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JG M4 Tactical-System Enhanced Lipo Ready Airsoft AEG Rifle (Black)

101 Customer Reviews

by keenan w. on 12/22/2010
"Keenan Walsh
Washington state

this gun is amazing the first war i went to i tour butt this gun is worth the price. i went over to my friends house and using the speed calculator we clocked in the gun at 510fps way faster than what it says. butt when the gun came to me it was missing the battery hook up in the gun!!

realistic weight(13pounds)
high fps(460-510)
outstanding accuracy
great range(120feet)
looks like the real m4a1

back site shakes abit but that can be fixed with some tools
may come with missing parts vital to the gun working
does not come with a strap(may get annoying carrying the heavy gun around some times
by collin b. on 12/11/2010
"This gun is one of the best i have played with so far it has good fps and accuracy has excellent railing for my red dot grip flashlight and laser, i shot my friend in the back of the neck with it he cried haha (hes 17) but overall its a great gun for beginners or vetarans of the game like me

I had been chased by crappy CQB's and then shot at by snipers so then i hid in a barn\shack looking thing and hid there for sometime then a guy ran in there with a shotgun and did not see me so i pulled out my colt45. m1911 and popped him in the soulder and so he gos running off and yells
(IM OUT!) and then tells about 3-4 guys where i was so then about 20-30 seconds later they run in there and start randomly shooting everywhere so i got my M4 and went to work hit the first 2 and then went back down then the 3rd one jumps up on top of the barn and shot me.

but anyways i still put this thing to some use and got 8 people out with it and 4 with my colt 45 so im happy! :D
by Jordan M. on 12/06/2010
"This gun is frikin amazing. I have it and i love it it's really heavy (about 13 pounds including a scope and fully loaded mag for me), it weighs more than a real M4, but that just makes it seem more realistic. Really high rate of fire and high FPS, and also really accurate. BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!
by Jeff L. on 11/02/2010
"my friend has this gun and im about to buy it. this gun is a beast!
high rpm
fps (avreage 420)
realistic (heavy)

weight (some people)
by adam k. on 09/19/2010
"i love this gun its fully upgradable and the fps is awesome averaging at about 416 fps. its accuracy is amazing and with a red dot you'll be taking people out very easily. mine broke but thats beacause i was using biodegradables and it screwed up my internals. i'm planing on getting this gun fixed cause thats how much i like it and then im going to upgrade some of the internals. all in all great gun great price get it.
by lucas t. on 09/16/2010
"when will this item be back it stock ive herd its a great gun and i want to get it soon
by lucas t. on 09/16/2010
"When will this item be back in stock I've herd its a good gun and I'd really like to get soon
by lucas t. on 09/16/2010
"When will this item be back in stock I've herd its a good gun and I'd really like to get soon
by cesare r. on 08/31/2010
"the gun is great i love the fact that its all metal weight is great feels like a real gun i dont thing it shoot 460 witch was i little disapoint ment but shoot in rang of 380 400 very durable i fallen on it at lest 10 times and it still works great i have not had one problem with the gun or anything no jamiing i recommend it

also get a bigger mag for it you need it
by Luis G. on 06/02/2010
"I got the gun from here, and I have to say, this is very STRONG and ACCURATE gun. This really is the enhanced version if you were wonrdering because of how low the price is compared to all other places. I bought mine with holy cow mags and 5000 .2 matrix bb's. I do suggest this to any experienced or even expert.

good fps
very accurate
nice touch
decent ROF
metal parts (mostly metal)
cheap pricewise

VERY heavy.... (im 12)and is beacause of the metal)
battery hard to get'll get the hang of it though (I havn't)
sight came a little bit crooked
by Scott X. on 06/01/2010
"Just got the newest version today, June 1st, 2010. This thing shoots like a monster. With an epicly sturdy frame constructed of composite materials (a metal-like plastic), plus a full metal barrel assembly and full metal gearbox, this thing is frigging heavy. Not saying it's like M249 heavy, but it has an extremely realistic weight. Hard shooter, straight shooter, well-built. Overall, excellent buy.

Hard shooter
Realistic look and feel
Awesome sound when firing
Complete BEAST on the field.

Heavy (possible pro)
Non-metal reciever, but that's an easily overlooked problem since it's such a nice plastic. It's difficult to tell the difference between it and metal.
The battery is annoying to get in at first, but it's über easy onceth you figure it out.
Ehhh not much other than that.

Overview: Buy it. Worth it. Not too pricy, tons of modifications available, although it's fairly beastly just straight out of the box.
by Shannon S. on 05/29/2010
"Great gun. It's mostly ABS plastic, but the most important parts are metal, like the gear box, hop up, etc. The gun is a litle front heavy, but I think people on here make it worse than it is. You'll get used to it, and if you can't, get a tactical foregrip.

Everyone here tells about the body of the gun, so I'll tell about the performance:

The gun shoots about 390+, I am not sure because I had to use a poor man's chrono (shooting bottom of can), and it went right through and through the top part of the can aswell, so it's very strong.

The accuracy is pretty good. I measured off 50, 100, 125, 150, and 175 feet for range + accuracy.

At 50 feet, hits the target everytime, no problem whatsoever, i never miss. The groupings are extremely well, about a nickel size on full auto.

At 100 feet, I hit the target almost everytime, out of 10 shots, I would vouch for 8/10 or higher. Groupings move a bit farther out. Basically, at 100 feet, it is still very accurate.
(Also, I shot my friend in the back and made a large bump and bruising that went away after an a hour, but bump is still there, so be careful)

At 150 feet, My friend shot me 4 times and hit me all 4 times. On full auto of a 3 round burst, 2 of them hit me. On in the left leg, one wizzed by my left hip, and the other hit me in the left buttock.

At 175, accuracy drops, out of 5 shots, My friend hit me 2 times. On full auto, 1 out of 3 hit me for the burst.

Overall, great range and accuracy for an M16 variant that was designed for CQB. By the way, I was using .2g bb's. I suggest using .23 or .25g for better accuracy, but its up to you. I just wanted to shoot my new gun, because it looks amazing.

Buy this gun, you wont be disappointed. Also, its a great gun for you to upgrade; mine is going to be a tightbore.

5 Stars, thank you for the amazing purchase and shipping Evike.
by Tony B. on 04/15/2010
"Great gun has superb accuracy and is a fun time but weighs a little heavy
HIGH fps
Amazing rate of fire
crazy accurate

magazine runs out fast
Battery is frustrating to get in and out

Great airsoft gun but I would NOT recommend it for new airsofters but if you are an advanced one than I highly recommend it
by deven h. on 03/31/2010
"im going to get this gun in the very very near future. by the looks of all the other review, this gun is straight up SAVAGE.... but i hear the battery is hard to get in. this is only a minor setback,,,unless you are trying to switch batteries during a war. i have only 1 question that i need answered before purchasing... does this gun use a large type battery or a small type battery? and where does the battery exactly go??

im planning on buying an extra battery which is why i ask, if the webmaster or som1 else could get back to me,,, thatd be great...

thanks evike, you kick @$$

@Deven H.
It has a small type tamiya connector and the battery goes inside the front rail system.

by Craig F. on 03/30/2010
"This is an ideal gun for all level players. The weight allows the realistic feel. It is not all metal, yet is doesn't need to be. The battery compartment is a little too small to i recommend using a peq box instead. This is by far the best M4 airsoft rifle I have ever used.