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USMC Style C.I.R.A.S. Type Force Recon Tactical Vest (Color: Tan)

82 Customer Reviews

by Carlos M. on 09/26/2012
Is not To heavy
Pouches Are Double (M4 mags)
make you look Badass


Seams Could be Better

In General Is Great
by Arthur D. on 08/24/2012
"this vest is really the best bang for your buck! it comes with almostall the pouches your ever gunna need.

holds up to 10 m4 mags!
lots of molle realeastate
good for if you want to go for a marine for recon loadout (thats what i did)

Heavy if your small
by marcos j. on 08/18/2012
"Amazing best that all I have to say. Look amazing feel amazing and the best part the pouches are removable.

Cons a little hard to adjust

Pros heavy can be a con for some small players
pooches are removable
Really easy customize

I've been playing airsoft for a while and plate carriers is something I've always have bad luck on till now the pooches are removable which is amazing is heavy and doesn't get hot too much and if you're going for a look well your here.
by Nate O. on 08/05/2012
"Best vest I've ever warn. Wore it in a huge game, and with a couple extra pouches, I was the running depot for most of my crew. After that, wasn't hard to rig it up for close quarters. Only thing I recommend is purchasing a good dump pouch and probably investing in one of the phantom ciras slings. The one I bought even came with dummy plates (cheap foam plates), so if you're worried about the sting of being hit, you probably won't feel it if it hits anywhere on the chest or back.
by Chandler M. on 04/23/2012
"I used this vest for the first time this weekend to a fallout op as a wastlender and it performed amazingly!
This is by far the best vest I've ever used. For the all the pouches on it and it only cost $99. This is the vest! I was worried at first it wouldn't fit me (Im 200 pound and 6 foot 2), but that was not a problem at all. If you are looking for a medium weight, easy wear, versatile vest, i can't stress enough, THIS IS YOUR VEST!
by alex w. on 01/14/2012
"this vest is great and i love it its just as good as the 200 dollar one that evike carries but cheaper, i have put a shotgun scrabbard and a radio pouch on mine. is is very complicated to adjust,there is a snap on the back you undo,then lift the flap on the back, and you adjust it there also on the sides there is the elastic and the molle is seperated. i tied both sides together with zipties and it fits me very snug. overall very nice vest
by Dylan T. on 12/28/2011
"Got this vest for Christmas of 2011 and it is really nice the ACU color is kinda darker than the pic but i liked that more the MOLLE is attached pretty loose so you have to take it off and re-do it and the pouches take some breaking in they are supposed to fit 2 mags but they only fit 1 unless you cut of the bunge straps going around it then you can fir 2 without any problem and the slide out really nice but not so easy they will fall out while you are running and the vest is VERY hard to adjust so there is an opening on the back to a cord so pull that and loop it to fit the height and the waist is adjustable so you may have to do that here are pro's nad con's


Nice quality
darker color (pro for me)
detachable you can re-arange things


hard to adjust
molle is loose requires time to fix
mag holders are tight so you have to modify to fit more mags

but i do recommend
by Jennifer D. on 12/09/2011
"I just got this vest today and I love it. It came with everything it said it would come with and I added a hydration pack and it fits great and looks amazing. I also added a one-point sling and a couple of patches. It has room for all of those things and it look great. The only thing i am disappointed with is that I have no idea how to adjust it. I am going to look on youtube, though. I'm sure it's on there. So overall, I give this vest a 5 out of 5.
By the way, I might do a review once I use it in a battle.
by Stefano P. on 09/20/2011
"By far the best vest I've owned for the price. Looks awesome, very customizable, you can make this vest into the exact out load you need.

I don't recommend this for 5'4 sized people around 140lbs may not be snug enough.

It is difficult to adjust to your body, however if you use a shoelace to put in the loop where the straps go/quick release wire, you can pull the looped string through each of the straps holes, and bam, super easier.

If your on a budget and want something cool, this if for you.

Stitching may not be the best on the inside mesh, easily rips, oops.
by Jason V. on 01/14/2011
"This vest is absolutely amazing. It carries anything I could ever think of. You can do as much rearranging as you want (which I did) and the vest doesn't lose any integrity. I switched out the mag pouches that it comes with (with the stupid flaps) for some double-stacked kangaroo pouches and I added a dump pouch and the Condor Modular MOLLE ready Pistol Holster. The plate armor is removable but I usually leave it in unless it gets outrageously hot.

Note: If you get this vest make sure that it comes with every pouch listed above. Mine did not come with the utility/medical pouch.

BEST VEST I'VE EVER OWNED and I have owned a lot!!!
Absolutely, without a doubt, worth the money!!!
by Dan k. on 10/28/2010
"amazing vest!! so much bang for your buck with this, material is great quality no defects fits great im 6' 3" 180 pounds, the adjustment system is sweet too
by Sean H. on 10/20/2010

This vest has all the features of the other CIRAS edition products but has the MULTICAM pattern without the name and minor differences that the human eye really can't notice at regular camo price. The only difference is the contrast in colors and minute differences in shape patterns. The contrast can be fixed by just rolling in the dirt. It's just that easy!
by Patrick O. on 06/10/2010
"Just got this vest today and I all I can say, it's amazing!!! It fits perfectly with a little adjusting, and is very comfortable. It has lots of mag pouches which I love since I'm using mid cap mags and my mags fit in it perfectly. One thing it does weigh a bit but I don't care about that but for those who don't like heavy vests might want to get something else. But this vest is amazing and I highly recommend it!!!
by matthew a. on 06/10/2010
"This vest is amazing! If you are looking for as close to a military issue ciras vest this is it. Its fully adjustable not too heavy and has TEN mag pouches! While i have not used it in combat yet I have tried it on and filled the vest with my regular loadout and it handled it like a champ. So for any of you out there that are serious about copying a military loadout or even need a strong durable vest than this is it... spend the extra cash its worth it.
by Robert M. on 04/18/2010
"this vest is amazing i got it 4 days ago and i love it its comfortable not very restricting and has a lot of storage for extra mags and whatever else you may need. I highly recommend this vest. 5 stars