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by Justin S. on 2013-05-14 17:33:00
"This vest is actually fairly light. Holding it with both of your hands seems as if its a bit heavy, but once you wear it.. it feels really light! Mine included 2 soft plates inside (You can take them out if you want).

Material is fairly good
It is adjustable!

Pull cord. (minor problem)
It breaks the moment you pull on it. You can fix it by bending it at a 35 degree to 45 degree angle and taping the angled part. Then you want to bend it down as much as u can (bring it to 0 degrees) and put it into the pillow type handle. Is a hassle, but after doing that, the emergency pull cord will work :D

The seams... (will turn into a problem after a while)
I used my vest in a whole day of skirmishing and some of the seams are ripping apart... If you can taylor it back together, then you should be set.

Size. (can't really do anything about it)
Its a little big on me. Im 5' 7" / 5, 8" and about 125 - 130 lbs. And it moves loosely on me. I may modify it so that theres another hole on the side strap (theres a panel on the back of the vest. Unbuckle it from its button and lift the panel up. There you can adjust / put your vest back together if you pull on your emergency pull cord.).

Button (easy fix)
One of the buttons on my vest decided to derp out and basically fall off of the vest. A way to fix this is by buying some E-6000 industrial glue and put a small amount on it and let it dry for 24 hours. After doing that it should be fine

All in all... This is a good vest too get. Its confortable, amazing and IT COMES WITH ALL THE POUCHES YOU SEE. It does start to have some wear and tear but some of it you can fix easily. Another note, once you get the vest and open the litte panel on the back, the cord system is probably going to be in a weird tie. Just undo the tie and then just loop the cord in. Do that and your vest should be fine.
by Brian M. on 2013-04-17 13:43:14
"Good vest, matches all my condor coyote brown gear and pouches.

Somewhat adjustable
Great base vest if you have your own pouches.

Somewhat big. Like the other reviews said, im 5'7.5 and 130 pounds and this vest isnt form fitting
Quality of the pouches isn't that great
Like someone said molle is perfect
by Dylan F. on 2013-02-12 08:19:26
"This is a great vest it took about a week to get to my house with standard shipping and right out of the box it was great. Also I am 6 ft 2" and about 220. Iwould not sugest this vest for someone under 180lbs. and 6ft.
-Has some weight to it (could be a con)
-comes with all the accessories
-great quality
-C.I.R.A.S capability
Some of the molly is not perfectly lined up.

Over all I give this a 5/5 and highly recommend this to any player anywhere from new to the sport to a veteran.
by An T. on 2013-02-11 22:59:52
"well this is the great plate carrier I've owned so far.

It feels great when you put on
the weight is about right
looking good
good material even though it made in China
the color is also give you the professional look (dark khaki )

a little big for small player (even you adjust it, still bigger for small player)
1 pouch can only fit 1 magazine (not exactly like what it said in the product

well ....... it's worth for the money. Really happy when I saw the box at front of my house today _3
by Kurt W. on 2013-02-08 09:13:18
"This vest is great for the amount of money you spend. Its light weight, comes with all of the basic pouches, and it looks great. The only problem that I have come across is that the seems fall apart after about a year of use and the pouches are very low grade. All in all its a good all around plate carrier.
by Carlos M. on 2012-09-26 21:29:18
Is not To heavy
Pouches Are Double (M4 mags)
make you look Badass


Seams Could be Better

In General Is Great
by Arthur D. on 2012-08-24 16:12:13
"this vest is really the best bang for your buck! it comes with almostall the pouches your ever gunna need.

holds up to 10 m4 mags!
lots of molle realeastate
good for if you want to go for a marine for recon loadout (thats what i did)

Heavy if your small
by marcos j. on 2012-08-18 20:13:40
"Amazing best that all I have to say. Look amazing feel amazing and the best part the pouches are removable.

Cons a little hard to adjust

Pros heavy can be a con for some small players
pooches are removable
Really easy customize

I've been playing airsoft for a while and plate carriers is something I've always have bad luck on till now the pooches are removable which is amazing is heavy and doesn't get hot too much and if you're going for a look well your here.
by Kathleen R. on 2012-07-16 19:20:07
"I just got the vest today. Let me tell you it is not that bad. A few problems but not bad. I havnt used it on a field but should be great.
Lots of Molle
All pouches included
realistic features
Gets what needs to be done
Fits well with any tan multicam or even woodland loadout
No Sapi plates included
Pouches take up ever space
Hard to adjust
by alex w. on 2012-01-14 07:54:28
"this vest is great and i love it its just as good as the 200 dollar one that evike carries but cheaper, i have put a shotgun scrabbard and a radio pouch on mine. is is very complicated to adjust,there is a snap on the back you undo,then lift the flap on the back, and you adjust it there also on the sides there is the elastic and the molle is seperated. i tied both sides together with zipties and it fits me very snug. overall very nice vest
by Jennifer D. on 2011-12-09 14:35:55
"I just got this vest today and I love it. It came with everything it said it would come with and I added a hydration pack and it fits great and looks amazing. I also added a one-point sling and a couple of patches. It has room for all of those things and it look great. The only thing i am disappointed with is that I have no idea how to adjust it. I am going to look on youtube, though. I'm sure it's on there. So overall, I give this vest a 5 out of 5.
By the way, I might do a review once I use it in a battle.
by Zachary C. on 2010-11-05 10:47:41
"vest just arrived today

lets get started.

first impressions, it looks great, just like the picture. the picture and description differ.
it says comes with 3 double m4 puches i got a 3 pocket and 2 pocket for a total of 10 when the description leads you to believe it comes with 3, 2 pocket pouches for a total 12 mags.
there is no hydration pocket, you could put the bladder in where the armor goes but there is no dedicated pocket

its very adjustable. my friend got the same vest with me and his fit him great out of the box mine on the other hand was pretty loose. with bdus armor plates and magazines in i have to have it on the tightest setting and im 5'9 155lbs and wear a samll reg bdu top. its not an on the fly adjustment either. i spent a good 10-15 minutes getting it right .

there is hook and loop under the collar for atatchment of a neck guard too. i think i found a clip for the groin protector option as well.

the pouches that came with it are already put on the vest i just had to put them on all the way to make sure it was all nice and cozy. the rivet on the admin pouch strap was busted and so was the strap that hold down the middle plate in the back of the vest but im emailing evike to see if there is anything we can do about this. the one on the back isnt a big deal b/c of all the hook and loop but the adminpouch will move all over the place.

overall i love the ciras replica. building the vest from the carrier up would cost a fortune. this is the best deal for the money period

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 31 reviews)

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