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JG M4 Tactical-System Enhanced Lipo Ready Airsoft AEG Rifle (Black)

101 Customer Reviews

by Joe W. on 03/08/2010
"i love this gun it blows away my friends gun, the only bad thing is that the first and only game i used it in so far, the lever for the collapseable stock fell off and idk how to geta new one
by Jeremy A. on 01/30/2010
"This gun is a very good buy. It is almost full metal except for the grip and the reciever. Its very acurate and shoots super fast. Good for an automatic sniper if your into sniping and full auto weapons. Shoots at about 440. Lots of rails to add on grenade launchers, scopes, lasers, or tactical lights.
by Sean C. on 11/30/2009
"AWESOME GUN! I have a holosight mounted on it and it's almost dead accurate if you adjust the sights.


a bit too heavy (especially carrying it up steep hills)
battery compartment

I would suggest getting a red dot sight for it. I would recommend this gun to anyone.
by Jackson H. on 11/25/2009
"I have had this gun for about 6 months and its the best gun i own. compare to my sniper it goes further and hits the target way more. i would recommend this gun to anyone. you will have to work out before use it is heavy, well mines 15~16lbs with attachments and all.
PROS: fast mine goes 380~400
hits targets from far away
nice feel and does NOT jamm
CONS:hard to get battery in
by Luke V. on 10/07/2009
"i have this gun and it is awsome the only thing i can say bad about it is that its heavy and the only airsofting place around me only alows a cap limit of 380 so i had to downgrade it.... my only question is can i use an 11.1 li-poly in it because i have one and i dont want to mess up the gun
by Sam C. on 10/06/2009
"Amazing gun!!! I've had it for around 4 months now and it hasnt jammed once! The battery compartment is a bit confusion the first time but you get used to it. I highly recommend this weapon for anyone (besides kids ages 6-8 cause the guns around 10lbs.) Great gun.
by Jordan M. on 09/29/2009
"THIS GUN IS AWESOME!!!!!!! It's about 430 fps and is very accurate. The battery is difficult to get in though. But, if you are experienced, GET THIS GUN! I had a soda can that I shot at and it was just shredded pieces of metal after I was done. It has some weight, around 10 pounds, but that just makes it more realistic. Also, parts of it are plastic, but it feels like real metal. GREAT GUN!!!!!!
by nathan k. on 09/26/2009
"THis gun is the best i ordered it thursday and got it on wensday, it was just as planned. anyway more about the gun, this gun is the best, its super super cheap and i love it. and right when i got it.. allll my friends got pwned by me.... trust me get this gun.. u won't regret it. The only bad thing is that the gun is little heavy and putting in the battery is a little hard... but other than that everythings good.. but if you wanna go into hollywood sports with any gun then dont buy this one... they wont allow the guns fps =(. Anyway overall i would recomend it alot.. and would give it five starts =).....
by Adam M. on 09/20/2009
"this is a awsome gun, amazing range with the m130 spring it has better rang and power than tokio mary rof a little slow but still the best gun ive ever had.
by William T. on 09/09/2009
"Awesome awesome gun. I love everything about except for the batt compartment.... Took me 10 mins to get it in there... and even then it was a major squeez. 5/5

Heavy (although I think it might be a little too heavy for cqb
Accurate. I put a matrix rds on it and now I can hit a 6" by 4" peice of wood from 70+ meters out
Metal where it needs it plastic that feels like metal everywhere else
Awesome feeding. I opened the box charged the battery and plugged in 8 never used mid caps.
It shot all 800 rounds without one jam
Awesomely cheap

Small battery compartment
Maybe a lil too heavy

Get this gun!!!
by michael c. on 05/06/2009
"For $150, this is THE BEST aeg you are likely to find. Mine is over a year old, all stock still & it chrono'd in the low 400's high 390's last weekend. it shoots hard & it shoots straight. my hop up was adjusted 2 months & 5 skirmishes ago, & its still in place. Never had a jam, despite what one reviewer previous to me posted. I took my red dot off to use iron sights & they dial easily & accurately. it's true theres not too much wiggle room in the battery compartment, but theres a simple trick posted on youtube to give you some space, I also Dremelled my lower foregrip out a bit too. My only complaints with the quality of this thing is the pistol grip feels very cheap, & the paint on the lesser metal parts started to wear off on the edges after a long skirmish in the rain...Not much of a complaint really, these are toys after all.
Bottom line...
Youre new to airsoft & want a good,reliable, easily upgradeable M4...Buy this one
by Bob E. on 04/27/2009
"i just got the gun the other day and its really great!

good heft
adjustable stock
feels great
looks awesome

cons:the battery compartment is SO tight!
sights are a little croked when you get it. (i fixed that with a red dot scope i bought)

over all good gun!
by Matt J. on 04/07/2009
"Received this just a few days ago; and honestly out of the box it's been one of the best guns I have had in a long time. Coming from a JG G36c this gun is right up there with it, and my CA36 that the G36c replaced cannot even rival these. Mine didn't come with a magazine because I bought it used from a return, but the gun, by a stroke of luck, was brand new, the battery had been broken so it was a return, lucky me! I can't say anything for the magazine but I can say it's taken ICS Olympic Arms, and MAG 100rd magazines like a champ, little to no wobble which is really nice. After firing a few hundred rounds from this I am in love, so this is definitely the gun I wanted to put my Systema TUK into, however that is where the problems began.

Swapping the gears and motor out wasn't a problem in the least, however I ran into two major problems and another smaller one that had me walking away from my work bench on more than one occasion. The first is the anti-reverse latch, this little son of a.... latch, had a consistent and maddening problem with pushing so hard against the gear, it kept popping the latch out of the socket, so the moment I removed my finger, it came out. This was solved with taking another AT latch spring with a longer end and using that at an upward angle which solved that problem all together. The smaller problem is the trigger mechanism, the spring in that as well was a little too strong imo, and kept doing the same thing as the AR lever, so I used a tweesers and clamped them onto the gearbox next to that. And the third problem I am still working on, is the motor grip, which housed the JG motor just fine until I removed it, now it won't take the Systema or the JG motors and is putting excessive strain on the gears keeping them from moving. This all being problems associated with upgrading your gun. Also, it is physically impossible to put a 9.6v battery in this gun's fore grip; I have tried, I failed, tried again, and failed again several times, you will need a PEQ2 kit, or a crane stock, which will require rewiring the gun to the back, however, the King Arms MOD stock on this is just screaming sexy and I love that set up, only problem I have is I don't have a 9.6v battery to max it out.

However through all good and bad, while it performs, it performs magnificently, and I know for a fact once I get it running it will serve me well when I head up to a competition in WI this next weekend. My squad is going to freak when they see me walk in with an M4 because yes, I was the squad G36 fan and M4 hater.... now not so much because this is just too good of a rifle with a crane stock, vertical grip, and Acog. Overall, a 5/5, I will update with another review later on once I get the Systema TUK in it and working.
by Brant G. on 03/16/2009
"Great gun. It is worth the money. Shoots out of the box at 400fps i have had mine tested several times and is always over 400fps. a heavy well built gun. Compaired to the normal m4 this is much stronger. the full metal piece keeps the barrel from moving like on other m4's. Great looks good quality and endless upgrades. A great buy.
by charlie l. on 03/10/2009
"this is another + for this gun. shoots hard fells nice. im just wondering if a metal body will fit on this to replace the plastic one. the reason im asking is because the top rail is a single part that attaches to the handguard. And a normal metal body has a rail attached to it already. so if anyone has put a meatl body on this please tell me thanks