ it is a good gun .he tears me up every round.
by Brett J. on 2009-02-18 13:17:50
"This is a great gun for someone who doesn't want to spend over $250 for a good quality gun. Even though the body is made of plastic (which is good quality plastic by the way) it is still a very sturdy gun, and has a good heavy weight to it. The only problems i have had with this gun is the battery can be annoying to put it and it jams once in a while (probably because im using .2 wal-mart BB's) but not very often, this usually happens when im on semi and it doesn't seem to do a full cycle. Overall this is a very good gun for the price, you cant go wrong with it!

Webmaster: Please..don't use Wal-Mart bb. We sell Matrix bbs at super low price, they are retailed for twice as much when re-branded in Japan, just so you can use the highest quality bbs that won't jam or damage your barrel.
by Steven L. on 2009-02-12 18:36:08
"Great gun, my son loves it. Performs great have not had any problems. Its been out in the rain and light muddy conditions over the last few months.
Ok, so 9.6V mini battery. It takes a dremel tool with a soft grinding stone and a medium sanding band. I won't get into the exact mods because I don't want to be responsible for your messing it up. Just remember to take it VERY slow and keep checking how everything fits. When I finished, the 9.6v mini battery fits in snug and tight, no movement at all. Also do the wiring mod found on
by Josh F. on 2009-01-24 20:18:16
"M4 s system- great gun. Its mostly metal- rail systems, tube the butt slides on, barrel, sights, gear box. Plastic- main body, butt grip. Its fps is pretty good. Being chronoed at 370 with.23 and 390 with.20. Rof isnt amazing but isnt bad. Durable gearbox can take a 9.6 without to much daage. Anything highe including lipo will not help your guns gear box out. Easily modifiable.
Average rof
High fps
Good price
can take alot of m4 mags
easy to take apart

sand cover is very fragile
sights ar hard t se throughwith masks. Accurate though
jams moderately

Recomend this gun alot. Its internals rival the m249 and for a fraction of the price
by Matt J. on 2009-01-16 14:06:42
"I will start off by saying it is a very well made. It has very good rate of fire and good power. the only con I have is that it will jam every once in while. I realized that the only time it jams or skips is when it is on full auto other than that I have no complaints. If anyone can help me fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. :] thanks

Overall a very good gun and defiantly worth the money.

Webmaster: Use Matrix 0.23 or 0.25g bb / Check hopup / clean the barrel. (If you are using wal-mart / big-5 bb it will jam ALL THE TIME)
by Eric M. on 2009-01-15 19:32:43
"This is a great gun. The only problem i had with this gun was that the battery is a pain in the neck to put in the gun, but thats it.

Webmaster: Once you get used to the battery its not hard. A good solution is to get a PEQ2 box and there will be no more need to open the handguard. + you can fit a much larger 9.6V for higher rate of fire and smoother firing.
by johnnie p. on 2009-01-12 21:15:37
"This was my first gun must say it is vary versitile easy to upgrade vary dependable out the box 400fps rof was good never checked it does the job highly recommend

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