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Echo1 M16A1 Vietnam Type Airsoft AEG

16 Customer Reviews

by Deyton P. on 10/19/2014
"I have had this gun for a while... (3-4 years), nothing has gone wrong with it.... even though i have kept it stock.. this was my first good gun... I would say in my opinion that this gun is great for starter's - Intermediate player's......

Light weight

Hand guard Wobble (Little bit)
by blaine m. on 02/21/2013
"Great gun for only $170 this was my first real gun great gun i highly recomend it for starters!
by joy w. on 03/10/2011
"this gun rocks!!! it looks like the real thing from the Vietnam war and it has a nice rate of fire. the batery is difficult to get out. but this is one of my best guns get it!!!!
by tyler c. on 09/22/2010
"this gun is a boss!!!!!! i have a box mag for it and i hate to be the guy on the other side of this bb hose!!! get it before its too late!!
by Nathan S. on 10/29/2008
"I actually bought this new off of a buddy of mine, I put a Madbull TBB in it and it's rockin' things! It chrono's an average of 385. The only thing that I don't like about it is a 9.6V battery doesn't do much for the ROF.
by mike r. on 08/10/2008
"this is an awesome gun but its not a real Vietnam era gun i have inspected this gun and it is a hybrid of an m16 a1/e1 and the m 16a2 but its just an m16 a2 wit an a1 hand guard but it has 380fps out oh the box it is a good rifle to put a handle mount scope on don't put a scope rail on and then mount a scope it is hard to zero the scope that way use an m4/m16 handle mount scope and try getting a box mag and use it for support it has the fire rate of a light machine gun but buy a couple extra of the echo 1 upper receivers the upper pin whole break when you drop the gun i give the gun a 4 because of the awe inspiring power it has out of the box
by Robyn L. on 07/06/2008
"this gun is a beast! i got it a few months ago and in every game i have played in i got multiple kills with this gun from over 140 ft and when i tested distance of this stock it shot about 180 ft accurate no lie! so imagine a stronger spring and a tightbore barrel and this badboy!
by Zachary K. on 06/29/2016
"Great gun for beginners, I have uses this gun and overall it's great, only problem for me was it was really wobbly... but other than that, great gun and I would recommend it for starters.
by Chris E. on 07/27/2012
"I have had this gun for about two months now. I haven't had a single problem with it. The fps is pretty good about 370, the rof is crazy. the only thing i don't love about this gun is the hand guard, it feels like it will break when you first get it out of the box, but it is fine and haven't had any problems yet. This gun is awesome and for only $170 you can't go wrong.
by Tina b. on 06/20/2012
"Great fps, rof, and range. Best gun for the price. Body creaks but the internals make up for it.
by George D. on 04/09/2012
"this gun is a awesome has nice rof and fps. hits hard
3)real feel

1)pastic body, stock and grip
2)grip wobbles
this gun would totally be a ten if it was all metal
by bill j. on 04/01/2010
"This gun is pretty sweet ive seen it shoot, the only con is the mag that comes with it only holds around 150 bb's which can be a bit frustrating but all you really need to do is buy a high cap mag and youll be fine
by daniel s. on 01/31/2009
"great gun. needs a 1 prace outer barrel. great even for a pro. so fare i have had no problem with it outher than the outer barrel but i got a Madbull Dissipator 20" M16A2/A4 Outer Barrel and stoped wobbilng.
by daniel s. on 01/21/2009
"I have this gun i like it a lot. just ajust the hopup. the only thing i didnt like was the outer barrel. it is very wobbly. i fixed it a little but it will wobble a little now but it is couse of the plasic body.

has a good plasic body just wobbles a little,
very good gear box.
the stock wont break.
the outer barrel.
the grip meaks it loud.
thats about it.

overall a good gun
by Brad M. on 11/18/2008
"I borrowed my friends gun and it was ok for the first shots. But after I shot it the second day playing the gun seemed totally off, having bbs stray far right every 5 second burst or more. Not sure what the problem was but somehow managed to work itself back together. If you really want a more realistic Vietnam war gun I would recommend the RedWolfAirsoft Custom M16A1, the link is here
prodID=25182. It has much more detail put into it but it does come at a cost of 250 without the battery or charger. If you really want a more realistic gun go for the RedWolfCustom M16A1 but if you want a cheaper less realistic gun go for the Echo 1 M16 VN